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Digital Marketing Interview Q&A

In this video we are going to see that what are the Questions & Answers that you can get in an Interview for 'SEO, Social Media, & Google Ads'. This questions will give you practical approach to your knowledge which can help you boost up your career if you are doing graduation or graduated and want to pursue in the field of Digital Marketing. Every question mentioned are very Crucial to crack any Digital Marketing Interview.


(Ques 1) Which are the most Important Google ranking factors ?
(ans) Following listed all are Important Google ranking factors :
- Content Quality & Content Type
- Page speed
- Mobile Optimized / Responsive
- Technical SEO
- User experience
- Domain & Page Authority
- Relevant and Quality Backlinks
- Social Signals


(Ques 2) What is difference between DA & PA ?
DA is Domain Authority. It explains the authority of your entire website. The higher the DA, the higher the possibility of ranking. But, DA is one of the hundreds of ranking factor.

PA is Page Authority. It explains the authority of a specific page, based on the backlink, social sharing, etc.


(Ques 3) What is difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO ?
White Hat SEO doesn't involve in manipulating search engines with shady methods but instead involves in building search engine friendly website and user experience. White hat involves in creating quality content which provides value to the visitors and helps them to earn links instead of building backlinks.

Black Hat SEOs practice the methods to get immediate results instead of building a website with users in mind. There are so many Black Hat methods they utilize and search engines identify and offer penalty if get caught. Black Hat methods might be helpful in short term but if you are planning for long term, black hat definitely is not the solution. If your site gets penalized, it takes so much time and effort to remove it.


(Ques 1) How does Social media benefit of business ?
(ans) Social media benefits businesses in a variety of ways, the most important of which is establishing a dialogue with customers. Social media enables customers or consumers to communicate directly with brands, forever changing the way organisations must update.
Social media helps in showcasing your brand's philosophy and building trust in consumer's mind.


(Ques 2) How should a business measure Social media marketing success?
If the goal is conversion, track content downloads, online sales, webinar registrations, online lead generation form submissions, and so forth. These metrics help you understand how many people took action as a result of each.

If the goal is engagement, learn how many people participate in the conversation: how many comments, replies, reposts or retweets are the posts generating?

If the goal is awareness, look at reach, volume, and exposure to learn how widely your message is spreading.

If the goal is driving traffic to the website, track clicks, URL shares, and conversions, along with the path people are using to enter various pages on your website.


(Ques 3) What is Community building?
Ultimate goal of any marketing campaign/activity, especially social media marketing is to build a engaging community.

Community is just not about people like, comment and share your content. They are the people who are your TRUE Fans.

We need take followers from social media and have them a 1-1 connect in the form of email, phone number of a private community eg. Forum, Telegram, WhatsApp.


(Ques 1) What us difference between Clicks & Impression?
(ans) Click is the number of times your targeted users clicked on your ad and taken to your
website. This shows how many users actually used your ad to visit your website.


(Ques 2) What are the types of Bidding Keywords?
(ans) Following are Bidding keywords :
- Broad match
- Phrase match
- Exact match
- Broad Match modifier


(Ques 3) What is the use of Search term report in Google Adwords ?
(ans) Search term report shows the list of queries that are getting visitors to your website. With the help of search term reports, you can find new negative keywords and find which keywords are more effective than the others. It helps advertisers to find potential keywords for the campaigns. Keyword list and search term lists are totally different.


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