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How Affiliate Marketing works

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

In all kind of businesses, affiliated marketing is essential. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing. In this type of marketing, the business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

How does it work? Affiliate puts your ad on their site; customer clicks and converts through it. The business person tracks the conversions. The affiliate gets a commission, and the business person gets a sale! Now you must wonder how companies track the record of who is sending the traffic & making the sales. The answer is a tracking URL. This URL is used to keep track of all the traffic and sales. 

Affiliated Marketing FAQ :

  • Is affiliate marketing harmful or illegal?

-No, it is not. It allows you to link particular products and services, and in turn, you get paid for every click or purchase.

  • Affiliate marketing and AdSense: Can we use both?

-Yes! In fact, the affiliate market will bring you better results compared to AdSense

  • How do I find an affiliate link for any product?

-There are so many websites that provide affiliate marketing. You have to do formalities, and you can promote your products in the affiliate market.

  • How do I find new products to promote?

-In the video, you will provide so many free websites that offer free services for promoting products.

  • Is it important to have a blog for affiliate promotion?

-No. It is not required & important, but if you wish to make, it is okay to have a blog, too.

  • How much money can one make from affiliate marketing?

- This question cannot answer the exact amount, but affiliate marketing requires less money than you invest in ad campaigns and other promotional activity. 

  • How much does it cost to join an affiliate program?

-It’s free. Only when affiliates generate leads & purchase for a company, a company should pay to it. 

Here three sites are listed - couponzGuru, CouponDunia, freekamaal. These sites redirect you to a particular site using coupons. This is also an affiliated marketing example. This way, you can generate more traffic for your site.

In affiliated marketing, you will get maximum results with less marketing efforts and cost. So plan for your affiliated marketing for your products and services. 


In the online market, affiliate marketing is a way of generating revenue for a website by providing links to products and services on the site. Affiliate marketing is not new. It has been around for more than 20 years and still continues to grow. In this process of generating revenue, affiliates are paid a percentage of each sale made through their links. Affiliates can also get paid by providing their own content on the internet where they have been asked to promote a product or service from an affiliate site.

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where the merchant will share the commission with its affiliate, who then promotes the merchant's product or service. In affiliate marketing, merchants will provide a commission to an individual to promote their products and services. In this case, affiliates are referred to as "publishers." The publisher agrees to receive compensation for directing customers to a website or other platform that offers the product or service they promote. The compensation may be in the form of cash, merchandise, or other forms of reward depending on what is agreed upon by both parties and if there are any special offers made by the merchant.

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which one company (the "affiliate") earns a commission for promoting another company's product. The affiliate usually earns a commission when the product is sold by the merchant, not when the customer buys it. The affiliate does not have to be in business or selling anything, and may earn commissions from just one deal. Affiliates are often drawn to promoting products that they already use and like best because they're familiar with them and know how to make them work for their audiences. Bidvertiser is one of the most popular affiliate networks on the internet with over 1 billion visitors per month and over 12 million affiliates worldwide.

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