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If you are thinking about learning PHP, you will not find a better PHP tutorial. The PHP course at LearnVern includes the Basics of PHP with theory and practical examples and real life examples of things that a PHP developer faces in Real Live Project Development. The best part of the PHP Training at LearnVern is that it is taught in your own language. The course starts with an introduction of PHP, and goes ahead and explains the most important topics in PHP like arrays, sessions, include, functions, forms, variables, class. Not only is every topic explained in detail but also includes the How and why of implementing the PHP code.

Future of PHP and Job Market

PHP is a free, open source and extremely popular language, Both Large and small companies like Facebook, Wikipedia use PHP. Because of its popularity and features a huge number of PHP Jobs are available across the world.

Certifications in PHP

Though there are no official PHP Certifications available but the content includes everything that you would require to crack any PHP Interview.

Upon Completion of the PHP course

By the time you are done with your course you will be

1) Code in PHP

2) Able to develop and Design the best looking PHP applications and Web sites.

3) Gain a solid understanding of PHP to learn advance topics in PHP or learn CMS (Content Management Systems) like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Wordpress

4) Work on a real live project in PHP

Requirements to Learn PHP course

1) You will need a basic understanding of C, C++ (Link to the course)

2) Computer with Compiler to practise the learnings and exercises assigned to you

Who can take this course

1) Experienced - You are working in the industry and want to learn PHP

2) Freshers - You are in College and want to learn it to build a career

3) Business - You are planning to start a technology related business and want to know the technology

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76 rating
Tech And Ethical hacker
Harshit Patel
good enough to learn php
Mradul Raj Amrute
Very nice teaching
Sami Giri
thank you for providing such course
Bikal Adhikari
Ajay Mahadik
Nice to learn all concept
Fazal Ur REhman
This is best opportunity for learning.
gawdae ashok hiraga
Nice One course
amrendra kumar
the best platform to another platform, a good teacher and better understanding power.
fawzan Pathan
Simple and fast
Quite good experience..
gayatri Sanjay Tiwade
1 st session is very nice
basharat ali
Very Nice course and very helpful
Manorajan Sahoo
I am satisfy this teaching
Aayush Vijayan
Very helpful
Bilal Asghar
how to define varible in form? which had to be specified in form show records.
Thank you for LearnVern to get a great opportunity to Learn php.
nice and fantastic lecture
MD Sabilur Rahman
S Sahitya
very helpful
Farhan Alam
awesome tutorial.and your teaching style is very good
It's great way to tech
Souvick Paul
Prativas Basu
The content is understandable to all
All contents and example are best and topics. All contents arranged in simple and understanding manner.
vaishnavi varshney
learned alot
Nagendra Chauhan
Awesome website and tutor
Rizwan Ali
Excellent...!!! can't imagine that such a quality education one can find for free.
Jake Jake
Pankaj Kumar
Wonderful and awesome creation by LearnVern. We appreciate that we have such kinds of website who are proving free session about Technology and that is beautiful method and course content . I am completely satisfied ..Hats of Team LearnVern ...Thanks a lot gor great contribution
In hindi language i can easily under stand
Tani Brown
Good and Excellent
Vishwajeet Deulkar Vishwajeet Deulkar
Above course for core php is explained in simple and clear way. It is good for begginer one only.
tavhare kisan
Anamika Kadikar
I am MCA student. But started MCA after so its very hard for me..But learntvern make it easy .. Please add python tutorials also Thank
Vasant Namdeo Dhatrak
Great Collection Of Examples
Maulik G Rajpara
thank you for easily and step by step topics.
Varun Arora
Grt course
arpit ktyr
great site for learning..
chaitanya ashok Tembe
incredible .....!!!!
Pradeep Mali
mariam rashid
Please descibe in depth
Shivangi Sharma
core php videos lactures is amazing . i get lots of knowledge these lessons.
Desai Ramesh
This is the best course for beginner. You learn many more from thi scourse.
Habiba Akter
very easy to learning
shaam malhi
learning source in free
Ashutosh Sharma
Course list are misplaced. videos says next chapter xxx list says next chapter yyy Test this course again i found more than 10 bugs. I emailed you at but you guyzz didn't reply
Amit raj
1) difference between echo and print is not clear need some more example. need to explain print take one argument or return value of 1. 2) Data types also not explained properly need some more example specially in float, null and resource type. 3) operators need some more focus.
Shivam Shakya
guys you r doing great job but plz add some more topic in php.
Deep Kumar Pal
Its a good and easy way to learn PHP and it is in Hindi dub so it helps to understand a lot. Thank You #LearnVern
Deep Kumar Pal
Its a good and easy way to learn PHP and it is in Hindi dub so it helps to understand a lot. Thank You #LearnVern
Namrata Navare
Awesome Tutorials..
Yuvraj Singh
Awesome tutorials to learn.
preety preety
nice course including mind storming quizzes
Daniyalali55555 Ali
explanation is superb
YOuth TAlent
best course
Moaaz Masood Khokhar
One of the best website it is and beneficial for the beginners, lectures and concepts are easy to understand.
Deepak Deepak
this course is too good for beginner level and everything is described very clearly
Course is very well and conceptual..I learn more things on core php which help my project...
vinod vinod
Before the learning php ,I do't know what is php but after that I have very good knowledge about php. This course is very good .
the contents and whatever they explain are superb
Amol Amol
Best tutorial for beginners..examples are very useful to very short time we can learn this course...
Anubhav Agarwal
Superb course to start learning the php programming basics
great to start basic learning of PHP course from learnvern.
course gives a comprehensive review of every topic and is very easy to understand
PHP is very simple because i got LearnVern......
kaushil gajjar
This is very useful course who want to learn PHP or who don't have a time to go and learn.examples and explanation is very understanding.good job Learnvern.
Nice explanation in this course and easily understand to every topic
Chirag R Pandya
Course is Very easily understand and easily learning for mobile any time any place.
Piyush Sharma
This course very easy to learn and nice explanation all topics
Arpit Vyas
It was very easy learning the course as the examples make us understand the concepts in the shortest span.
Like the guidance provided by the video tutorials. Extremely good to start learning php language. Thanx Learnvern...
Its very good and everything explain with example
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