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LearnVern’s Machine Learning is your Key to a Promising Career

Jobs in Machine Learning are expected to fetch a total of approx. $30 billion by the end of 2024. It is observed that these jobs are showing a growth rate of 40% annually. So, invest in an ML course today to carve for yourself a prolific career.

The program encompasses concepts like supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning algorithms, finding data sets, sampling methods, dimensionality reduction which are relevant in the industry for recommendation systems, prediction systems, pattern matching and others. It is one of the finest training programs available at no hidden cost and takes you to all relevant portions of this skill enabling you to rise above the competition.

Major Jobs Offered to Machine Learning Experts

What is Machine learning? It is a skill that can help you work as a freelancer or as a full-time employee in different companies across verticals. This course can be your key to breakthrough in IT companies and research agencies. After completion of this program, you can work as (expect avg annual salary as follows):

  • Machine Learning Engineer: Rs. 8, 14,400 approx.
  • Data Scientist: Rs. 7, 00, 00 – Rs. 10, 00,000 approx.
  • Software Engineer: Rs. 6, 50, 000 approx.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst 
  • Machine Learning Scientist 
  • Research Analyst/ Researcher
  • Project Incharge
  • Academics

Hence, the ML course can help you make that career jump and prepare you for easy selection by the top recruiting agencies and companies. Your knowledge of machine learning using python is sure to strengthen your career in terms of growth and offer the best opportunities. You can also carve a sustainable career graph as a freelance ML consultant with the completion of this LearnVern program.

 What the Free Machine Learning Course in Hindi Offers?

Machine Learning certification in Hindi is designed to deliver perfection in this skill. We have included a few wholesome modules that offer complete understanding and support to the Machine Learning program students, such as:

  • ML Basics and their applications
  • Data preprocessing
  • Different types of ML paradigms
  • Supervised Learning Algorithms
  • Unsupervised Learning Algorithms
  • Reinforcement Learning Algorithms
  • Dimensionality Reduction
  • Cross-Validation and Hyperparameter Tuning
  • Association rules learning and
  • Advanced trends in ML, others.

All these modules offer a crisp understanding of what is python machine learning and help you take different responsibilities at work with ease and perfection.

In addition, there are discussion hours, one-to-one classes and mock training modules included in our course. These features serve you with the right grooming tools and help you develop a practical understanding and applicability of ML in various projects, and in-house research departments in companies.

Who should take this training program?

If you have an inclination for programming and research, and want to explore their utilities further, this course is made for you! LearnVern’s Machine Learning tutorial is designed to complement the learning and upskilling needs of:

  • Software programmers
  • Research analysts
  • Data scientists
  • B.Sc. Mathematics or Statistics, and

 All learners who want a career in research, analysis and AI programming.

The work of ML is to move towards automated processes, where decisions could be taken without human intervention. ML is also used to identify trends and patterns, predict outcomes, make user recommendations, virtual assistants, online customer support, and voice recognition. You can expect a handsome salary package and top positions in highly reputed organizations once you add this Course to your repertoire of skills.

We have also kept the learning requirements of self-employed individuals in consideration while designing our courses. Once you complete the training, you can start your own venture and offer demand forecasting, expansion opportunity analysis and other services required by businesses. Also, if you are a research and math lover, and want to opt for teaching as a career, you can take this training and develop the requisite skills.

Why is the Machine Learning Course at LearnVern more industry-relevant?

Machine Learning is a skill that is applicable in both industries and academics. However, the learning requirements for both spaces may be different. That is why the ML course at LearnVern entails topics as per the learners’ requirements and work aims.

The course is made more industry-relevant with the inclusion of basic topics of machine programming. Industrial use is ensured by providing training and interactions with industry experts on this skill. Our training also caters to the needs of academicians who want to pursue a teaching career using this skill. Hence, our modules such as learning styles, data handling procedures, regression and various rules learning can make you conceptually time-forward in this field.

All the modules of the Machine Learning tutorial have been curated in a way that would enable any academician to understand ML paradigms and corresponding algorithms. It would also help to acquire skills to perform data pre-processing, carry out the sampling techniques, apply association rule mining, use dimensionality reduction, cross-validation and hyper-parameter tuning to cleanse and finesse the datasets which would be used to perform the ML algorithms. The course also houses two projects which would cream the skills of the academician and equip them for teaching the course. 

Next steps to Machine Learning Basic and Advanced Program

Our basic and advanced ML courses form a solid primer for a promising career.

On completion of this course, you become eligible for:

  • Deep learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Robotics
  • Speech processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Image Processing

If you are through with studies and want to have high yielding career transition opportunities, you can join LearnVern’s Machine Learning course and get a chance to become an ML Engineer, software programmer, Data Scientist and Business Intelligence Analyst, ML Scientist, Researcher, project Incharge, Freelancer and so on.

Why LearnVern for Machine Learning?

LearnVern’s Machine Learning tutorial is the best knowledge source designed to deliver nothing but the promise of a prolific career in engineering, programming and software designing. Our trainers are the best in the industry and have worked at responsible positions in the industrial sectors.

We offer a complete resource pool comprising around 100+ articles, numerous downloadable content for learning and about 10 hours of offline video-based tutorials. Our course delivery system emphasizes learning by sharing, and that is why, we have designed discussion forums, one-to-one interactive sessions, teaching tutorials etc. to help you with everything essential for ML.

Also, the emphasis on practical training and internship programs in industries makes our course quite practically relevant and suitable for better roles and higher pay packages.

Join LearnVern’s ML course for beginners and advanced learners today and promise yourself a top-paying career with esteemed positions in industry, academic and research fields.

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  • Data Analysts
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The Machine Learning course requires candidates to have some basic programming skills and high school level knowledge of Math. One can pursue this course along with their graduation program as well.

Learn using the best guides and online tutorial on Machine Learning. LearnVern ensures that you have complete control over your learning pace and benefit from our customized program. Our course is approved by the National Skills Development Corporation of Govt. of India and is available in regional languages along with Hindi.


Yes, we have a module fully dedicated to advanced trends in Machine Learning. Learn about ML and its latest trends that help you stay abreast with the latest industry knowledge.

Skills required for ML include regression, linear equations, basic calculus, graph distribution methods, probability, basic statistics formulas, and programming knowledge

To pursue an ML course, you must have opted for Mathematics and Statistics for a Bachelor's degree course. 

Programming basic learners, software engineers and research students can also opt for this program.

The tutorial offers a comprehensive insight into the core concepts of ML including the introduction to ML, ML and AI basics, applications and ML trends and updates, divergent ML tools and environment setup.

Yes, LearnVern’s Machine Learning Course is self-paced and offers complete offline study material support to the enrollers. Thus, you can pursue it as per your schedule.

Yes, the USP of our Machine Learning course is its availability in Hindi and other easily understandable native languages. Thus, you would have better clarity and learn with ease in the language of your choice

Complete Machine Learning Course

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