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Complete 3D Animation with Maya Course for Beginners Online

All companies belonging to entertainment, advertising, education, and technical industries hire Maya 3D Animation experts to create engaging content for their consumers. Therefore, they want experts who are well-versed with Animation techniques in Maya and can apply them professionally with perfection.

LearnVern’s 3D Animation with Maya walks the students through all tips, techniques, and methods through an easily comprehensible tutorial designed in Hindi. This course can help you employ your animation skills to work and create a portfolio to bag better salary packages and bigger projects. 

In this course, the industry experts have provided a step-by-step tutorial that covers topics like rigging (human set up, face set up, etc.) and animation principles and techniques like poses, basic walk, weight & balance, etc.

Job opportunities after 3D Animation with Maya course and salary data

The LearnVern 3D Animation with Maya Course utilises your artistic streak and provides you with the technical knowledge needed for very well-paid jobs. By doing the 3D with Maya Animation course, you can acquire the skills required for job roles as mentioned below. The average annual salary information is also provided here:

  • 3D Rigging Artist: up to 15 lakhs
  • 3D Animation Artist: up to 8 lakhs
  • Product Modeling Artist: up to 7 lakhs
  • Motion Graphic Artist: up to 4 lakhs

What Will You Learn in the Learnvern 3D Animation With Maya Tutorial?

The LearnVern Maya Hindi Animation Tutorial offers end-to-end knowledge of all the animation and rigging jobs an artist does on a regular day at work. In this course, the tutorial explains through simple video the actions such as:

  • Rigging: blend shapes and lattice, human rig setups, face blend shapes, skinning, quadruped rig setups, etc.
  • Animation: animation principles, Maya interface training, squash & stretch, basic walk pose, overlap action re-recording, strong poses, etc.

The tutorial also contains case studies explained in the Hindi language to give an insight into how all concepts are applied professionally for various practical purposes.

Who Should Be Taking the 3D Animation With Maya Course From Learnvern?

The 3D Maya Animation Course from LearnVern in Hindi equips students with the knowledge to perform rigging and animation tasks. With the skills acquired from this course, students can develop an understanding of how to animate any setting. The course is ideal for:

  • Students interested in designing and art
  • Industry beginners aspiring to get animation jobs
  • Mid-level artists who want to upskill their talent in designing

Why Is the Learnvern 3D Animation With Maya Course More Industry-Relevant?

Industry experts prepare 3D Animation with Maya Course from LearnVern. The designers who have worked in the entertainment and technology industry may get better job opportunities by enhancing their animation skills by doing this course. All the elements of the tutorial provided in 3D with Maya Animation course at LearnVern help acquire positions in companies belonging to the film, gaming, or music industry. Rigging and animation techniques are in-demand skills needed for animating various scenarios needed for explainer videos or creating music videos and other content materials required for promotional purposes. Thus, this course makes you job-ready and helps gain a firm foothold in your career as an animation developer.

Next Steps to Learning Maya 3D Animation From Learnvern

The LearnVern course on 3D Animation using Maya can help you achieve a smooth career transition from a mere developer to a team manager. The added skills in your repertoire can help you apply for high-paying jobs and more responsible positions in companies like Walt Disney, Pixar Animation, Studios, Google, and other reputed ones. Also, you gain requisite knowledge that helps in completing other courses, such as:

  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Graphic Designing with Adobe
  • CorelDraw, etc.

These courses are also available at LearnVern for free and comprise tutorials that offer job-oriented learning.

Why Learnvern for 3D Animation With Maya Course

LearnVern aims to provide the best learning environment to the students by giving them the most flexible learning support. The best trainers design the tutorials and provide Maya Animation basics training here. Also, you find the case studies to understand how the Maya Animation tips can be applied professionally. 

About 20 hours of video, more than 25 articles, and a lot of downloadable resources with a lifetime access facility are provided to students at LearnVern. This e-learning platform breaks language barriers to learning by providing the 3D Animation with Maya course in Hindi. 

You can control the learning pace and revisit tutorials until you attain perfection. There are assignments and quizzes provided for self-assessment. Also, you can post queries on the discussion board and get help from peers if you feel stuck somewhere. 

The LearnVern 3D Maya Animation course makes you eligible for the National Skill Development Certificate that helps gain recruiters’ confidence.

Join this course on 3D Animation with Maya at LearnVern where it is available free of cost; you can get these courses on your Android and iOS devices too.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Animator
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Rigging Artist
  • 3D Animation Artist
  • Motion Graphic Artists

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To join the 3D Animation with Maya course, a student must have designing skills, graphic designing skills, and basic knowledge of Maya modelling, texting, and shading. To access video tutorials easily, you must have access to an internet-enabled mobile device or computer.

More than 50,000 students have benefitted from LearnVern’s courses. They have downloaded the LearnVern application to get access to skills they need to learn. This e-learning platform offers:

  • Courses in Hindi and other vernacular languages
  • Best trainers who design courses to ensure job-oriented learning
  • The National Skill Development Certificate at the end of the course. It is useful for getting jobs and business opportunities.

LearnVern introduces students to all animation techniques in Maya through an easy-to-understand tutorial in the Hindi language. By providing the knowledge of principles, processes, and techniques to apply animal skills, the LearnVern prepares candidates for a flourishing career as 3D animation expert designer.

The LearnVern 3D Animation with Maya course is suitable for professionals who work as designers. Industry beginners, students, and mid-level artists who want to make a career as motion graphics designers or 3D rigging and animation artists can gain working knowledge by joining this course.

LearnVern offers the Maya 3D Animation course on the students’ mobile devices with iOS and Android functionalities. The students can access the tutorial at the time and place of their convenience. They can revisit the tutorial multiple times too. So, those students who are already on the job can further enhance their skills without giving up their current employment.

Students who join the Maya 3D Animation Course at LearnVern can get a lot of opportunities to work as a designer in video production, animation movie production houses, and advertising companies. Using the skills learned through 3D Animation with Maya tutorial, candidates can apply for product modeling artist, rigging and animation artist, and motion graphic artist.

LearnVern offers all courses free of cost to students. It is the USP of this e-learning platform that is a Government of India’s step towards making Indian Youth skilled. Thus, there is no fee charged to students to make every course reachable to all students from different financial backgrounds.

LearnVern offers a plethora of benefits to the students who want to learn 3D animation with Maya. This course comes with a tutorial that contains all beginner to advanced topics. The working knowledge is provided through the video tutorial explained in Hindi and designed by experts. LearnVern keeps all the industrial needs in mind while designing the courses that make students job-ready on completing this course. You also get the National Skill Development Certificate that offers good support while searching for jobs.

No, the course on Maya 3D Animation comes to you through LearnVern which is an e-learning platform. The students can access this course on their mobile devices. They are not asked to join any physical class to become 3D Animation with Maya qualified while taking this course from LearnVern.

At the end of the tutorial, the students get an assignment and quiz to check their proficiency in applying animation skills. If during the course they have doubts, they can discuss those with peers through the discussion board.

3D Animation With Maya

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