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Course Content

Interview Q and A

This tutorial is a compilation of the best interview questions and answers for job seekers in digital marketing. Learn the most important questions to ask potential employers during your first meeting.


There are a variety of reasons people choose to work in the digital marketing industry. From a high-paying job with a flexible schedule, to the opportunity for professional development and lifelong learning, there are many benefits of this booming industry.

Campaign is a type of marketing campaign that uses digital platforms to promote the company or organization's products. These types of campaigns are popular because they can be done on a large scale and are easier to track than traditional advertising methods. They are also cost-effective because they do not require the use of physical space, personnel or printed materials.?

Many tend to categorize digital marketing into either paid or organic strategies. However, this is not the case. The difference between the two lies in their origin, which is why they are called "paid" and "organic." Paid strategies are usually targeted at particular audiences while organic strategies are meant for all audiences.

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