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LearnVern Converting Leads Course in Hindi is Absolutely Free

Converting leads program is a new skill development tutorial designed in Hindi. LearnVern offers this course to help people who want to excel in sales and marketing. This course proves beneficial for people involved in client dealing. It is the best skill to have when you are into field sales, customer service, and negotiations.

The course teaches you the importance of having good presentation abilities. It also trains on aspects like knowing your product, negotiation styles, pitching the product, knowing the lead generation process, etc. As an outcome of this course, you gain confidence needed for closing the deals and bringing more numbers to the business.

Major job roles mapped for Converting Leads course and average annual salary

Almost every industry has the demand for sales and marketing professionals. The converting leads course prepares you for the most crucial department of the companies, which is sales and distribution. You can prepare for interviews with confidence by joining this Hindi language Converting leads course. Also, the course suits the learning needs of business owners, entrepreneurs, start-up owners who need to pitch products or business ideas and get investors. Thousands of jobs in the public and private sector and in reputed MNCs are proposed every year in the sales and marketing field.

The course talks about customer profiling, product knowledge, negotiating, pitching product, closing deals and follow-ups, etc. and helps professionals of the sales and marketing field. Major jobs and average annual salary that one can bag after completing this course are:

  • Sales executive:2.5 – 3.0 lakhs
  • Sales representatives: 2.4 – 2.6 lakhs
  • Assistant sales manager:5.0 – 7.0 lakhs
  • Sales Manager: 7.0 - 8.0 lakhs

What to expect in LearnVern Converting Leads tutorial

Converting leads is a unique online certificate course in Hindi aimed at training sales professionals in closing deals with confidence. It is an additional skill that can guide on the practical aspect of achieving more sales. The tutorial walks you through every principle worth learning about how to convert leads and generate more sales.

Main modules covered in Converting Leads tutorial are:

  • Introduction to lead conversion
  • Know your product – need of product and customer analysis
  • Know your target audience leads – generating fresh leads through cold calls, engaging customers etc.
  • Different approaches for converting leads
  • Pitching process –making first impression, customer profiling and product presentation, etc.

All these points of learning trains you for sales and marketing jobs and makes you eligible for a big break that brings money as well as stability.

Who is eligible for Converting Leads Certificate Course at LearnVern?

Converting leads is more of an interpersonal skill than a technical skill. Thus, anyone can join this course to brush up on their knowledge of how to close deals. This Hindi Converting Leads course can help students, undergraduates, graduates, entrepreneurs, etc. You can apply this skill learned at LearnVern in all kinds of business deals and get more revenues generated.

Why LearnVern Converting Leads course is industry-relevant

All business processes and their success depends on the numbers generated at the end of the day. Hence, converting leads is a crucial skill that is in high demand in all industrial sectors. Whether you are into the product or service industry, you need to reach the right audience, present the product impressively, and understand customers. LearnVern Converting Leads course takes you to the ground level activities of the sales department. On completion of this course, you can take jobs where selling skills are a basic requirement. Also, learners can apply for best paying jobs and know how to prepare for interview questions to get jobs easily. On completion of course, you are entitled to a National Skills Development Corporation Certificate that improves your chances of better paying jobs.

What to do after Converting Leads Course

Converting Leads Course in Hindi language offers practical insights into the processes happening at field sales. Industry experts offer this training through video tutorials to help you learn it in a self-paced manner. This course adds a lot of value to other courses you may do afterwards, such as:

  • Sales training
  • Product knowledge training
  • Negotiation skills training
  • Customer service 
  • Marketing management, etc.

Why LearnVern for Converting Leads Course in Hindi

LearnVern Converting Leads Course tutorial comes absolutely free of cost. This e-learning platform serves courses to the users’ mobile phones. The courses are available in easily understandable languages. Learners can take the courses as per their requirements and interest; no questions asked!

All courses at LearnVern are self-paced. More than thousands of users have downloaded the LearnVern app which they use to learn courses that add to their skills. The courses can be availed in Hindi, and are designed to provide practical insights into various concepts they learn in conventional courses.

Basic aim of LearnVern platform is to make students aware of various skills useful in work and professional life. The platform ropes in industry experts of the concerned topics and provides video tutorials to impart practical training. Learners can also find discussion board features to interact with fellow students and share knowledge or to clear their doubts.

LearnVern platform is accessible on both iOS and Android devices. Most of the courses don’t require any technical knowledge. Anybody with a little computer literacy and internet use knowledge can join these courses.

Join LearnVern courses to hunt for jobs or start your own venture with more confidence. Stand out among competitors by learning new and practical skills required for success at work and to add more value to what you offer to the recruiters or clients.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Sales Representative
  • Inside Sales
  • Client Services
  • Sales Support
  • Lead Generation
  • Business Development
  • Account Manager

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Interest in sales and marketing, a little knowledge of communication skills and internet knowledge are only prerequisites to do this course.

LearnVern is the best resource for acquiring practical skills required for jobs. This e-learning platform provides end-to-end learning through tutorials. Discussion board is available for posting queries and getting solutions. Courses are available in Hindi and easy to understand languages. This e-learning solution is accessible anywhere, anytime and allows doing courses at a chosen pace. On completing courses, NSDC certificate, recognized by Skill India Initiative of the Govt. of India is given which is quite helpful in job hunting.


LearnVern outlines all the points and areas of learning you will require to apply in the process of converting leads. It gives practical insight into the process of meeting clients, making pitches, identifying audiences and choosing the correct follow-up and closing conversation methods. The course is designed to empower learners with skills required for the sales and marketing field.

Converting Leads Course in Hindi benefits all those aspirants who want to have more confidence while pitching products or services to prospective leads. It starts right from teaching how to read to the target audience, and takes you to ending the process with chances of further interactions. No technical knowledge is required for this course. Sales and marketing professionals, students, marketing management students, entrepreneurs, etc. can benefit a lot from this course.

LearnVern Converting Leads Course provides knowledge of all steps comprising attracting customers to product to following them up for upselling. You can find modules like knowing target audience leads, pitching approaches, conversation starting and ending, following up, and more. All these concepts presented in a visually appealing manner allow learners to apply them in real-life with conviction.

All LearnVern courses including Converting Leads are accessible through devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Hence, you can do this course from home, and refer to tutorials even while on the move. The Converting Leads course does not require you to go to a classroom or coaching center. It is possible to learn it anywhere, anytime as per the chosen pace.

LearnVern courses are absolutely free, and have no hidden cost! You may not have any degree for doing Converting Leads course. This course is in Hindi that helps break language barriers as well.

Converting Leads into Sales

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