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Selenium Automation Testing Course

Automated testing is an in-demand skill. Companies hire professional QA analysts to provide input in the web application development process. Integrating testing into the software development life cycle enhances accuracy and allows quicker development. If you are interested in moving higher in your career as a programmer, take the Selenium Automation Testing Course in Hindi from LearnVern.

The Selenium testing course from LearnVern imparts a clear understanding of working with multiple browsers, Junit framework, Test NG Framework, etc. You can also find simplified explanations of tough topics like Web Driver, IDE and Maven.

LearnVern offers the excellent opportunity to upskill and accelerate career growth as a QA expert by providing the Selenium online training in the Hindi Language.

Download the course material on your iOS and Android devices and learn the automation testing skills at your chosen pace and schedule.

What are the major job roles related to Selenium Automation Testing Course and salary data?

Join Selenium Automation Testing Tutorial to get that dream job, salary package or promotion in your current company. This tutorial helps you build the automation testing skills as recruiters demand. You can crack Selenium Testing interview questions by learning all concepts with a detailed tutorial explained in Hindi and get the following jobs with the take-home salary packages as under:

  • QA Test/Automation Engineer: up to 13.5 lakhs
  • Automation Test Engineer: up to 10.7 lakhs
  • Selenium Testing Engineer: up to 16.7 lakhs

Get a hike in salary or be eligible for a promotion by building skills in Selenium Automation Testing. You can also work as an independent tester and start your career as a self-employed QA expert.

Detail of the free Selenium Automation Testing Course in Hindi

The free Selenium Automation Testing Course at LearnVern can help you build skills to perform application or website testing professionally. Industry experts have designed this course to teach relevant and in-demand skills. You will find all concepts explained in detail with practical examples and use cases. The main topics available to learn are:

You get complete study material in video tutorials and articles with lifetime access to study at your selected pace when you join the LearnVern Selenium Certification Course.

Who should be taking the Selenium Automation Testing Course?

Selenium is a skill that can help you become an expert in automation testing. The Selenium Testing Online Course for free at LearnVern is designed to help you become career-ready and also to get promoted to better positions in companies. This course is best-suited for professionals who want to upgrade their skills in app testing. The course benefits the following people the most:

  • Aspiring QA professionals
  • Anyone who wants to learn Selenium testing fundamentals
  • Students with basic knowledge of databases, programming and SQL.

The agility of test procedures of web-based applications becomes possible to achieve with Selenium. That is why recruiters look for this skill in the candidate’s profile and prefer the ones having Selenium skills. Cut the competition with the best Selenium online testing course provided for free at LearnVern and build skills with ease.

Why the Selenium Automation Testing Course at LearnVern is more industry-relevant

LearnVern offers the most time-relevant Selenium certification course. All the topics included in the training are up-to-date and are useful for working as automation testing engineers. The trainers have explained the topics through practical demos. They offer you ease of learning how to test web-based applications using keyword-driven, module-driven or other frameworks driven by hybrid tools.

By including all the topics needed for sole learning or to upgrade the testing skills, the course offers industry-relevant knowledge. It bridges all learning gaps and imparts fluency in testing procedures.

Next steps to learning Selenium Automation Testing Course

If you need to grow skills to work as an automation testing engineer, the full Selenium Testing Course is the best pick for you. With the help of this course, you can move to testers’ or quality analysts’ positions in companies and bag better salary packages. The skills learned in this course allow you to take up the job roles of QA engineer, Automation test engineers, etc.

To further enrich your skills, you can take up the following courses as the next step to learning Selenium testing course:

Why LearnVern for Selenium Automation Testing Course

At LearnVern, the best trainers design the course to impart complete learning. They have designed the Selenium Automation Testing Tutorial with lots of practical demos to give clarity on the testing process. Such comprehensive design ensures better learning and career-readiness.

You get 7+ hours of video tutorial and about 64 articles with full lifetime access to learning with ease and select pace. The tutorial is available for revisiting to practice as per your learning pace. You also get a discussion board to post queries and get all doubts cleared.

You can join the LearnVern Selenium Automation Testing Course on your iOS and Android devices and study it at your pace. This course is available in Hindi to break language barriers. Also, it is offered for FREE to make skill-building affordable for all.

At the end of the course, you can get the National Skill Development Certificate by paying a nominal fee. It is the best recognition for your skills as a Selenium automation testing expert.

Enroll to the course at LearnVern using your mobile devices and TV and build the skill needed for that hike in salary or promotion you have needed for a long time.

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  • Manual Tester
  • Software Tester
  • Quality Assurance
  • Application Tester
  • Software Test Engineer

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Basic knowledge of HTML and Java helps learn Selenium automated testing tutorials at LearnVern. To learn online, you need a computer with a stable internet connection.

  • Industry-relevant courses to get that job, salary package or post you want
  • Best trainers that design courses for practical training
  • Courses available on mobile devices and computers to download and study at a chosen pace

The basic knowledge of coding, databases and SQL is required for the Selenium Automation Course. Since Selenium is a web application testing framework, it is meant for the candidates who want to move to testers’ posts from programming.

The Selenium Testing Course is an online training program where you can learn all processes involved in the web application testing. At LearnVern, this course is available in the form of a tutorial and trains you on using the Selenium framework for professional testing of web applications.

Students with the knowledge of SQL, Databases and programming can learn Selenium automation testing courses easily. This course is also suitable for the aspirants who want to understand and learn the fundamentals of Selenium testing.

LearnVern offers the best Selenium Testing Course in Hindi to help you if you find English instructions difficult to understand. You can enroll to LearnVern’s course on your mobile devices, computers and TV. The tutorial is designed to offer self-paced learning. You can revisit any part of the tutorial as many times to attain perfection. Along with the tutorial, you get the articles to read and exercises to solve to check the skills learned from it. You also have the option for buying the National Skill Development Certificate at a nominal charge on completing the course.

You need to understand the framework types such as keyword-driven, profile-driven, hybrid-driven etc. to learn how to perform Selenium testing as a beginner. The Selenium Testing Course takes you to each step of the processes involved. So, you can use the course as a guide to learn how to test web applications completely.

Selenium is in high demand and is preferred by the top tech companies such as Google, Thoughtworks, etc. This skill can help you have pay packages of up to 30 lakhs annually. Testing is a skill that is needed by all companies; hence, you will never run out of work on learning it. All these points make Selenium a good career option.

Selenium is not tough to learn if you have prior exposure to programming, databases and SQL. Since it is an expert level skill, you must do some programming work and attain required experience to put Selenium to use.

The knowledge of some portions of Java may help you learn Selenium automation testing courses easily. If you are from a non-tech background, but know Java, C++, Ruby or Python, you can learn Selenium too.

You can learn Selenium testing online by joining LearnVern’s tutorial. This tutorial is available in Hindi, covers all aspects of Selenium testing and is 100% FREE. The trainers have explained all concepts through practical demos to impart better clarity. You also get exercises to test your Selenium skills on joining the course. All course material is available for full lifetime access.

Selenium Automation Testing Course

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