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MS Word Course in Hindi

MS Word is a part of MS Office Suite. It is used for creating documents, letters, reports, etc. Whether you are a student, a professional or an entrepreneur, you need to learn MS Word. There is hardly any job where you don’t require using MS Word.

To make you amply skilled, LearnVern brings you the best MS Word online course in Hindi. The course covers how to edit, style, format, design and modify a Word document. Moving to the advanced stage, you can learn actions like adding macros, inserting tables, graphs, etc.

Learn basic skills to work as a data entry operator or office assistant by joining MS Word full course in Hindi at LearnVern. It is 100% free of cost and available on mobile devices and computers for learning anywhere, anytime.

What are the major job roles related to MS Word Course and salary data?

MS Word is a job-oriented skill that can add a lot of weight to your resume. The companies need back office executives for daily administrative work. They look for computer proficiency in candidates. The competence in MS Word can help students take up jobs of clerical nature and start earning. This skill helps throughout your professional life. Even homemakers and mothers on sabbatical can take up writing assignments and generate income for themselves by learning MS Word full course for free at LearnVern. Some of the jobs that demand competence in Microsoft Word are:

  • Data entry Operator: up to 3 lakhs
  • Back Office Executive: up to 3.2 lakhs
  • Receptionist: up to 4 lakhs
  • Office Assistant: up to 2.5 lakhs 

MS Word is a necessary skill for the above-mentioned posts. You can learn it to work as a freelance writer or to manage the daily affairs of the business you own.

Detail of the free MS Word Course in Hindi

The MS Word Full course available online at LearnVern is taught in the Hindi language to break the communication barrier. The experts walk the candidates through all functions you can perform on MS Word. The major modules comprise:

  • Editing Text
  • Page Formatting such as Page Margin in MS Word
  • Formatting with Style and Themes
  • Creating tables and bullet points
  • Working with column and table
  • Working with Macros
  • Proofing document
  • Sharing document

Who should be taking the MS Word Course in Hindi?

Anyone with basic knowledge of computers can learn the MS Word tutorial in Hindi. Students require this skill to do homework, make presentations and share documents with others. Editors and proofreaders should learn various skills like spotting spelling errors in MS Word, adding comments, etc. Aspiring office coordinators can use this tool to learn how to type letters, prepare reports, create memos and much more. The best candidates to learn free online MS Word course from LearnVern are:

  • Students
  • Housewives
  • Aspiring data entry operators
  • Any aspiring professional who requires making documents

Why is the MS Word Online Course at LearnVern more industry-relevant?

LearnVern’s Microsoft Word tutorial in Hindi covers all basic to advanced topics. How to use MS Word’s various features to make professional documents is the crux of this course. It traverses students through basics first like what MS Word is, where it is used, who needs it, various versions, etc.

Further, the tutorial shows the students how to perform basic functions like copy, cut, paste, etc. Formatting and styling documents using fonts, and paragraph styling features, etc. are other topics covered. The experts simplify the tough topics like creating multilevel lists, creating Macro in MS Word, etc. by showing the process through videos.

Since all parts of the tutorial contribute to using MS Word easily for work, the course prepares the students completely for jobs and various professional requirements.

Next steps to learning MS Word Course

The free online MS Office Course is incomplete without the tutorial on Word. When you learn Word completely, you can become confident in taking up jobs like data entry operator, office assistant, receptionist, etc. Students who know the basics of computers can learn this course easily. They can take up other courses as well that help them add to their skill-set, such as:

Why LearnVern for MS Word In Hindi Course

LearnVern’s MS Word Course is unique since it is available in Hindi. So, if you find learning difficult, this is the course for you!

LearnVern’s experts have designed this course while keeping job readiness in mind. The students can understand all features of Word and practice them by revisiting tutorials as many times as needed. All functions like text editing and formatting, page formatting, document styling, insertion of tables, graphs, micros and videos, etc. are included in the course to ensure end-to-end coverage. Thus, this course proves to be a one-stop destination for learning MS words completely.

With the help of a video tutorial, dashboard for discussing the course, assignments and quizzes, LearnVern offers an in-classroom experience. Thus, a complete learning package is provided 100% free to the users here.

You can use any iOS or Android mobile device or computer to start learning the MS Word Online Course. Availability of course on devices offers you freedom to learn from anywhere and anytime.

LearnVern is a part of the Skill India Initiative launched by the Prime Minister of India. The students can get the National Skill Development Course at the end of the course on paying a nominal fee. This certificate adds to your credibility as an MS Word expert and can help you get good jobs and salary hikes.

Start learning Word using LearnVern’s full course right away on your devices and get the skills you need to become career-ready.

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The main requirements to learn this course are basic knowledge of computers, interest in learning MS Word and access to mobile devices or computers with iOS or Android functionality. The students may learn this course in Hindi at LearnVern if learning in English is difficult for them.

  • Convenience to learn courses on mobile devices, computers and TV screens
  • Trending courses provided to keep with industrial demands
  • Courses in Hindi and other Indian languages to enhance understanding

MS Word is used for making various types of documents, reports, letters, etc. Students can write essays, theses, etc. on MS Word. It is used by all professionals for various purposes. Writers can use MS Word to create content items like stories, essays, web content, etc. This MS Office explanation is used for writing professional letters and other informative pieces by receptionists, secretaries, office assistants, etc.

In the MS Word’s Tab area, you can find the Insert option. Under this option, the Table functionality is provided. You can click on it, drag and drop it to the writing space and proceed by selecting the rows and columns as needed. There are several styling features provided to further enrich the table to make it more presentable.

Learning MS Word course can help you become computer-savvy. You can employ your typing knowledge to create MS Word documents. The ease of working with Word proves helpful for performing various tasks at work. You can apply for the jobs like office assistant, receptionist, data entry operator, etc. and use Word skills to impress the recruiters and get selected for the jobs.

Yes, the LearnVern MS Word Course is free for all. The course is a part of Skill India Initiative that is launched to help common people learn industry-relevant skills. Funded by the Government of India, LearnVern offers free of cost courses and makes skill-building inclusive.

At LearnVern, the MS Word Course is a complete package of training tutorial, assignment, quiz, etc. This course is offered for free here. By providing video-walkthrough to all features, the experts help students gain working knowledge of Word. They can use this course to become career-ready and also use it for various educational purposes.

You can learn MS Word easily by joining this course at LearnVern. At this e-learning app, the course is provided in Hindi. Learners can gain expertise by visiting all modules of the tutorial as many times as needed. Thus, by getting ample practice and solving assignments at the end of the tutorial, you can learn MS Word easily.

No, if you have the basic knowledge of computers and want to learn MS Word Course to become proficient in using this MS Office application, you will find this course not difficult to learn. To further ease the learning, LearnVern offers the tutorial in Hindi. The course reaches you on your devices to enable learning at chosen time and pace.

Yes, you can! You can adjust the pace of learning at LearnVern and devote more time to speed up the learning. LearnVern offers you the convenience of downloading the course material on your devices. Thus, you can access the course all the time and wrap it up within a week.

You can learn MS Word online by joining the course at LearnVern. This course is provided for free here. Learners can log on to the LearnVern mobile app and website as suited. If needed to learn offline, you can download all study material and study it without requiring an internet connection too.

MS Word Course

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