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How to use Facebook for Business Marketing?

How to use Facebook for Business Marketing?

In this video we are going to learn that how we can use Facebook as a Business Marketing platform and achieve the desired goals. In any type of marketing 'Goal setting' is one of the important aspect which we all should focus on.

Aspects of Goal Settings :
- Where are you now? (means that how much time since we have created our Facebook page, or are we just a newbie and have created the page few days before)
- What is working for you? (means which are the post strategies that are working for us and we are reaching to our targeted audience)
- Do you have Logo? (creating a accurate related Logo is one of the important factor for Business Marketing because it is the thing which represents our brand's first impression)
- Have you made correct branding with Slogan? (similarly like a logo, a good slogan is also required according to Business point of view for our Facebook page)

To look at our Competitors & observe what they are doing and achieving page growth is know as Competitive Analysis. So now to check who is our competiton & to unfold their strategies we will use a professional tool named 'SpyFu'.
- We will go to '' & enter our keyword or website (if owned).
- As soon as we do that, we'll see the reports coming & as we scroll down we will be able to see the 'Competiton' section where we can see who are our Organic competitors.

Now to check the Audience's insights, we will use Facebook's built 'Facebook Audience Insight' tool. We can access this tool with our Facebook Ad Manager account.
- We will create our Audience by providing our targeted Location, Age & Gender.
- After that we will add our Interests & thereafter see the report.
- As we have provided everything, we will be shown the Age & Gender report. Seeing those reports we can now strategize & target the higher engaging audience group.
- Facebook Insight tool will also show the relationship status & Education level of our audience.

Now to do research of our Business related Competitors, we can go to their Social Media pages & check that which type of audiences or followers are engaging with them and what kind of content they are publishing. For example, we will check Facebook page of Ola Cabs and read comments on their latest posts & observe that which kind of audience are interacting there.

While researching our competitors social media pages, we can see that there are many users with negative comments ie. they are not impressed with the service of that business. So like this, we can observe the problem and correct it in our Business.

The next step in Facebook Business Marketing is building Customer Persona ie. Customer Avatar Worksheet. It is an hypothetical customer's impression which we are making on the basis of our research and observations that what should be the Goals & Values which we should focus on, or other sources of information. Also we should focus on possible objectives & roles with challenges the customers face. Always we need to take care of the Pain points of our customer in order to run a good business.

A Facebook page can also rank on Google Search Engine. So if we are providing certain type of services which can rank on Google & Facebook pages both, it can be very beneficial for our Business. It will mainly help us understand that on which particular Keyword people are searching us.

Now we will see that how we can drive traffic from Google search to our Facebook page :
- We will first search for 'Ferns n petals' on Google and then will see that the Facebook page and Instagram page of that particular Business is also ranking by which it can easily drive traffic to all its Social Medias.

We can also edit the page information which we have added while creating our Facebook page. It can be beneficial if we can add our searched keyword in our Facebook page name. For that we will go to Edit Page information section & add new Name if we want to change. Similarly we can change the username but just for once. After changing the information their us no going back, so we need to correct it wisely.

In the description section of our Facebook page, we can add our targeted keyword which can be very useful for ranking factor. Further, we can also add multiple categories in order to correctly characterise our page according to Facebook's algorithm.

Similarly we can also edit and add some of the additional information regarding our products or services which we provide and other related things.


Social media is a great way to interact with your customers, build your brand, and grow your business. Facebook has the largest audience of any social media platform which makes it an ideal place to promote your brand. There are many ways to use Facebook to promote your business including boosting posts, creating live videos, targeting ads with specific audiences and pages creating groups and events creating a personal account for customer service or responding to comments on your company's page. "If you want people talking about you on Facebook, make sure they have something good to say."

Facebook advertising is a relatively inexpensive and easy way to make use of Facebook’s targeting tools to reach the right customers. The easiest way to start with Facebook Advertising is by targeting those who like your page or those who have engaged with your content. But, you can also target people based on their demographics, interests, behaviors and more specific criteria. This allows you to pinpoint your target audience which will increase the likelihood of conversion. You can create ads for any product or service you offer, so if you are trying to attract new customers, just create an ad that talks about what you have to offer!

There are a few options that you can try to advertise on Facebook without paying. 1) Facebook Ads Manager: The first option is to use Facebook’s Ads Manager. However, you will need a budget in order to do so. 2) Sponsored Posts: You can also use sponsored posts as a way to advertise your content on Facebook without having to pay for it. 3) Promotions: Promotions are another way that you can advertise without paying money, but they require work and need a lot of planning before they go live, which makes them less convenient for people who don't have the time or expertise necessary.

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