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What Are The Ways Of Digital Marketing?

There are so many different ways of digital marketing. It is confusing and difficult to find the best routes, but you can choose channels according to your business & customers. Choose the channel which gives good ROI. Observe day by day which way is more effective. Use new tools and see its impact. It will lead to good results and high performance of your business.

Digital Marketing Channels -

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Search (Paid search text & display ad)
  • Social media(FB, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Video(YouTube)
  • Email Marketing

Let’s see some aspects in detail:

SEO Process: Biggest role of marketing is creating visibility. If a customer can’t see you, then how they will reach you? To increase that visibility, SEO is essential. We will do search engine optimization for Google because google provides the best results to its user. We will be visible in other search engines if we will make our way to google search engine.

Search (Google AdWords): It is an online advertising platform that allows advertisers to display their ads on Google’s search engine results page. There is a tool named ‘campaign manager’ to track advertisement. In this, you can manage depth reports related to the campaign.

Social Media: On social media, most people sharing information on the international level. People seem happy here. So if you bring your product here, the chances are high that they might convince to buy your product. It is best for targeting the young generation.

Video: It is a very effective medium to convey a product to people. Why? You have seen ads on TV; it’s the best way to showcase product using Audio-Video. You can make a video of the product and market it on YouTube. You can run ad campaigns on YouTube, too, which is performed using google AdWords. 

Other marketing channels are Email-marketing in which you get promotional mail, PPC, Content marketing, affiliated marketing etc., in social media, there are options like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest.

Digital marketing channels goal includes brand awareness, sales generation, lead generation, generate traffic. Define your budget if you hire outside digital marketing staff. Identify your skills like development, creative, social etc. Digital marketing channels have their strengths & weakness. 

You have to choose the best channel as per your business & audience requirements and start online marketing. Then, observe the results, modify them, and again make a more strong strategy.


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