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Why video marketing become so popular

Why Video Marketing Became So Popular?

Video marketing is using videos to promote and market your product or service. Promoting video content on YouTube is very common nowadays. You can post videos about customer testimonials, live events, how-to videos, explainer videos, training videos, viral videos, and much more. Apart from all, business-related things also present here.

Combined visual & audio information is compelling. Retention rates for both seen & heard are as high as 80%, while for seen information, it is 20% & 10% for hearing information. The human connection that builds through video is more influential than reading facts in the text. Video directly appeals to the emotional center of a person’s brain through music. 

The objective of video marketing can be brand awareness, generating leads & conversions, increase viewer engagement -

Brand awareness:

  1. Make interesting sharable content for a target audience.
  2. Get across a strong emotion, be it inspiration, joy, or humor.
  3. Try to add elements of a brand without giving much information.

For reference, you can refer to a YouTube channel’ taste of translation’. 

Lead generation & Conversions: To increase the number of leads & conversion rate, give a more specific type of content to the viewer than general information you share in brand awareness. Target those people who are thinking about converting. Refer to a YouTube video, ‘what is padmapper?’ and learn how they demonstrated something to understand it better. It will help you in lead generating & conversions.

Viewer Engagement:

  1. Grab your audience’s attention quickly and compels them to keep watching your video till the end.
  2. Make them feel your video was worthy of watching, useful, and engage emotionally.
  3. Explain things clear & straight to the point.
  4. Show content, which is exciting and easy to digest.

This type of content has the potential to increase viewer engagement. For how to enhance viewer engagement, refer to a YouTube video, ‘BUYRAL professional clicks’. 

There is a brand called ‘Blendtec’, whose video on YouTube leads many audiences. They show how their mixer can blend anything. They asked suggestion from people what you want to blend and demonstrated that. This is an excellent example of marketing. 

Advantages of video: 

  • It improves search engine visibility
  • YouTube is the number two search engine in the world
  • Video is the most engaging medium present on online
  • It will help you increase your conversions
  • You can put links from your website in the description of the video
  • Video helps you reach and engage a different audience
  • The ROI of the video is unbeatable
  • If your product is demonstrable, video is the best way to go
  • It creates trust in consumers

Video marketing stats says that every 60 seconds, 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. 70% of consumers accepted that they shared a brand’s video. The conversion rate of 72% of businesses has improved, and 52 % of consumers say that watching product videos feel confident in online purchase decisions. 95% of a message via video is user engaging than 10% when reading it in text. 

Note that exciting and unique content helps more in video marketing. Now you have understood the importance & popularity of video marketing, start using it for your brand!



Video marketing has been on the rise because it is an effective way to reach a large audience. In general, video marketing can be said to have a higher conversion rate than other forms of marketing, such as print ads. And videos are a lot more engaging than other forms of content. And there is also the fact that people consume more video content than they do text or images, which makes them even more attractive for marketers.

Video marketing is about the best way to capture and engage your audience. It is often used for product announcements, promotional shots, and customer service. By using video, companies can not only reach their audiences but also engage them in a deeper way. There are plenty of success stories of businesses that have used video content to their advantage. They made sure that they were focusing on the quality of the video rather than blindly spending money on it.

Videos have become a powerful marketing tool. Consumers have been embracing digital video to watch their favorite shows, movies, and videos from various social media platforms. The benefits of using marketing videos are many - content that is timely, relevant, and the ability to capture attention from consumers who are online or offline. However, it can be difficult for marketers to make a video marketing campaign stand out among others. This is where AI writing assistants come in handy! They allow you to create a high-quality video in a matter of minutes with minimal effort. The AI writing assistant will also take care of the editing process so your work doesn't suffer from rushed edits or poor quality. In this Tutorial we're going to cover how AI writing assistants help marketers bring their message across in the best way possible using machine learning.

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