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how to set up an Ad that generates Leads and Conversions in Digital marketing

How to Set up an Ad that generates Lead & Conversions

Now in this video we are going to understand that what is Facebook Pixel by discussing some below mentioned points :
- It's a tracking code that gets installed on all pages of the website
- Don't need to manage different code for conversion & Analytics
- Even if you do not run ads, you can still use Facebook pixel code
- You can get better conversion from pixel code from website traffic by creating custom audience
- Using Facebook Pixel you can create a lookalike audience & custom conversions
- Lookalike audience will perform better if Facebook pixel has served 1000 times (Never make Lookalike audience on the basis of small viewers, try to atleast reach 1000 people and then take the step)

The below mentioned points will help us in understanding Custom Conversions in better way :
- Custom Conversions are based on FB Pixel, without Pixel you can not create custom conversion
- Custom conversion are important for conversion optimized ads
- Custom conversion tracks users action beyond the click and what happens on landing page

One of the most important part in Facebook ads is there Ad copies. So we will see in different points that what are those things which can make High Converting Ad Copies :
- After getting the target audience right, the most Important thing with Facebook Ads is getting the right ad copy
- Many people create Ads as looks like ads, which make them as Facebook post
- Make Facebook Ads as facebook posts
- Write short sentences and talk directly. Goal is to get user attention
- The best performing ads are the one that create value

What are Facebook Ad Image ? Let's understand them by seeing the below mentioned points :
- Facebook is a visual media, a good ads give you more CTR
- You can run multiple image ad and test the performance
- Multiple ads in same ad set, Facebook will run most performing ad
- When you run FB ads, you can run same ad on Instagram. So while choosing the image, make sure you pick the right size
- You can use the stock image from FB library of stock images.
- Otherwise, you can also make custom images too.

Landing pages are one of the most important factor which we should always keep in mind, because that is the only thing where an user mostly interacts, or where sometimes an user provide us certain information. So following points are the things which we should always keep in mind while Creating landing pages that Convert :
- Do not run ads on home page of website or eCommerce store
- Never run the conversion ads to home page, conversion will be low
- Best kind of landing pages are lead Gen pages or Sales pages
- For brand new ads always use LeadGen pages so that you can capture name, email etc...
- For Audience in your email list, use the conversion campaign and run sales ads

So hence, Facebook ads are very effective and it can boom any Business in very short period of time. Facebook Business Manager provides varieties of ads option which can help us in every different aspect of our business. We can run our Ads for every different kind of audience like Parents of new born babies, Newly wedded couple, recently graduated students etc...


Local SEO at its most basic:

  • Claim and optimise your free Google My Business directory listing.
  • Frequently update your website/blog with new information.
  • Guest post on websites that are relevant to your industry.
  • Participate in social media.
  • Make use of paid search ads.
  • Make use of social media ads.

  • Make a goal for yourself. Select the blue Promote button from your Page.
  • Make a name for your form.
  • Make your form unique.
  • Choose a creative for your ad.
  • Choose a Call to Action.
  • Select your target audience.
  • Decide on a budget and a time frame.
  • Submit your classified ad.

The Four Stages of a Successful Lead Generation Process:

  • Is to become aware of the lead. This stage is all about how prospects learn about a company and its offers.
  • Take the lead in education. Once you've established lead awareness, you'll need to establish trust in your products, services, solutions, and expertise.
  • Sampling for lead.
  • Conversion of leads.

Lead generation, or the marketing activity of generating and capturing interest in a product or service in order to establish a sales pipeline, allows businesses to nurture leads until they're ready to buy.

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