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AngularJS is a widely used Javascript framework built and maintained by Google. It has become extremely popular in recent times with companies - small and large - implementing it in their applications. LearnVern’s AngularJs Tutorial Course has been designed to meet the growing skill requirements of the IT industry.

Our AngularJS tutorial starts with the basics of AngularJs such as modules, MVC, expressions, scope, etc, and gradually moves on to advanced topics such as services, events, dependency injection, templates, routing, data binding, custom directives, filters and forms, and controls.

Every section in our AngularJS course is explained with a suitable example. However, since learning gets best retained when practised, so do practice the examples illustrated during the course. We have included a quiz for major sections to help you assess your learning and identify sections that you need to revisit.

Why Learn AngularJS Course?

AngularJS is supported by several vital features like two-way data binding, dependency injection and so on, and this makes it easier to create interactive web applications. The powerful JavaScript framework is in high demand in the industry and IT giants like IBM, Google and many more, are looking forward to hiring talented developers highly skilled in AngularJs.

Also, there has been a considerable increase in the salary package of web developers with AngularJs skills. So learn the fully-featured framework with LearnVern’s AngularJS course and add on to your skills.

Who can take this course

Who Can Take Our Free AngularJS Course?

Anyone who wants to learn how to build data-driven applications using MVC patterns can take this course. Even if you are just starting to learn web development you would find this course highly useful.

Back-end developers who want to learn front-end programming or front-end developers who want to learn AngularJS can also take this Angular tutorial for beginners.


Requirements for Our AngularJS Tutorial Online

Basic understanding of Javascript and any text editor knowledge of HTML CSS

Course Curriculum
How Can LearnVern Help?

Why Enroll with LearnVern to Learn AngularJS?

At LearnVern, we believe in developing professionals who are not only proficient in technical skills but are also equipped with the practical knowhow that the industry today demands. Our AngularJS tutorial is a well-balanced amalgam of theoretical knowledge and practical examples and aims at providing an opportunity to our learners to grasp the nuances of each subject holistically.

The course material for our free AngularJS course has been prepared in collaboration with academic and industry experts who have a thorough understanding of industry requirements. This allows our learners to be job-ready on completion of our tutorial. The AngularJS course online offered by LearnVern is an intensive programme that offers lectures, practical examples, graphics and animations to help the learner understand each concept easily yet thoroughly. Furthermore, we offer AngularJS certification to those who successfully complete the learning. We offer assignments to help you understand and retain the information gained through the course.

Frequently Asked Questions About AngularJS Course Programming

Why Should I Take LearnVern’s AngularJS Tutorial?

AngularJS is one of the most popular frameworks for web development today. It is a powerful front end and performance efficient framework that allows developers to build highly responsive web applications. With the increasing demand for AngularJS based web applications, the demand for skilled AngularJS developers has also gone up. With the free AngularJS course offered by LearnVern, you can easily learn the technicalities of the framework and get a thorough understanding through the practical examples, assignments and projects that we have included in the course material.

What Skills Will I Acquire Through This Tutorial?

Our AngularJS tutorial will take you through the fundamentals of AngularJS, data binding, custom directives and filters, AngularJS BootStrap, event handling, scopes and controllers, templates and routing, dependency injection, services and angular forms and web storage. Our course includes detailed lectures by experienced tutors, practical examples and assignments that will give you a balanced view of the theoretical and practical aspects of AngularJS.

At the end of LearnVern’s AngularJS course online, you will have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of AngularJS, know how to build a Single Page application using the framework, write better and quicker AngularJS codes, use dependency injection in a more powerful manner, and become an expert in the subject.

What Are My Job Prospects On Completing the AngularJS Tutorial?

The knowledge of AngularJS can open up a wide range of opportunities for you. Since most companies now prefer websites and other web applications developed using AngularJS, the demand for AngularJS developers has increased significantly. On completion of the AngularJS tutorial, you can explore employment opportunities with top IT companies as an AngularJS developer or embark on your very own entrepreneurial journey.

Can I Keep Learning Offline?

Of course! LearnVern is not only available on the Web but also offers its application for Android devices. You can download our application from the Android play store and then download the course material for offline viewing. This allows you to learn AngularJS even when you are travelling, are out of network coverage, or in places where there is no Internet access. You can even share the AngularJS course material with your friends and colleagues through our Ambassador program.

Will I Get a Certificate on Completion of This Course?

Yes. While the AngularJS material tutorial offered by LearnVern is absolutely free, you can get a SkillIndia certificate for a nominal price of Rs 499. It is issued by the National Skill Development Corporation and is a coveted asset that can open up a plethora of opportunities for a professional AngularJS developer. You can view the sample certificate to get a better idea.

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bhavana gawande
Sushil Chaudhary
shinshe bestii
Its okay
Arti Pisal
kumar anil
Bhavisha Bhatia
i understood each and every topic clearly ,audio is clear thankyou
veerendra kumar
very good
swastik shankar joshi
Shalakha Nagpal
Must watch for Angular begineers
jagdish kumar
pranati dalvi
the teacher teaches vary perfectly. i like the way that he is teaching its good course
shyril sharma
It's good by learning nd knowledge
Darshita Gilda
Very well explained. But the course still needs to be structured properly.
Akshay Sambare
Teaching with the help of examples is best way is used in this tutorial
Satish Jadhav
Awesome smart ways of learning platform
Khushboo Upadhyay
Suman Prajapati
Easy to understand ..better explained with examples
Anil Srivastava
It is a very good course everything is here from basics to complex topics. My rating is 5 out of five to this course.
Gopal Satam
Well structured course. Explanations are very easy to understand. I liked this course. Thanks.
Sanjeev Chaudhary
It’s very nice course as need to have Angular 7 /8 course
RAjneesh Mishra
Nandani .
nice and well structure way of teaching
Aasif Sudiwala
Mariam chaudhary
learn vern is the best source to learn angular js.. Big thanks to learn vern team. Angular's teacher teaches very well. He explained everything in a good manner. Again big thanks .
Piyu Patil
awsm teaching...
Ajay Sharma
learn vern is the best source to learn angular js. because I have learned this full course via you tube and through website. but you tube has many erros not all time video is playing correctly and sometime sound is mismatch with video. But I have learned this full course via learn vern. Big thanmks tom learn vern and team. angular js teacher is the best teacher. He explained everything in manner. thanks to Sir.
easly to understood
Pooja goswami
Videos Tutorials are too good
nirmal kumar
very useful to me
very good
Ankit Pandey
This is really very helpful and interesting application
Syed.Fahad Iqbal
awesome training given for begineers
chandan chaurasia
I want to learn advance Angular JS
Very simple and sweet..
Excellent tutorial for learning.
Most easiest and simple way to teach us effectively
Asmit Lade
I'll enjoying learning of Angular js
Ravindra Sonawane
Sairoj Alam
suraj kumar sen
This course is empowering my Career , i am thankful you providing this course ...Thanks you sir ...
Ganesh Puri
best tutorial
Amazing course that i have seen ever..
Perween Perween
This is best for understand Angularjs from basic to high. Thanks a lot sir
very helpful course
Vishal agrawal listner
ten out of ten
manoj kumar
Teachers are awsome and the way they teach is great. i undrstood everything at once.
Kamal Janghel
clear concepts and very helpful for me, teacher quality is too damn good/
Falgun Atara
msk shravan
Roopal rastogi
I loved the way the trainer has explained its flawless.
Pranav Unde
Great !!
Aanchal Sharma
this is a very good portal to learn various courses in simple language.
R. K. Bhardwaj
The main problem is that the quiz coming begore learn many things, which is not able to answer. so please ask for quiz related to the topic we completed. Overall good Thanks
Shikha Sinha
Vivid and basic.
Neeraj Swarnkar
Thank you, Very good tutorial for beginner.
Muhammad Junaid Ali
I learn complete angularjs with this course
Lalit Deshmukh
this is good test
santosh subrahmanya
Good overview with good examples. Provides a good foundation to the basics of Angular JS.
Really helped me understand the basics of AngularJS. Every topic was explained in detail and every practical was explained in detail which is needed for a beginner. Will recommend to all my friends who want to learn Angular JS.
Ankita Jain
It was very Knowledgeable.
Prakalpa Prakash Barik
I have learned Angular Js and it was awesome. You guys are mind blowing...
Superb.. Learned a lot.. Sir please keep posting .. Totally loved it.. The way you are explaining is very nice
Mohammad Nazim
excellent tutorial in very simple way. Thanks LearnVern team
Waleed Anjum
very informative
Sajid Ali
Shivam Kumar
Thanks, Learn Vern it's helped me to understand about angular js.
krishanu takhtani
very informative
That is very comfortable to learning method,you can watch video any time and any where.
I had watch these videos twice... its really very awesome
I found it very helpful and understanding but if it was in English then it would be more clear for all irrespective of which language we know.
Ashish Sahu
Angular JS tutorial experience was awesome. The way of teaching is very nice. Anybody can easily understand and go through the contents. All the syllabus was covered. Although it was very good but if more assignments could be provided then it'll be better for the beginners.
Nishith Rajyaguru
Aman Jain
very good
Nikhil Taralekar
Very good representation
Muhammad Hassaan Mahmood
The course content is very good and developer explained in a very easy way. I am giving 4 stars because i think there should be one more video for $http service because it is widely used in projects
Sayali prakash patil
Good one
Tameez ali
Very good keep it up !!! I am really feel good for this course thanks for giving this opportunity.
Nice...Very easy to understand
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Superb....very useful and simple to understand.Thanks
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Good course
i like it so much
This is Good Video.
Manish Manish
Very Good
Suryansh Singh
well crafted course
parveen kumar
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Easy to understand and lots of programmatic examples makes it very understandable.
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fantastic,video tutorial i can't explain my words
Partition of topic step by step and smoothly moved next step
Anil Tailor
mina patil
you explained really well.all the examples were of basic level. also try to share better examples. thanks a lot.
Dthehot Dthehot
Good videos are covered...with good knowledge. some more videos can b e added like covering more inbuilt services good practices for angularjs creatwe components using direcives which will be reusable exception handling in Angularjs masking and unmasking concept like in Sencha extJS etc..
Ved Sharma
I am impressed with LearnVern to create like this tutorial in Hindi. Keep it up guys !!!
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Good to learn for beginners.
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very nice.
Naval Dabral
Way of teaching tutorial is very nice thanks for videos
Guys awesome job - I learnt Angular Js in 2 days
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