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How to Earn Money by Setting up a Website

The next topic which we are going to see in our digital marketing journey is 'Blogging and Earn with AdSense'. Whenever we open any website we see many different types of advertisement posters, and as soon as we click on any one of the poster we are redirected to that particular sales page.

There popular different types of Advertisements, one is 'Native ads' and other is 'Google ads'. In this video we are going to see everything about Google ads and how we can create our Adsense account and what are the basic things which needs to be done in our Adsense account while we start.

Following are the Blogging ways by which we can earn & make money :
- Here we are talking about your own website/blog
- Find your Niche - Intersection of Passion, Talent, Market demand
- Setup Google Adsense account (you'll need to provide your website)
- After that apply for Google AdSense approval for your website. It will take upto 2 weeks.

Let us see that how we can apply for Google AdSense :
- First we will go to Google Adsense website, and we will sign up using our Gmail account by clicking on 'Sign Up Now' button.
- After that we will provide our Email address & website for which we want Google Adsense approval and than 'Save it and Continue'.
- After that we will accept all the agreement and provide the necessary Informations and move further.
- In the Next slide we will be provided with one HTML code which we need to copy to our website & paste it. By doing this Google AdSense is confirming that the website which we provided is existing our not.
- Now Google will review our website and give Adsense approval if we have fulfilled all criterias.

By following the below steps we can Earn with Google AdSense :
- Keep adding the content to your website
- Paste the code for ad size - ''
- Google Auto Ad size - ''
- Popular ad format - leaderboard, Large rectangle, medium rectangle
- You can use word press ad inserter plugin - ''
- Connect your Adsense and Google analytics

After our Google Adsense account is approved and ready to use we will be provided with some code which we need to paste in our website to show the provided ads. There are different sizes of advertisement which can be placed in between our websites. Different regional Ad sizes are 980×120, 980×90, 950×90, 930×180, 750×300, 750×200, 750×100 etc...

Now to place Google Ads between our wordpress websites we will use one plugin named as 'Ad Inserter'. Once we install our Plugin, we will open it and paste our Google ad code wherever we want in our website. Between posts, after search page, before category pages, etc... We will save that code and then we are ready to go & we have pasted successfully our Google code and now our Ads will be displayed.

The following the below mentioned steps we can connect our Google analytics and Google Adsense account :
- First we will go to Google analytics and then from there we will go to 'Adsense Linking' option of our website's Admin panel.
- There we will paste our Google Adsense ID and hence our AdSense account is linked with our Google Analytics account.

In our Next class, we will see that what is Amazon or other Affiliate programs and how we can Earn Money with it.

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