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LearnVern’s Stock Market & Stock Trading Course is designed to impart knowledge of the stock market and its working. By doing this course, you can learn how to invest in stocks and make money from the fluctuations in prices. The step-by-step tutorial provided in the Stock Market Training Course can help you become comfortable with investing in stocks and doing stock transactions. Join LearnVern’s course to be the next bull of the market and work as a promising broker. The course is available for free here!





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Course Curriculum

Assignment : Introduction to Stock Market

1m 33s

Quiz : Introduction to Stock Market


Assignment : Why Stock Market


Quiz : Why Stock Market for Investment?


Assignment : IPO as retail

1m 51s

Quiz : Types of Financial Markets


Assignment : Trading Member and Demat Account

1m 37s

Quiz : Trading Membership and Software Tools


Assignment : Legal Frame work

1m 18s

Quiz : Legal Framework



Stock Market & Stock Trading Course in English

Stock market courses online for free can help you have an additional source of income or a full-time job as an investment broker. This course at LearnVern trains you on concepts of the Stock Market and also walks you through steps in Stock trading transactions.

Learn what the stock market is and various other concepts that help you pick the earning opportunities. Be the lucky charm of your clients by walking them through the best stock options and trading for them to provide them with good returns.

The best course on Stock Market & Stock Trading comes free of cost to you at LearnVern. Here you will find a complete tutorial and demonstrations by industry experts who have years of experience in stock trading.

Join this in-demand course at LearnVern where it is taught in an entirely practical manner to make you career-ready in the stock trading field.

Job Opportunities after Stock Market & Stock Trading Course in English and salary data

LearnVern’s Stock Market Courses Online Free with Certificate cover the topics that help you learn how to invest in stocks. This knowledge can land you very lucrative jobs as a broker or investment consultant, executives, etc. in NSE, BSE, etc. The course can help you start an independent venture as a broker if you have the proper license and certification for the same. Using the skills learned in the course, you can work for the following jobs. The annual salary data for these jobs are as mentioned below:

  • Equity Dealer: up to 4 lakhs
  • Sub Brokership: up to 7 lakhs
  • Counselor in Stock Market Academy: up to 3 lakhs

You can also achieve your entrepreneurship dream by doing the Stock Market & Stock Trading Course which helps in working as an independent broker.

What will you learn in the Stock Market & Stock Trading Course at LearnVern?

The Stock Market Certification Course at LearnVern teaches basic to advanced concepts of stock trading. This course covers all concepts in an in-depth manner and contains a guiding tutorial that trains on various stock transactions. The most important learnings from this course are:

  • What is the stock market?
  • How the stock market works
  • Types of markets
  • How to use stock market and trading software
  • Legal framework

Along with the tutorial, you get an assignment that tests your knowledge of various modules taught in the course.

Who should be taking the Stock Market & Stock Trading Course from LearnVern?

Stock market can be your resource for making easy money if you know it well. By doing the course, anyone with a computer and internet connection can use a Demat and trading account and put the money to work. The LearnVern Stock Market Tutorial can be a great help to you in becoming an earning member of the family at any point in life. This course helps the candidates who are:

  • Working professionals
  • Students
  • Retired seniors
  • Housewives, etc.

The tutorial comes with a lot of downloadable content and articles. All these resources can help you become a coach or trainer to other aspiring stock trading professionals too.

Why is Stock Market & Stock Trading Course in English at LearnVern industry-relevant?

LearnVern’s free courses impart skills as needed for jobs and consultancy. The topics like what are types of financial markets, how to get trading membership and the tools for trading allow the learners to have both conceptual and practical competence on the stock market and trading processes.

The intelligent designing of the tutorial to make it instrumental in growing a career in trading and stock market makes this course industry-relevant. Also, the complete introduction to stock markets and trading processes serves the needs of those students who want to apply these learning as professional brokers and investment consultants.

Next Steps to learning Stock Market & Stock Trading in English Course

Stock market skills can help you generate an additional source of income. You can also work full-time as an independent broker, owner of a broking firm, NSE executives, trading brokers, etc. Since this course can be used as a part of learning financial planning, the other courses that add more to this skill are:

  • Mutual funds
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Financial planning
  • Investment Advisory, etc.

Why LearnVern for Stock Market & Stock Trading Course (English)

LearnVern’s experts are the best in the industry and know in and out of Stock Market & Stock trading. The experts have worked in the stock market industry for years and provide complete working knowledge through a detailed video tutorial.

Learners get the stock market online course free with a certificate. They can use this certificate in job search and establishing independent ventures. The students also get the help from peers through a discussion board provided at the end of the tutorial.

The LearnVern training is available on mobile devices with iOS and Android functionality. This course can be done at the chosen pace. The students can visit the tutorials as many times as required without paying anything. They get the National Skill Development Certificate that stamps their skillfulness in stock trading.

Join LearnVern to learn Stock Market trading in a career-oriented manner and have a skill useful for a lifetime in your hand.

No understanding of markets is required. The only thing you need is an internet-enabled device to do a stock trading course from LearnVern. The course can benefit you a lot if you pass SSC.

  • Industry-relevant courses to become career-ready
  • Courses explained in simple language through a self-paced tutorial
  • Flexibility to do courses on mobile devices and TV screens too

Thousands of students have benefitted from the courses at LearnVern. Be more skilled than ever by joining this e-learning platform where learning is free of cost for all!


LearnVern’s stock market tutorial explains all fundamentals like market types, how to invest, stock market basics, and much more in a simple English Language. By referring to the tutorial on your devices, you can master the concept of stock markets easily.

LearnVern’s course comprises a video tutorial in which how to invest in the stock market is explained in detail. The students can learn about the stock marketing tool, trading account requirements, and other requisites for stock trading. The demonstration on how to do stock transactions is also provided in tutorial for complete understanding.

The students know ‘what is stock market’, how it works and how to use stock trading software as a part of the course. They also learn how to trade stocks with software, how to open a trading account and other legalities involved in stock trading from this course.

LearnVern offers you the complete tutorial on Stock Market trading in simple English language. All concepts included in the tutorial are industry-relevant and can help students kick start their career in stock trading. LearnVern helps students do the course in their free time by providing this course on their mobile devices through website and application. Thus, they can have additional skills in hand while working in a company or studying a degree course. This e-learning platform is recognized by the Government of India and offers students the National Skill Development Certificate which is quite useful in job search or for starting a business.

Yes, the course from LearnVern is offered for free to all. This course comes with a certificate which you can avail at a minimal price, however, learning is completely free.

The LearnVern course is open for all. You just need a little knowledge of computers to do this course. The course can be done by retired persons for extra income, students, housewives and job aspirants or professionals who want to start a stock marketing business or want to work in stock exchanges of India.

The LearnVern Stock Market Tutorial is available online on mobile devices through its website and application. So, you need not attend a class on campus to do this course.

The Stock Trading Tutorial at LearnVern is explained through a video for confusion-free learning. Practical training and real-life examples are provided in this course. The users can do this course at their preferred pace and revisit the tutorial till perfection. A discussion board is provided to post queries and clear doubts from peers. Students are given career guidelines and an assignment at the end of the tutorial to apply learning in building a career in stock trading.

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