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LearnVern’s Customer ServiceOnline Course Can Boost Your Career

Whether you are a B2B, or a B2C, manufacturing, FMCG or a service company, you need to understand Customer Service benefits and design tailor-made solutions for them. Also, their satisfaction is your source of more earnings as a satisfied customer is loyal and a repeat customer too. Handling all these affairs alone is not possible for a company owner. That is why, there is a dedicated customer service department catering to customer queries, grievances and also for relationship enrichment. Learnvern Customer Service program is fit for learners of all types and offers complete know-how of how to keep customers engaged and deepen the relationship further.

Job roles you can take on completing Customer Service online course

The customer service sector has jobs right from entry-level to middle and upper management. It is an important vertical in organizations and there are several prominent roles waiting for you at the other side of the course. You can be absorbed in a BPO, as a front desk executive, a team supervisor, a customer relationship officer or a head depending upon your skills and experience. According to the sector chosen, you can find job opportunities that pay well.

Some of the job roles with a handsome pay structures for which you can qualify after completing Learnvern Customer Service Training Online are mentioned below. The average annual salaries for various roles are:

  • Customer onboarding specialist: Rs. 7.5 lakhs approx.
  • Customer success associate: Rs. 6 lakhs approx.
  • Customer success specialist: Rs. 5-8 lakhs approx.
  • Customer success manager: Rs. 8.5 – 10 lakhs approx.
  • Sr. Customer Success Manager: Rs. 7 – Rs 38 lakhs approx.
  • Customer engagement specialist: Rs. 4.5 lakhs approx.

Thus, you can attain an impressive hike in salary and role of good reputation in companies with Customer Success roles.

What Learnvern Customer Service Online Course Covers

Learnvern Customer Service online course traverses you through all technicalities of customer onboarding and engagement, and relationship development. This online course is designed to help learners hone their skills in providing customers the ultimate solutions that make the latters’ life easier with the help of the product or service’s features. As a Customer Service specialist, your job is to offer the product or service as a solution to the customers’ problems and improve their quality of life as a result. Customer success checklist comprises:

  • Customer relationship lifecycle starting from purchase to repeat orders
  • Methodology of creating product need to measuring and cashing on customer satisfaction
  • Client management with relationship enhancement in focus
  • Customer behavior and selling habits
  • Ways to reduce product or service abandonment or reduce customer churn

Who can take up Learnvern Customer Service Course?

If you have a basic understanding of sales and marketing, you can enrich your skill pool with Customer Service online course from Learnvern. Service providers, especially, thrive on their customer retention ability and robust acquisition plans. These become possible to achieve when you know how to reach customers, engage them and understand the scope of relationships.

You can improve your skills and build a better career plan for yourself if you are working as:

  • Sales and marketing professional
  • Customer relationship manager
  • Customer care executives
  • Brand reputation management professionals
  • Business owner

Industries demand a multitude of specialized skills in candidates. There are different departments that cohesively work to deliver exceptional customer experience. College graduates, customer experience management professionals, and marketing & promotions professionals can benefit from the online Customer Service course from Learnvern.

Best certifications for Customer Service manager

Automation in all business processes has become a natural calling for digital transformed entities. Learnvern certification course prepares you to employ customer relationship management as a SaaS solution in the corporate setting. The course covers a multitude of topics that can familiarize candidates with the automation of customer lifecycle process.

The course encapsulates all relevant modules dedicated to training the candidates on Customer Service processes. Important modules of the course are:

  • Understanding of New Business vs. Traditional Businesses
  • Laws of Customer Success – 1 to 10
  • Customer onboarding, education & adoption
  • Value realization, renewals and expansion
  • Basic terminologies like customer life cycle value and churn
  • Annual recurring revenue; upsell-cross sell
  • Customer health score & QBR, and
  • Career in Customer Service

All these modules impart the requisite skills to candidates. Trained students can apply their knowledge and practical skills in offering workable solutions to companies. Businesses that aim at creating the best customer experience and earn recommendations as well look for such client servicing specialists and offer handsome pay package. 

Further scope of Customer Service training course

Customer Service training online course allows you to move from representatives’ level to strategists’ roles. The course can help you rise above the horde of representatives and employ your strategizing skills to retain and deepen customer relationships. Candidates can take leap from their present job roles and move to become:

  • VP marketing or customer service
  • Relationship manager 
  • Client service heads
  • Marketing heads
  • Sr. manager Customer Success, etc.

Learning Customer Service Benefits can also be useful in becoming guest lecturers in business administration colleges. This training proves useful in qualifying for promotions, and also, strengthens start-up owners and business owners allowing them to extract the best benefits of customers’ inclination towards and involvement in their offering.

Why LearnVern for Learning Customer Service Course?

Learnvern’s USP lies in offering Customer Service and other courses in the vernacular languages of India. You need not be proficient in English to be the part of these courses. This online edtech venture is recognized by Skills India initiative and helps upskill your talents in the way industries prefer.

The course does not adopt a superficial approach and strengthens the candidates to the core. This course is designed in a self-paced manner so that people need not leave their present occupations to complete it. Also, there are self-assessment tests, discussion support and online tutoring provided for gauging the progress and clearing doubts, if any.

LearnVern offers this resource-enriched training course online for free. This course offers about 3+ hours long video tutorials, numerous downloadable materials, Customer Service expert interview questions and mock tests. Thus, students can self-study or learn from the experts as per the availability of time and learning needs. The course is available on the device of your choice. All you need is a Learnvern login to access the course. Availability of the course offline and also in the form of app helps overcome constraints like internet connectivity and geographical barriers. 

Learnvern Customer Service program is 100% free. It provides practical insights to the topic and prepares the candidates for better job roles available in the market. The material provided is self-explanatory in nature and developed by industry experts. Learners can have customized study plan to suit their schedules. Projects and assignments allow learners to test proficiency and add more efforts in the areas as needed.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Customer Service
  • Customer service Executive
  • Customer Service Associate
  • Customer Service Assistant
  • Customer Experience Executive

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The Customer Service course requires candidates to have basic understanding of computer-related skills and have decent mobile connectivity to be able to join the course. One can pursue this course along with their graduation program as well.

LearnVern offers the best teaching guide and tutorial in the industry that helps you master Customer Service skill. We offer courses in Hindi and other vernacular languages; hence, you can overcome the language barrier and learn through this program easily. The certification is approved by the National Skills Development Corporation of Govt. of India and hence, helps you become a certified Customer Service professional. 


Learnvern provides a detailed insight into Customer Success. It is an off-shoot of customer relationship with more automated format imparted to this department. The modules of Learnvern are designed to offer understanding of how modern organizations work. It also helps understand how customer relationship management and Customer Success management differ. This course offers suitable learning of the process and teaches strategizing part of customer relationship management.

This course is ideally tailored for sales and marketing professionals. The field representatives who want to move to strategy and planning jobs, and want to employ their field knowledge into planning Customer Success journey are the right candidates for the course. This course can be done by graduates, too, who can be absorbed at junior and management level in sales and customer service departments in companies.

Learnvern offers a complete knowledge of how customer service affects the success of the organization. It introduces to the difference in new and traditional approaches of companies. Further, it deepens understanding of basic processes like customer onboarding, providing adoption support, and so on. The technical aspects like knowledge of basic terminology such as ARR, CLV, churn, customer health score, QBR and EBR, etc. are taught in easy way in this online training program. Imparting both technical and operational skills are the basic objectives of Learnvern program.

This Learnvern course is designed in a self-paced manner. This learning program is suitable for the job holders, and even to those who want to know how to get into Customer Success. The offline course modules allow students to access these anywhere, anytime. With the help of self-assessment activities, projects and lecture videos, the learners can enrich their skills and keep earning as well.

Learnvern online skills development courses are designed to meet learning needs of Indian students, entrepreneurs and job holders proficient in various regional languages. Easy to understand language used as instruction medium attracts better participation and offers skills-development comfort to all language speakers. So, break the language barriers and embrace skills with Learnvern online skills development courses.

Customer Service, Customer Support and Customer Experience

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