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How to Set up Facebook Business Account?

Understanding Facebook Algorithm for Content Marketing

Till now we have seen that how Facebook is number one platform for Business to Customer marketing. In this video we are going to see & understand the Facebook algorithm in order to grow our Facebook page organically.

Facebook is one of the biggest Content rich platform on which Images, Videos, & GIF files are in very large numbers.

Algorithm of Facebook :
- Whenever we post a new Content on our Facebook page, the Facebook platform shows that content to 1% or 5% of our audience first, and if that audience is interacting and engaging in a proper way then only that content is further distributed to other remaining audience & hence sometimes get viral.
- We should always create multiple contents and proper content in order to engage with our audience. If our Content is good and engaging then only it will reflect in our audiences feed otherwise there are many ongoing contents which are better than ours.

The three important parameters of Facebook Engagements are :
- Like (user will click on like button if if he/she enjoyed the content provided)
- Comment (commenting helps FB algorithm to understand the content better & hence rank higher)
- Share (allows users to connect with other people in order to show the shared content)

A product or service is ready to sale only if first the concept of the product is sold & understood by the customers. That's why we use Facebook Funnel approach for Business management.

First thing which we should always remember while creating content on Facebook with Marketing purpose is that we will never directly ask our audience to buy the product. We will first develop a trustworthy relationship with our audience & then after only we'll recommend our products or services. This will not only help us generate sale but also our audience will be loyal to us & engage with us more than before. That's why building relationship in Social Media Marketing is very crucial.

Digital Marketing Sales Funnel :
- Awareness : Utilise platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, and Google to reach out to your targeted audience with interesting content to attract cold leads.
- Interest : If audience is interested in our product or services we can provide them with a free PDF or ebook or tutorial which can help to solve their problem or answer their queries.
- Desire : By giving us their credentials like email they have shown interest in our brand.
- Action : This is the time to close the deal and have audience purchase our product with full trust.


A Facebook Business Page, like Facebook profiles and groups, can be created and used for free, regardless of how many followers or likes you have. Even if you pay for Facebook Ads, the organic components of your Facebook Business Page are free of charge.

If you don't want to create a personal profile on Facebook, you can create a business account, which is designed for people who wish to manage adverts and pages without creating a personal profile. Personal profiles have limited access to business profiles and are unable to communicate with them without utilising a page.

No, you can't build a company page on Facebook unless it's linked to a personal profile. An admin, or person who manages the page, is required for any company page.

People do not need your permission to visit your business page; anyone can see it. Fans are people who like your page and will see your company postings on their NewsFeed.

For business purposes, do not use your current personal Facebook profile or create a new personal profile. Using a profile for commercial or promotional purposes is against Facebook's regulations, and doing so may not only annoy your friends, but it may also result in your account being deleted.

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