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What is a backlink in SEO?

What are Backlinks in SEO

In Today's video our main topic is, 'Backlinks in SEO'. Backlinks are one of the most important factor for ranking on Google.

What are Backlinks ?
- Backlinks are those which redirect links from our own website to another website or sometimes from another website to our own website.
- In easier terms, Backlinks are Link building between two websites.
- Backlinks are Important but they are considered crucial if they are coming from High-profile website. Meaning that Backlinks coming to our website is strong or weak is totally dependent on other website's page authority, domain authority, age of that website, it's traffic volume and etc...
- Backlinks coming from relative website's are very effective. For example, if our website is about weight loss & we are getting Backlinks from mobile phones & technology website than it is of no use, but in the same case if the backlink is coming from a Nutritionist's website who is about diet & healthy food, it will have greater impact. Therefore relevancy is also an important factor.

Page Rank (PR) indicates the value of our website on the basis of incoming links. The higher number of backlinks coming to our website which are of same relevancy than the Page rank will automatically get improved. PR basically means the reliability and authority of the website on Web according to Google.
Domain Authority (DA) is the number of root domain which links from/to different pages on our website.

Following are the types of Backlinks available :
- NoFollow
- DoFollow
-> NoFollow backlinks do not pass any kind of authority from the linking page to the destination page. Therefore, according to SEO point of view NoFollow links are not that much valuable.
-> DoFollow backlinks can be linked to any page or any website by a targeted keyword as an anchor text.

We will now understand dofollow and nofollow backlinks with an experiment :
- We will go to Google and search for 'Weight Loss tips'. We'll open the first article published by ''.
- We will observe that they have provided their internal website links only within the published article. This means that it is by default NoFollow backlink.
- We can check any page's PR (page ranking) by going to ''. It is a free service to check Google page rank instantly. We will paste the page URL in the given column and then click on 'Check PR' button. As soon as we do that we will be shown the Page Authority as 71.
- The higher Page and Domain authority means good sign for the website.

Opportunities to build Backlinks mainly depends on the type of Content we are publishing. If our Content is up to mark and all other SEO factors are accurate then definately other sites will link us. Below are some ways that show that how we can build Backlinks :
- Social Media Backlinks
- Guest Blogging
- Press release
- Article Publishing
- Bio LinkedIn building
- Free Tools


A backlink is a link that points to a website from another, usually more authoritative site. For example, if I publish an article today and link to your blog post, this would be considered a backlink. The more quality links pointing to your website and the more authority the websites who are linking to you have, the higher your rankings will be in Google search results.

A backlink is a hypertext link from a website to another site. A backlink may be found within the content of the referring site or as a link on an external site. In order to rank highly in search engine result pages, it is important for your website to have as many high-quality backlinks as possible. After reading this section, I am going to write an introduction on what SEO backlinks are and how they work.

Backlinks are a website's linking to the site from other websites. A backlink is a link from another website to yours. Links from other websites to your site are important because they indirectly tell search engines that your content is relevant to readers, which can help improve your ranking in search results. This is why it’s important for bloggers and website owners to care about who links to their content and what the quality of those links are. A backlink is a link form another website that points back or 'refers' traffic to your own site.

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