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What does Google Search Console do?

What does Google Search Console do?

In our today's video, Topic is 'Google Search Console' which is also known as Google Webmaster Tool. We can monitor our Website using this tool.

Google Search Console or Webmaster Tool is a Administrative Tool which will help us understand the SEO Health of our site. It also helps us to track the Performance of our website based on the searches coming from Google.

If one is learning SEO then Google Search Console is the must learn Tool which can help in building website in very proper manner & track it's performance.

First thing which we need to do is verify our website on Google Search Console. For that, procedure is very simple. We just need to go to Google Search Console tool and add our website and there & wait for the verification of our website.

We'll go to Google Search Console and click on Add New Property & by selecting URL prefix as it's type. Next, we will be given a HTML file to download & then further upload it to our Hosting's panel (File Manager) on Hostinger. And as soon as we have uploaded the that file, we will now go back to Google Search Console and click on 'Verify' button.

Google Search Console will show us the Performance overview of our website and also the Coverage & Enhancements of our website in dailywise manner.

Google Search Console is mainly used to check the Total clicks, Total Impressions & Avergae CTR and position of our website. We can also Filter the number of days ie. Date records like last 6 months, last 3 months & etc...

Hence we have seen that what is Google Search Console and How to verify our website in it with HTML file procedure. Also we saw that how to use the data.


Google Search Console is a free service provided by Google to Webmasters and site owners that lets you see the search queries that Googlebot crawls on your site. You can then use this information to optimize your content, Web pages, ads, and so on. The best way to know what the Googlebot sees on your site is by using Google Search Console's crawling data. If you have a WordPress blog, for example, you can install the All in One SEO Pack plugin and run a quick crawl with it to find out how it crawls your pages. This will give you an overview of all URLs that are crawled by the bot and whether they're indexable or not. This plugin also lets you see which keywords are used in URLs or meta tags for each page.

Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, is a service of Google which offers many tools for webmasters. It is designed to help them see the performance of their sites on Google Search and get insight into how Google crawls and renders their pages. Google Search Console offers many features that are of use to SEOs. These include: - Tools for monitoring site crawling errors, malware issues, and HTTP status codes; - Site configuration features including Sitemaps; - The ability to pause or resume indexing of your site; - A Sitemap generator that ensures that all pages on your website are searchable; - The ability to submit new URLs to be crawled by Googlebot.

Google Search Console is the best way for you to see how your site is performing on Google. It can identify any kind of errors with your site like crawling errors, page errors, and malware. These are all problems you will need to fix if you want to rank higher. Google Search Console is an essential tool for improving your search engine rankings because it will show you what Google sees when they crawl the pages on your site. It can identify any kind of errors with your site like crawling errors, page errors, and malware. These are all problems that must be fixed in order to rank higher on search engines like Google.

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