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What is Facebook Marketing?

What is Facebook Marketing?

In this video we are going to learn that how can we use Facebook as a Marketing platform & do Facebook Marketing. We will further see that how we can grow our own business or our clients business using different marketing techniques.

Why Facebook ?
- Currently world's population is 7.8 Billion, out if which only facebook has 2.8 Billion of users database. So, as it is one of the largest cyber country, it is very beneficial for marketing.
- #1 B2C Social Media Marketing platform.
- Facebook has its own unique algorithm which captures every action of the user on the basis of their interests.
- Facebook consists of 2498 Million active users. Whatsapp is also now a part of Facebook's ecosystem with 2000 Million active users. Messenger & Instagram are also owned by Facebook now with 1300 & 1000 Million active users respectively.
- 62% Internet users use Facebook
- 80 Million+ Business Pages
- 65% users are under 35 years
- 96% users use Facebook on Mobile
- Average user spend 60 Min on facebook
- 86% Digital Marketers use Facebook
- Facebook is very Budget Friendly for our business growth, and we can add our advertisements there at very cheap affordable rate. If we don't want to spend money & run our Ads, then also we have free access to create a business page of our phone and post content.
- Facebook is one of the best platform for Startups as it is #1 B2C platforms.

Now let us make one Fan page & understand the methodology.
- Firstly we will login to our Facebook profile & click on Create New Page option.
- After that we will add Page information like Page name, Multiple categories, & Description. (Side by side we will be shown the desktop/mobile preview of our page)
- After that we'll save that Information & then after add Profile picture & Cover photo for our page. We can use Canva tool for designing pictures.
- After this we will add details in About Us section. Details like category, website, & email address can be added here.

Now as we have created our Page, we will now see that what are the next steps which we should take for growing our page and reaching out wider audience.
- Firstly we will Like our Facebook page on our own & ask some of our known people/clients to Like it. Growing FB page means getting more Likes on that page.
- Now we will go to 'Share' option & share the page to our Friends/Community etc... Also we can use 'Invite Friends' option option in order to share the page.
- We can also share the URL of our page to other joined Facebook pages of ours. This will help us to reach wider audience and hence increase the chance of growing our page.

Now we will edit our Action button located nearby the profile photo. We can edit any action which we want our visitors to take like, Follow, View Gift card, Start Order, Book Now, Get Quote, Call Now, Contact Us, Send Message & etc...


Facebook marketing is a subset of digital marketing that uses social media platforms to create new customers. Facebook marketing is based on the idea that the more people engage with a brand, the more likely they are to make a purchase. It can be used for different purposes, including getting more traffic to your website, generating new leads, and increasing awareness about your brand.

Facebook marketing is done in an aim to increase brand awareness, set up a business page, post ads on the social media platform, and establish a presence on the website. To increase brand awareness, marketers need to create a Facebook page for their brands and start posting content. They may also use Facebook groups to amplify their reach and connect with their audience. Setting up a business page on Facebook can be done by filling in basic details such as company name and type of product they sell. After this is done, they can add pictures of themselves and write about themselves or what they sell using the profile section. They can also add links that will redirect their followers to other sites or profiles that are relevant to them or that might be useful to them.

Facebook marketing has many benefits which makes it a powerful tool for businesses. It helps them in reaching their customers easily, building brand awareness among target audiences, increasing website traffic and boosting customer conversions. It also allows for easy two-way communication with their audience where businesses can post status updates and share photos on the regular basis which make it easier for them to build trust with the customers who follow them on Facebook. There are many types of Facebook marketing campaigns that are usually organized by following the appropriate strategy such as paid advertising campaigns, organic campaigns.

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