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How To Create Attractive Video Content?

We have seen the importance of content in blogging & website—the same way content matters in the video description. Useful content will impact the user to watch the full video. So let’s see how to create attractive & effective content. 

Apart from the necessity of content for websites, articles, SEO, user engagement also matters. In video marketing, content plays a significant role in growing user engagement. Ask yourself which type of video you watch, what attracts you in the video, what made you click that particular video. Observe results and apply that things in your video content. 

Tips for effective video content:

  • Video content should be appealing to viewers. 
  • Design content in story format than direct sales speech. 
  • Your content should centre on a story and not the sale. 
  • Make the first few seconds of the video the best. 
  • Catch your audience’s attention using an attractive thumbnail. 
  • Decide whether you want to keep sound in a story or not. 
  • Make sure to show beautiful visuals. 
  • Avoid heavy text descriptions. 
  • Use tags for optimizing a search. 
  • If possible, use high definition camera. For better results, use lights & stands. 
  • Add CTA like subscribe to our channel, share video with your friends, comment on this video, check out our other videos, etc.
  • Add cards at the end of the video.
  • For optimizing search: use keywords in the title, add a description, and collaborate with brands/influencers.
  • Try to link the current topic with the previous video.
  • Refer to YouTube playbook for content briefing

The need for video marketing is to create content that is unique, product-related, and attractive. So use the tips mentioned above and start creating compelling video content!



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