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LearnVern Python Programing Tutorial is Designed in Tamil

Python Programming is an in-demand course that qualifies you for more than 50k jobs countrywide. It is suitable for professionals who want to work as job holders and entrepreneurs. The course enhances your chances of getting jobs in MNCs and top-level software companies.

LearnVern's Python Programming Course will teach you about functions, collections, GUI programming, control statements and conditions, Database Communications, and more. The course offers ample study material to prepare for both academic and programming careers.

Job roles matched for the course and their average annual salary are:

  • Python Developer: up to 12 lakhs
  • Data Journalist: up to 3.25 lakhs approx. at entry level
  • Full-Stack Developer: up to 5.5 lakhs
  • Web Developer: up to 15 lakhs 
  • Project Manager: up to 30 lakhs
  • Python Tester: up to 21 lakhs

With the Python Programming skill, the professionals can also work as freelance specialists. They are hired at an average hourly rate of Rs 640.

What You Will Learn From Python Programming Course in Tamil at LearnVern

Python tutorial for beginners at LearnVern covers all topics elaborately. Starting with basics such as keywords, data types, variables, etc., students shift to advanced concepts that provide a working knowledge of:

  • Control statements and conditions
  • Functions
  • File handling
  • Collection in Python
  • Object-Oriented Programing
  • Exceptions Handling
  • Regular Expressions
  • GUI Programing
  • Database Communications

Who Should Be Taking the Python Programming Online Tutorial?

12th pass and graduates can do the Online Course in Tamil at LearnVern. It is ideal for beginners and professionals who want to gain knowledge of programming for machine learning, gaming, and others. Software developers, testers, and budding web developers are also the right people to take the Python Programming tutorial.

Why is the Python Online Course at LearnVern Industry-Relevant?

Programmers and testers in various languages are in high demand, but the number of talented experts available is limited. You can fill the requirement gap by doing this industry-relevant course at LearnVern. It prepares you for professional assignments and testing jobs by providing you with practical training on GUI, exceptions handling, functions, file handling, etc. The course prepares for ample opportunities available in coding and testing. If you want to foray into gaming, machine learning, graphics use, software development, etc., this is the right course that eases the career path for you.

Courses to do after Python Online Course

Python Online Course Certification provides ample training for professional purposes. On completing the basic to advanced training course, learners can move to advanced Python Programming. The other courses that can be learned after completing this tutorial are:

  • Data Structures
  • Secure Coding
  • Unsupervised and Supervised Machine Learning 
  • Full-Stack Development
  • Data Science, etc. 

Python Programming course with certificate is taught in Tamil at LearnVern. Thus, you can gain requisite competence while overcoming the language barrier. The course can help you take up the job roles of software adoption specialist, quality analyst, tester, and trainer too. You can smoothly move to higher positions like project manager, Sr. developer, testers, etc. Apart from jobs, this course can help gain skills looked for in freelance coding professionals.

Why LearnVern for Python Programing Course in Tamil

LearnVern has made learning this course easier by designing tutorials in vernacular languages such as Tamil. In addition, since the best programmers and professionals are hired here, the students get access to concepts as they are used in jobs.

The tutorials here cover 9+ hours of videos, regularly updated downloadable content, lots of articles, etc. You also get a quiz and assignment at the end of the course to check the proficiency level.

Students can discuss the topics and share knowledge through the discussion board. The tutorial is available for repeated access to allow practising till perfection. Learners can access this course on all devices having iOS and Android platforms. Also, it can be accessed on the TV screen through the cast feature.

LearnVern offers the National Skill Development Certificate to the students who complete this course. This certificate proves supportive in the job search and also for starting independent ventures. 

If you are interested in a career in game development, fintech, data science, or machine learning, this is the course to consider. It can help you move steadily to your career goals. By providing the course in Tamil for free, LearnVern removes all hurdles from your learning path.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Python Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Flask Developer
  • Programmer
  • Software Engineer

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There is no technical qualification required for doing the Python Programming course at LearnVern. However, basic knowledge of computers and programming can quicken the learning pace. You will need an internet-enabled device to access the video tutorial on devices without interruptions.

LearnVern proves its efficiency in enriching the skill-set of aspiring programming professionals. Thousands of candidates have benefitted from the unique features of LearnVern that comprise:

  • Self-paced Python tutorial in the Tamil Language
  • Assignment, quiz, case study, examples, and discussion forum for complete knowledge gain
  • National Skill Development Certificate on completing the course
  • Best trainers provide practical learning through videos
  • All videos are available for repeated access till students attain perfection entirely free of cost

LearnVern’s online course explains all concepts in Tamil. This course walks the students through job-oriented and learning-oriented topics like functions, database communications, expressions, collections, etc. By mastering all these topics, the working knowledge needed for software development becomes easier to achieve.

Python is a versatile programming language. The users can employ this course’s learning in designing solutions needed for mobile applications, web development, AI and machine learning, gaming, and others. The Python Programming tutorial at LearnVern elaborately explains how to use this language to create user-centric solutions.

LearnVern’s tutorial explains through video tutorial functions like GUI Programming, object-oriented programming, file handling, exception handling, etc. Exposure to these topics trains students on the ways to employ Python professionally. With topics like how to install Python, the students can gain expertise in this coding and development tool from scratch.

LearnVern Python Programming course is designed keeping the requirements of both the teachers and professionals in mind. All modules help enrich the knowledge base so that students can work as trainers. Other teaching roles such as instructor or trainer can be applied for with this online tutorial. 

Industrial requirements can also be met with this online tutorial. The video tutorial on GUI Programming is in demand and prepares you for various job roles. To stay updated on trending topics, this course can help students appreciably.

Python is a vast topic and is used extensively in various industries. The video tutorial provided in the online course at LearnVern offers practical knowledge required for applying Python collections, GUI Programing, Database communications, etc. for job purposes. By designing the course in Tamil, the experts at LearnVern provide easier learning. Also, the availability of the course in flexible timings allows students to learn as per their choice of place and time.

Python forms the strong primer for several specialized courses. The comfort with the language allows a smooth transition to imbibe other advanced concepts, such as:

  • Advance Python
  • Data Science
  • Automation,
  • Machine Learning and AI, 
  • Web Development
  • Gaming Development
  • Object-Oriented Coding, etc.

In the basic to advanced training course, you learn how to reverse a string in Python, manage its collections, etc. This basic knowledge proves quite beneficial in carving a stable career and learning newer courses.

LearnVern breaks all the finance, time, and language barriers to help Indian Youth focus only on skill development. The courses are provided on iOS and mobile phones and computers with stable internet connections. It allows students to fit the skill-development activity in their schedules easily. 

The students are provided with an assignment, quiz, and discussion board that helps in self-study as well as to gain the advantage of community learning. 

Our course is available as a video tutorial that provides working knowledge and helps prepare interview questions too. Also, you can cast these video tutorials on TV screens for better viewing.

This course requires students to have basic knowledge of programming, knowledge of VS code tools, working knowledge of software engineering, and usage with command prompts.

Python Programming with Hands on Practicals in Tamil

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