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Gain conceptual knowledge of SCADA PLC, and learn how to apply it in Industrial Automation. The PLC Programming Course will help you understand both the software and hardware of automated systems. Our detailed tutorials in Hindi will help you master the basic to advanced concepts of design, program and interface. At LearnVern, through our Industrial Automation Course, we will prepare you for a job. Join this PLC SCADA Training programme to become a proven Industrial Automation expert. It is free of cost, flexible and device-friendly.





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Industrial Automation With PLC Programming Course

All factories run on automated machines these days. This sophistication in machines has become possible to achieve with PLC which stands for Programmable Logic Controller. Industrial automation with PLC programming is an in-demand course and prepares you for jobs in companies like Siemens, L&T, GE, etc. 

The Industrial Automation with PLC course at LearnVern contains a tutorial designed by a PLC expert. He explains all the concepts and imparts working knowledge through a video tutorial in the Hindi language for quick understanding. You can learn PLC programming, logic, interfacing, and gain knowledge of hardware and software by completing this course in a self-paced manner.

What are the major job roles related to industrial automation with PLC and salary data?

All factories or manufacturing units need programmed machines to accelerate production and meet the demand. The engineers are required for maintaining and calibrating machines to work as per a chosen logic. This demands complete knowledge of PLC programming. By doing industrial automation with PLC course, students can add more to their Electrical Engineering or programming expertise and work on the following posts. The average annual salaries of these positions are also listed below:

  • Operation Engineer: up to 4.5 lakhs
  • Automation Engineer: up to 6 lakhs
  • Project Manager: up to 12 lakhs

Detail of the free industrial automation with PLC course in Hindi

The LearnVern Industrial Automation with PLC course in Hindi covers all basic to advanced modules. The theoretical part provides knowledge of terms, advantages, uses, challenges involved in PLC application, etc. In the programming part, the students learn about the logic function, scan rate, type of memory, ladder logic anatomy, etc. 

Software and Hardware modules provide a detailed discussion on Allen Bradley PLC Software and Hardware and offer its functional knowledge. In addition, you learn about interfacing concepts that cover all the relevant topics students need to know to accomplish their jobs.

Who should be taking the LearnVern Industrial Automation with PLC in Hindi Course?

The LearnVern Industrial Automation with PLC programming training in Hindi course is designed for students interested in working in manufacturing units as operations managers. Some of the profiles that will benefit the most from this course are:

  • Professionals working in the manufacturing industry, 
  • Working Engineers, 
  • Industrialist 
  • Engineering Students pursuing or having Master's/ Bachelor’s Degree /Diploma in EC/EE/EEE/EI Branches.

Why is the Industrial Automation with PLC Course at LearnVern is more industry-relevant?

The objective of the course is to make learners understand the generic architecture and constituent components of a Programmable Logic Controller. Knowing the make-up and functioning is desirable for industrial automation jobs. The students can also apply the learning of this course to develop a software program using modern engineering tools and techniques for PLC and SCADA. 

Since all concepts are explained through real-life applications and examples and are instrumental in attaining functional expertise, this PLC programming online course is industry-relevant and prepares you for all available jobs.

Next steps to learning Industrial Automation With PLC Course

Industrial Automation with PLC Course prepares you for all jobs in demand. It is also useful for preparing a base for building up the related skills. You can apply for the higher positions in companies and achieve a breakthrough in top brass companies that offer stable jobs and constant growth in your career. The other courses you can do after PLC programming for industrial automation are:

  • Industrial automation with Scada
  • Machine learning
  • Machine programming
  • Simulink, etc.

Many courses related to industrial automation with PLC are available at LearnVern for free. LearnVern is the only platform where you will find these courses in Hindi.

Why LearnVern for Industrial Automation with PLC course

LearnVern is the most effective learning resource for mastering subjects like industrial automation with PLC. The tutorial here is prepared and explained by industrial experts who have worked a lot in the automation engineering field. 

LearnVern thoroughly explains this complex topic in the Hindi language. All Indian students who are comfortable with the Hindi medium of instruction benefit from this facility. 

This e-learning platform reaches the students on their devices. The course is accessible on all iOS and Android devices. It offers unmatched flexibility of learning from anywhere, anytime. Hence, LearnVern helps people on the jobs, too, to enrich their skill-set. This learning support aims at providing complete knowledge by providing a discussion board to clear doubts. Assignments and quizzes are also provided to help students check their progress.

LearnVern is a Govt.-recognized e-learning platform that provides students with the National Skill Development Certificate on completion of the course. This certificate is quite beneficial in your job search and adds to your strengths as a professional.

LearnVern’s Industrial Automation with PLC programming course requires you to know electrical concepts and programming. It is easy to do with a mobile device having iOS and Android support and a stable internet connection. The learners need not pay anything for the course as the course is offered for free.

More than 90,000 students have downloaded the LearnVern app and benefited from its features. This e-learning platform has helped the students by offering:

  • Industry-relevant courses in Hindi and other vernacular languages
  • Over 100 courses with FREE access to study material and lectures
  • Freedom to learn on any device (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop or TV Screen


LearnVern offers a complete module that covers topics like PLC programming, interfacing, software and hardware concepts, etc. By doing this course, the learners gain knowledge of how to use PLC programming in real-life applications. Industrial automation jobs where PLC programming is application can be understood well with the learnings obtained from this course.

Upon successful completion of this course, the students will be able to classify input and output interfacing devices with knowledge of types of PLC programming. They will learn how to execute, debug and test the programs and apply them for digital and analog operations. Also, they will be doing strategic activities like determining the I/O requirement of the application and developing a program and interface system with PLC. 

These skills impart working knowledge and acquaint students with the ways industrial automation jobs are carried out in factories.

Professionals working in the manufacturing sector, working Engineers, Industrialists, engineering Students pursuing or having Master's/ Bachelor’s Degree /Diploma in EC/EE/EEE/EI Branches and the machine operations managers can benefit from the Industrial automation with PLC course. 

This course benefits candidates who want to apply for higher posts such as project manager and in preparing interview questions.

Yes, automation engineering is the need of the hour. The industries need sophisticated solutions to increase production, reduce wastage and streamline processes based on machines. Automation experts with PLC programming knowledge are absorbed easily in the manufacturing and production management sectors. 

A large number of jobs demanding PLC expertise in industrial automation are rolled out every year. Thus, this additional skill adds more to your diploma in electrical engineering or mechanical engineering degree.

LearnVern offers complete support for gaining in-depth knowledge of industrial automation using PLC skills. This e-learning platform provides the course for free. The course is available in the Hindi language for Hindi medium students. All concepts are explained to provide practical knowledge and help have functional expertise. The courses can be accessed on mobile devices and have a flexible learning pace.

LearnVern’s experts explain the industrial automation with PLC course in a job-oriented manner. Candidates can prepare for interview questions asked for selection in jobs and also for promotions using the learning from this course. They become eligible for the National Skill Development Certificate which is a stamp of credibility and helps students get jobs easily. By helping students add more skills to their resumes, LearnVern’s course can make candidates job-ready and more confident than ever.

The LearnVern Industrial Automation with PLC programming training tutorial is possible to access in devices with iOS and Android functionalities. This course offers the flexibility of time and pace as the students can access the tutorial as per their learning requirement and chosen schedule. They can do it in their free time and revisit the tutorials till they are confident and perfect in skill’s application. So, they can do this course in their free time without abandoning the opportunity to earn.

You need to have the basic knowledge of electrical concepts and programming to join the LearnVern Industrial Automation with PLC programming course. Since the course is accessible through devices, the students must have an iOS or Android device or a computer. To access the tutorial uninterruptedly, you also require a stable internet connection.

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