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How do I create a Digital Marketing Website?

How to create Digital Marketing Website?

In this video we are going to learn that how we can create a Digital Marketing Website & why it is important to have a Website for doing Digital Marketing.

Following points are the the reasons showing Importance of a Website or a Blog :
- A website/blog is a proof that you know Digital Marketing and it's your own online presence - You can experiment and learn on your own website
- A website is a great place to showcase what you know by blogging about it and show number
- Website or a blog will attract employers and clients which will show interest in hiring you as Employee or freelancer as it makes you a personal brand
- As website will help you build your own community
- Now-a-days without owning any website for Business is not at all acceptable

Now let us see that How can we make a Website and what are the things which we should focus on while getting started :
- To begin with, Content is important than design
- Make a MVP (Minimum Viable product)
- Design will grow in iteration
- Design is functional
- Function (+ Aesthetics) = Design
- UI/UX is the most important feature of great product

Following are the ways to create a Website :
- Self hosting website (Wordpress and other CMS)
- 3rd party DIY website builder where we do not need any kind of hosting, builder manages everything by itself (Example - Webs, Wix, Weebly, etc...)

We will see both of the ways of creating a website. Also we'll learn that how to install Wordpress & reasons for 'why we choose Wordpress CMS'. So following are the reasons that why we prefer using Wordpress CMS :
- Wordpress is world's most popular Control Management System (39% of entire web)
- It has capabilities of full website and effective blog. Fresh contents are important to keep site alive
- Top brand like Sony, New york times, TechCrunch etc... are build on ''
- Plugins enhances the functionality and security of wordpress.
- Wordpress has pre-built themes to enhance the design

Now let us see that How Websites get called : < Browser < HTTPS Request < Domain Name registrant < DNS - Domain Name Server < Hosting < Browser

What are the things which we should keep in mind while choosing a Domain name :
- Choose carefully, it's difficult to change the domain name in later stage
- Must buy .COM domain name
- Domain Name can be a company name, your name with the twist of your profession in that or sometime they does not mean anything
- If you are buying a name, 10 or less characters are recommended
- Keep 2 words as much as possible
- A domain name, should pass the phone test but it not necessary
- 1 word brand name also create good brands name.
- You can buy domain name from,, etc... We can simply just enter the domain name we want and the server will show that to us if it is available or not. If our searched domain name is not available, then it will show us other related domain name which are available and can be bought.

After we have successfully bought a domain name, we can login to particular website & see that the domain name we have bought is listed. As soon as we click on the Domain name we can see different available Information regarding it like Contact details, Name Servers, Child Name Servers, Domain Secret, Theft Protection, DNSSEC, & Premium DNS.

Name Servers/DNS are very Important from all of the rest because it will help us to connect our Domain with the Hosting.

Now we will understand that what are DNS and how how they work.
- It is one of the biggest directory where information about website's IP addresses are stored.
- Web browser < DNS Server < Web Servers
- There are three different types of DNS available, ISP DNS (DNS of the services provider which we are using), Google DNS, & Open DNS.

Now let us see that what are the things which we should focus on while buying a brand New Hosting :
- Any computer connected to internet can be made hosting server - You need to have 24×7 high speed connection and need to configure your system as server
- So rather than making your own server, you rent a shared server
- If traffic grows then you can buy a dedicated server

Now we will see that which different Hosting providers are available in market and compare them with each other :
- GoDaddy, BigRock, WPX, Hostinger are some of the famous Hosting platforms which provide Wordpress optimized Hosting, meaning our Wordpress site can smoothly run on that.
- Hostinger has different plans available for Wordpress Hosting like Single web hosting, Shared web hosting, & Business web hosting with their individual prices.
- SSL certificate are Secure Socket Layer certificate which are very Important for any Digital Marketing website. If this certificate is not installed in our site, then merely anyone will believe that the site is genuine.
- Now if we want to buy a hosting we can simply click on 'Add to Cart' button of desired Hosting and make payment.
- As soon as we click on Manage button of our Hostinger dashboard we will be redirected to Control Panel of Hostinger where we can see different options like Plugins used, Total order usage of our hosting, Account details, subdomains, migrate website, import website, & etc...
- After than to install Wordpress we will click on 'Auto-Installer' button & then select 'Wordpress' to install it. We will further provide the domain name which we want to connect our hosting with & then change administrator username & password as per we want.
- After that we will select 'Create New database' option & finally click on Install button.
- Now, Wordpress Installation is successfully started.



  • This is the first step in the process of designing a website, and it involves deciding what the site will look like. This can include color schemes, layouts, fonts, logos and more.


  • This is where the development company takes all of the design elements and builds them into a functioning website that you can use to promote your business or organization online.


  • The content for a website can come from anywhere - including some pre-written scripts or articles that you supply to your developer, or it can be generated by an AI writer with a specific niche in mind for your site if you are using one as part of your marketing strategy.


  • Following the process of creating your own website and publishing it online, you should be thinking about how to get it in front of as many potential customers as possible.

There are four main types of website design:

  • Static - these websites do not change and they do not require any coding knowledge to create them.
  • Dynamic - this type of website changes depending on the user's input.
  • Interactive - this type of website is an interactive experience with animations, videos or other multimedia elements that can be interacted with by the user.
  • Responsive - this type of website automatically adjusts to the screen size and orientation (portrait or landscape).

The key elements of a digital marketing website include:

  • A brief overview of the company and its products or services
  • A clear call to action for users to take
  • The latest news about the company and its industry
  • A contact form for potential customers to reach out

There are many types of digital marketing websites. Some are made specifically for a given industry, while others can be used in any industry. A business website is the most common type of digital marketing website. It is made to promote a company’s products and services to potential customers. Business websites usually have contact information, a list of products and services, and links to social media accounts.

Keywords are words or phrases that can be found in a search engine query and represent the topic of your content. They should be used at the beginning and end of your content.

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