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Graphic Designing with CorelDRAW tutorial prepares you for jobs in the graphic designing departments of the marketing and advertising field. 

LearnVern’s Graphic Designing with CorelDRAW tutorial comprises a technical suite tutorial that provides end-to-end guidance. It has helped thousands of students in getting high-paying jobs. The course teaches graphic designing with the use of CorelDRAW.

The tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on various features of CorelDRAW. The beginners can understand how to use text curve, photo editing, 3D text effects, and a lot more. 

It allows you to work as an independent contributor or prepare marketing materials for your business as well.

Take up this CorelDRAW tutorial for beginners as it is free of cost. It is available on your devices and can be accessed anywhere in a self-paced manner.

Best Graphic Designing with CorelDRAW Course in English

All companies, including Accenture, IBM, etc., require graphic designers. More than 3000 vacancies in the graphic designing field are available anytime at the employment portals. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the programs and software required for making templates, brochures, etc. 

Free Online Graphic Designing with CorelDRAW course at LearnVern is designed keeping the popular job requirements in mind.

The course provides beginner and Advanced CorelDRAW tutorial in English. In addition, it helps you learn skills like 3D text effect, extrude tool, photo editing, background design, etc. At the end of the course, you get an assignment and quiz to test your proficiency as well. 

Major Jobs Related to Graphic Designing with CorelDRAW

LearnVern’s Graphic Designing with CorelDRAW in English Course is designed to fill the demand of sketch artists or graphic designers in the marketing and advertising field. 

Web development companies also employ designers to create banners, infographics, pamphlets, brochures, etc. The course makes you eligible for the following jobs. It can help you have a good hike in salary; the current salary packages are:

  • Graphic Designer: Upto 2-7 lakhs per year
  • CorelDRAW Designer: Upto 2.5 – 5.5 lakhs per year
  • Sketching Artist: Upto 1.8 – 4.0 lakhs per year

Apart from the abovementioned jobs, you can also work as a freelance designer. Some companies also hire individual contributors for graphic design work. You can start a venture of your own with the acquired CorelDRAW expertise.

Be prepared for taking the big leap in your career and crack interviews for high-paying graphic designing jobs with LearnVern’s CorelDRAW Beginner Tutorial online.

What will you learn in Graphic Designing with CorelDRAW Course at LearnVern?

Graphic Designing with CorelDRAW course at LearnVern includes both beginner and advanced topics. It is a complete tutorial that offers an end-to-end working knowledge of the CorelDRAW program. The course covers:

  • CorelDRAW Introduction
  • All CorelDRAW Features
  • Extrude Tool Guide
  • 3D Text Effect
  • CorelDRAW Graphic Tutorial
  • Photo Editing Tutorials
  • Making Logos and Backgrounds, etc.

Who should be taking the CorelDRAW Course from LearnVern?

Graphic Design Tutorials in CorelDRAW at LearnVern serve the learning needs of students interested in graphic designing and sketching. Candidates who are experts in drawing sketches, creating logos, backgrounds, etc. can enhance their skills by doing the Graphic Designing with CorelDRAW tutorial. This free online course in English benefits:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Web Developers
  • Sketching Artists, etc.

What Makes LearnVern’s Graphic Designing with CorelDRAW in English Course Industry-Relevant?

LearnVern offers practical training for graphic designing tool CorelDRAW through an online free course. This course in English explains every feature of the CorelDRAW program. On completion, the students can become well-conversant with all tools needed for doing everyday assignments given in graphic designing job profiles. 

The course is activity-oriented and walks you through steps involved in making backdrops, designing logos, banners, etc. You can create your designs’ portfolio and post it on relevant platforms to get assignments as independent contributors too.

Next Steps to learn Graphic Designing with CorelDRAW Beginner Course 

Graphic Designing with CorelDRAW tutorial is a tool needed for various graphic designing assignments. You may move to the Advanced CorelDRAW tutorial on completing this basics course

The course can help you apply for better-paying jobs that require graphic designing, sketching, and CorelDRAW designing skills. Apart from doing jobs or working as a freelancer, you can also do other courses, such as:

  • Graphic Designing 
  • Web Designing
  • Maya Animation Techniques
  • Social Media Designing
  • Logo Designing, etc.

Why Choose LearnVern for Graphic Designing with CorelDRAW course?

At LearnVern, the CorelDRAW basic tutorial for beginners is designed by top-notch experts. It is an accomplished e-learning platform that contains all features needed for quick and self-paced learning. In addition, the course offers end-to-end knowledge of how to use CorelDRAW for logo designing, backdrop designing, 3D text effects, etc. 

LearnVern’s CorelDRAW design course makes students eligible for the National Skill Development Corporation certificate. It proves beneficial in job search and for establishing an independent business. 

The course encapsulates all practical knowledge required for using CorelDRAW as a designing tool at the workplace. Thus, this course makes you job-ready in the graphic designing sector.

LearnVern’s Graphic Designing with CorelDRAW tutorial for beginners can be done without losing the jobs you are doing. It can be done in one’s free time. You also get social communities to interact to clarify doubts and learn new techniques in graphic designing.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Visual Designer
  • Concept Artist
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Brand Identity Designer
  • Web Designer

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A stable internet connection is required to access the video tutorial. Basic computer awareness can help you become an expert at CorelDRAW. There is no previous design experience required.

  • LearnVern has helped more than 35,000 students to upskill their talent and get lucrative jobs.
  • It has designed tutorials in an easily understandable manner, which helps break learning barriers. Flexibility in learning is also offered by designing courses in a self-paced manner. These are available on all devices free of cost.
  • The course makes you eligible for the National Skills Development Certificate, which can benefit you in establishing a stable career.

LearnVern’s CorelDRAW gives a complete introduction to CorelDRAW. It explains how to use its various features. Also, how to apply CorelDRAW to create 3D text effects, photo-editing, logo designing, and use extrude tools, etc. are taught through a comprehensive tutorial. Hence, you get full knowledge of ‘what is CorelDRAW’ by joining this course online.

LearnVern’s course is entirely dedicated to teaching how to use CorelDRAW and its various features. The tutorial is a complete know-how resource that traverses you through every feature and shows how to apply it to create designs and effects.

The Graphic Designing with CorelDRAW tutorial at LearnVern helps understand how to make logo, or curve text and create a 3D text effect among many other things.

If you want to gain complete information about how to learn CorelDRAW, LearnVern’s online free beginner tutorial is the right resource.

LearnVern offers CorelDRAW Course free of cost! It also provides a detailed tutorial that walks you through various features and steps involved in using them. The course offers you a National Skill Development Corporation Certificate that increases your chances at a five-figure salary providing jobs. 

You need not leave your current job to do this course. It allows you to learn CorelDRAW in a self-paced manner.

LearnVern offers a completely flexible learning environment. The tutorial is available for revisiting as many times as required. You can refer to it frequently to achieve smoothness in using the CorelDRAW program. 

Since the course is available on your device, you can access it anytime.

LearnVern CorelDRAW beginner tutorial prepares you for various jobs in the graphic designing field. You can learn various easy designing techniques and become proficient in designing logos, banners, brochures, etc. It provides basic knowledge for learning advanced effects creation too.

LearnVern Graphic Designing with CorelDRAW tutorial is free of cost. It can be joined by people having basic knowledge of computers. You need an internet connection and a mobile device, and an interest in graphic designing.

The Graphic Designing with CorelDRAW tutorial offers a detailed tutorial prepared by experts. It explains how to use the CorelDRAW program for various designing jobs. 

There is a discussion board provided where students can interact with others to clear doubts and exchange knowledge.

Graphic Designing With CorelDraw in English

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