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How do I Start working as a Freelancer in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is itself a very big Industry today because it is highly required in today's world for any business setup or other things. Now we will look at some statistics about Freelancing and then understand that how a Digital Marketer can survive in today's competition.

Following are some statistics about Digital Marketing :
- Freelancer in india make rupees 20 lakh per year (Paypal)
- A fresher earns 2 to 3 lakh per Annum (UpGrad)
- Average salary of experienced Digital Marketing professional is 5.5 lakh
- There will be 2.5 lakh New Jobs in India by year 2022 (TOI)
- Remote working Industry is going to be of 445 billion plus US dollars in year 2023.

Some of the Top ways to Earn Good Money are listed below pointwise :
- Digital Marketer Job
- Become a freelancer
- Blogger
- Youtuber
- Influencer ( Instagram )
- Affiliate ( Amazon )
- Trainer
- Agency Owner

When we are starting our careers, our first focus is on getting a decent job & get a good headstart. Therefore below are some important things mentioned which need to keep in mind while preparing for any Digital Marketing Job interview :
- Prepare your 1 page resume [format attached]
- Prepare your - About me [Focus on your professional, academic and personal traits]
- Make your LinkedIn profile [Watch the LinkedIn marketing Video]
- Register on job portals like -,,
- Read the job description in detail before applying, if you do not have right skills do not apply
- For a telephonic round make sure are at a quiet place
- In the face-to-face round pls reach the place 10 min before
- Carry 2 copies of Resume
- Dress formally and look pleasant
- Use the steady space while talking & do not rush
- Don't look here and there, while giving answers look towards Interviewer
- Before answering the question understand the question and then answer
- If you do not know the answers of any question, be honest and say 'I don't know'
- While leaving, say thank you for your time.

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