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What is Importance of Responsive website

What Is The Importance Of responsive Website In Digital Marketing?

A responsive website means that the web content or layout is flexible to fit within the different screen sizes where they are displayed. As our user uses various types of devices, it is vital to make a responsive site in all devices, resolution and size. 

Smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktops are devices where chances are high of opening a website. There is a website from which you can know screen sizes, screen resolution and operating system of almost all mobile, laptop, tablets.

As shown in the video, you can search for any mobile and its versions, size, resolutions in the search tab of the screensiz website. As screen size & resolutions are frequently changing, it is compulsory to make a responsive website. It is built by blocks. This can break, collapses, stretch and shrink according to a situation. Examples of responsive websites is shown in the video. You can see how the screen is adjusted while dragging t inside & outside. W3 is used to check how your website will look while resizing it. 

In the video, also Learnvern site is shown to understand responsive website. A responsive website attracts the user to come often, and it gives an excellent user experience. It will be flexible in all device as you expand. A responsive website is essential for the recent market. 

If we build with framework or paid templates, it provides the update of responsive elements. So make your website responsive as much as you can.


A responsive website has a fluid and adaptable layout that adjusts to the size of the screen. The benefit of responsive web design is that it provides a better surfing experience. In general, your website will appear excellent and function properly on a desktop (or laptop), tablet, and mobile phone browser.

People are accustomed with navigation and site or system use across devices, thus a consistent user experience will boost conversion rates. Responsive design eliminates some of the challenges that having several sites can bring, such as consistency in functionality, performance, and appearance and feel.

Responsive websites are built to work on any screen or device, from the largest desktop computers to the tiniest cellphones. Instead of generating distinct layouts for different sizes and resolutions, responsive sites detect the device's size and modify themselves accordingly.

The user experience is substantially enhanced by having access to content that is suitably adapted on any device. A strong responsive design also improves readability, length of time spent on a website, interactivity, and, in the case of e-commerce, sales.

Websites with responsive web design are more accessible, speedy, and simple to navigate. It makes it easier for users to discover the information they need and, as a result, they are more likely to stay on your site. Furthermore, excellent usability may inspire customers to return to your website in the future.

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