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Complete Soft Skills Course Online in Tamil

The demand for soft skills has risen by more than 50% in recent times. Businesses are expanding at a fast rate and they need people who can manage peers and subordinates and work as unit and office heads. Apart from improving the chances at promotion, the Soft Skills Course also helps students prepare themselves for life beyond campus.

LearnVern’s Soft Skills Training in Tamil helps break the language barriers for students. It is a complete course that teaches essential Soft skills such as time management, teamwork and collaboration, ways to manage impressions, interviews, feedbacks and several other interpersonal skills such as communication, negotiation, delegation, etc.

Join the free online course on Soft Skills in Tamil at LearnVern and be ready for the career life by learning work ethics, office etiquette and other skills from a leading industry expert.

Job opportunities after doing Soft Skills and Salary Data

The LearnVern course helps you attain skills needed for seamless disposition of work responsibilities. These skills serve as a supplementary criteria because people who can manage situations at work help in maintaining a cordial atmosphere at offices. The skills needed to create impressions at interviews, manage teams at work, and deal with customers and vendors can make any graduate or working professional more confident. These skills are required by professionals who are into the training sector. A few of the job roles where these skills are must-have and the annual salaries are mentioned below:

  • Corporate Trainer: up to 8 lakhs
  • Soft Skills Trainer: up to 5 lakhs
  • Communication Coach: up to 9 lakhs
  • Soft Skills Lecturer: up to 4.8 lakhs

What will you learn in the Soft Skills Course available at LearnVern?

LearnVern offers the best course for enhancing soft skills and personality. This course covers all aspects of personality development and interpersonal skills. It helps students understand ‘why are soft skills important?’ The course comprises some of the most essential topics that can provide complete communication skills and soft skills training, such as:

  • Effective Communication
  • Campus to Corporate
  • Managing Impressions, Feedback, Interviews, etc.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Time Management
  • Negotiation
  • Skills for New Managers
  • Art of Multitasking
  • Leadership
  • Stress Management
  • Problem-solving, etc.

Who should be taking the LearnVern Soft Skills Course in Tamil?

The LearnVern Soft Skills Training is ideal for candidates seeking leadership roles in companies. Students preparing for careers beyond campus and other professionals find this course quite useful for development of personality and interpersonal skills. The best candidates who can benefit the most from personality development and soft skills training course in Tamil are:

  • Students ,
  • Trainers,
  • Counselor,
  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Influencers

Why is the Soft Skills Course at LearnVern more industry-relevant?

The LearnVern course can prepare you for both the trainers and corporate leaders’ roles. The tutorial on Soft Skill Development in Tamil covers topics meant for learning and to accomplish job objectives.

By using the learnings from a free online course on soft skills from LearnVern, you can also start an independent venture offering personality and soft skills development training.

The course\s learning-oriented topics are:

  • Effective Communication
  • Campus to corporate
  • Managing interviews, impressions and feedback
  • Stress management
  • Office etiquette
  • Negotiation skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Time management
  • Art of persuasion

Job-oriented topics are:

  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Skills for new managers
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation skills
  • Art of multitasking

Next steps to Soft Skills Course in Tamil

You must learn Soft Skills if you aim to work in a corporate world. These skills help you become more competent for handling people and situations and carrying yourself confidently at work. The course training helps you prepare for interview questions. It also proves instrumental to successful career as:

  • Corporate trainers
  • Office managers
  • Client servicing executives
  • Customer relationship developers and managers
  • Communication coaches
  • Personality development experts

Also, you can do other courses that supplement the learnings of this course, which include:

  • Business English
  • Career in Sales
  • Recruiter certification and training
  • Spoken English with Grammar, etc.

Why LearnVern for Soft Skill Development in Tamil

LearnVern is a unique e-learning platform that offers complete support for learning Soft Skills. It is unique because the courses here are available in Hindi and Vernacular languages such as Tamil. The LearnVern course is best-suited for Tamil medium students. They can do this personality development and communication skills course in the language easier to understand.

LearnVern offers soft skills free training, which is another unique point. Backed by Skill India Initiative, the purpose of LearnVern is to make skill enhancement possible for all students coming from different educational and financial backgrounds. This purpose has become possible to achieve by offering all courses for free.

LearnVern’s soft skills courses are device-friendly. You can access the tutorial on Android and iOS devices and also cast the tutorial on the TV screen. It allows students to learn the way they feel comfortable and as per their schedule.

LearnVern offers the National Skill Development Certificate to students who complete the course. It is recognized country-wide and can help in building a career as a job holder as well as a business owner.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Corporate Trainer
  • Soft Skills Trainer
  • Communication Coach
  • Soft skills Lecturer
  • Editor
  • Sub editor
  • English Teacher

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Soft Skills Course is a general skill that can be done by anybody. It does not require any specific technical skill. You may need a mobile device or a computer with the internet to access the video tutorial.

LearnVern dissolves all barriers and makes learning easier for students. It is a one-stop solution for skills enhancement that help students by offering:

  • In-demand courses explained in Tamil and other vernacular languages
  • Free of cost courses for all students
  • Device-friendly courses with flexible timings to offer ease of learning

More than 1 lakh students have joined LearnVern and benefited from learning-oriented features available here. Be the next by joining this e-learning platform and boost your career.


LearnVern’s course covers all topics that explain in detail various soft skills. The tutorial teaches these skills through well-coordinated modules that touch all aspects of personality development, managing impressions, time management, teamwork, etc. No job becomes possible to do if you are weak at managing communications, people and work commitments. By doing this skill, you acquire personality traits that are required for leadership roles in companies.

Yes, you can! LearnVern’s Soft Skills Training is available on the mobile phone with iOS and Android functionalities. The users can access these courses without leaving their place of work. You can cast the tutorial on the TV screens as well.

LearnVern’s tutorial is the best resource to understand ‘why are soft skills important?’ The course explains in detail the importance of soft skills through case studies and examples. These skills are needed to crack interviews for leadership roles. Also, the learners aiming at a career in personality development coaching or corporate training can acquire the required skills through this online course.

The very first unique feature of the LearnVern’s course is its vernacular language. It is available in Tamil language to break language barriers. The course is provided free of cost for all. Its tutorial can be accessed in a self-paced manner. All course material such as articles and downloadable contents are available for access for lifetime.

The LearnVern course is ideal for students ready to enter the corporate world and work as employees. It is also beneficial for HR employees, corporate trainers and personality development trainers. Also, entrepreneurs and influencers can join this course for learning the art of managing people and work.

Soft skill development in Tamil Course from LearnVern teaches communication skills, office etiquette, time management, stress management, teamwork and collaboration, delegation, negotiation, leadership qualities, etc. It also has a dedicated module that teaches interpersonal skills to new managers.

LearnVern does not charge anything for its courses. Thus, there is no fee. You can start learning new skills needed for your career growth without worrying about finances.

Soft Skills are all about putting your best version while at work. LearnVern covers communication skills, creating and managing impressions and feedback, time management, stress management, etc. through case studies and examples. The assignment and practice work are also provided with tutorials so that students get a premise to apply skills. Thus, by acquiring both the conceptual and practical learning, you can learn how to develop soft skills at LearnVern easily.

Soft Skills - Essentials to Start Career in Tamil

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