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How is linkedin used for Marketing?

How is LinkedIn use for Marketing

In this video we will learn that what is LinkedIn Marketing & what are the factors which make LinkedIn a special platform different than others.

Why LinkedIn ?
- #1 B2B Marketing platform
- #1 Lead generation platform
- 700 million+ user and 40% active monthly
- 30 million+ companies are on LinkedIn
- 40% users are senior executive & decision makers

LinkedIn is largest Professional Networking Site in the world. Here are many different professionals with business mindset who are in search for people to grow their own business.

People using this platform has more purchasing power ie. they can spent more money for their fulfillment. Here on this platform you will see only decision makers whose only target is to grow their business with hook or crook.

If you want to have Organic growth of your profile then using LinkedIn you can connect to various different people around & build a strong permanent network. Also, we'll have a high Social Awareness because many users write there about the trends & on-going projects.

Types of LinkedIn accounts available :
First, Free & Basic account
& Second, Premium accounts
- Some of the Premium accounts are as follows :
• Premium Business
• Sales Navigator
• Premium Career
• Recruiter Lite
• LinkedIn learning (every type of courses are available here of any field like course for Java, php, python, digital marketing, data science etc...)

Some facts which are related to LinkedIn platform :
- Students, Professionals, Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultants, & Recruiters can use LinkedIn platform for their own betterment.
- More than 95% Recruiters use LinkedIn on daily basis as they are in search for their desired job and are always hunting for Business Professionals.
- 94% B2B Marketers use LinkedIn as Content Distribution channel as we can directly reach to our targeted audience & decision makers.
- Less than 1% people create content regularly

We'll see that how LinkedIn Growth System works :
- The basic step is Optimize ie. Profile Optimization.
- Second stage is 'Discovery/Searchability'.
- Third stage is 'Connect'. On LinkedIn building relationship is very important aspect and for that we need to connect to each other with a common touch point.
- Next stage is Building Relationship. Only connecting to the audience and not discussing on any particular aspect is not the right way to build relationship. Always try to get in touch & discuss different related things.
- The final stage is 'Convert'.

Only focusing on Business and not on Growth is not the correct way. So for that we will focus on connecting with potential clients and business focus profiles which are good for Lead Generation. Also focus on connecting super active people to build community.

Before defining your TG we should always keep in mind the following things :
- Size of company
- Language
- Location
- Designation
- Job Profile
- Industry


  • LinkedIn's Publishing Platform can help you stand out.
  • Use LinkedIn Stories to give a behind-the-scenes look at your company.
  • Participate in LinkedIn Groups with Influencers.
  • To expand your client base, use hashtags on LinkedIn.
  • Make the most of your current network.
  • Send out LinkedIn newsletters.

A well-optimized LinkedIn profile or company page has a better chance of ranking high in a Google search. As a result, it improves your brand's overall internet presence. LinkedIn has steadily grown in importance as a platform for B2B marketers and businesses.

  • LinkedIn allows you to connect with people you know.
  • Re-establish communication with people you've lost touch with.
  • By posting, you can share your thoughts and experiences.
  • Make a request for assistance from your network.

Techniques for Prospecting Sales:

  • Make a powerful professional brand. Participate actively in your industry. Join LinkedIn groups and participate in conversations.
  • Pose thought-provoking questions. Keep up with the latest developments in your prospect's industry.
  • Establish a foundation of trust. Get introduced through mutual acquaintances or referrals.

LinkedIn is much more than a job search engine. It's a popular news reading site that's also become a hotbed for generating new sales leads. LinkedIn has become one of the most popular social media platforms for sales prospecting.

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