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Best Course on Introduction to DevOps Online In Hindi

The IT sector is at an all-time boom. As a result, several companies of big and small size are hiring software developers to meet their growing demand. This course on Introduction to DevOps prepares you for all the high-paying jobs by upskilling your knowledge in software development. 

The DevOps basics course includes all major modules that offer a detailed introduction to DevOps and teach how to use GitHub in DevOps. LearnVern offers complete knowledge through the tutorial in Hindi to make it easier to understand.

What are the major job roles related to Introduction to DevOps and salary data?

Introduction to DevOps course at LearnVern aims at imparting working knowledge of the framework used for software development. This course is mapped for the job roles in the software development industry. 

You can get a phenomenal increase in take-home packages by applying for job roles at higher positions in software consulting companies. The average annual salaries for various job roles possible to get after the Introduction to DevOps Online course are as under:

  • Project Manager: above 12 lakhs
  • Senior Software Developer: up to 12 lakhs
  • Unit Tester: up to 42 lakhs
  • Release Manager: up to 14 lakhs
  • Business Development Analyst: up to 8 lakhs
  • Open Source Contributor: up to 2 lakhs

Detail of the Free Introduction to DevOps Online Course in Hindi

The LearnVern Introduction to DevOps certification course is designed to impart practical training on how to develop software, use Version control tools, automation, deploy and monitoring tools, etc. The practical learning is guaranteed through a detailed tutorial that includes modules, such as:

  • Need and Importance of DevOps
  • Software Development Models
  • Version Control Tools
  • Development, Deployment, Monitoring and Virtualization tools
  • GitHub practical training comprising Installation, Terminologies, Repository, File Structure, Creating GIT server, etc.

Who Should Be Taking the Introduction to DevOps Course in Hindi at LearnVern?

The course on Introduction to DevOps is ideal for people conversant with programming. It is suitable for learning various aspects of software development, including need analysis, functionalities, and using tools. 

The course helps candidates prepare for interview questions. In addition, the DevOps tools tutorial helps individual contributors who want to go for software development projects as freelancers. 

Why LearnVern’s Introduction to DevOps Course Is More Industry-Relevant?

The IT industry needs trained professionals who are proficient in core activities of software development. Software development is more about programming and developing, applying, and sharing codes for faster implementation. 

This DevOps for beginners course touches upon the automated solutions that can quicken the development process. 

The candidates who are experts in using DevOps and performing core activities can easily secure their positions as project managers, software analysts, programming experts, etc. 

Since the course imparts practical training on how to use GitHub collaboratively for different software projects, it helps you ace interviews and be eligible for higher positions in the IT sector.

Next Steps to Learn Introduction to DevOps Course in Hindi

LearnVern offers the Best DevOps certification course in Hindi that imparts much-needed expertise to see the positive transition to different career opportunities. This course can help you in applying for better-paying jobs in the software development sector and move to positions where one mentors or leads teams. 

Other courses you can do after the Introduction to DevOps course at LearnVern are:

  • Django 
  • Python Programming
  • C language
  • React Native, etc.

All these courses are available in Hindi and are free of cost at LearnVern.

Why LearnVern for Introduction to DevOps course?

LearnVern’s best DevOps course is the perfect learning support any programmer could get. It is conducted by the best trainers who explain the set of programming ideologies and provide a working knowledge of GitHub for software development through a detailed tutorial in Hindi.

About four hours of videos, 20+ articles, and regularly updated downloadable resources keep your learning on track. It can help you have a thorough knowledge and prepare for DevOps interview questions confidently.

Additional support through forums, discussion boards, and social communities fill all gaps in learning and provide complete knowledge. On completion, students receive a National Skill Development Corporation certificate that adds to their credibility as a professional. 

Let no opportunity in software development companies go off your hands. Enroll in the DevOps online course in Hindi at no cost at LearnVern and start learning today!

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • DevOps Engineer
  • Build Engineer
  • Release Engineer
  • Site Reliability Engineer

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Programming basics, access to computers or Android/iOS devices, and comfort with learning tools are prerequisites of joining the DevOps course by LearnVern.

More than 25,000 students have registered with LearnVern and downloaded its application. This e-learning platform provides complete learning support in the form of video tutorials. In addition, one can test skills by taking up assignments, projects, and quizzes provided along with the tutorial.


The LearnVern tutorial on DevOps covers applying advanced strategies for development and deployment of software, using virtual tools in software development, using Git to manage files using CLI commands, creating pull requests and review code, and various operational procedures, commonly asked in interviews. Thus, it builds your base for facing interview questions strongly and offers the best possible training.

The LearnVern Introduction to DevOps free course is ideal for people applying for DevOps engineer, software developer, and manager, and similar positions. 

It is also useful in training you to work as an open-source contributor. You can also coach other people after gaining expertise in DevOps through tutorials designed in Hindi for easy learning.

LearnVern offers a detailed DevOps tutorial to offer a complete understanding of important concepts. You can get this course in Hindi, hence, it helps break the language barrier.

The course offers a lot of study material which you can go through at your leisure. It is available on devices to enable learning skills from anywhere. It is free of cost and can be done in a self-paced manner. Hence, all gains and no pains await you at LearnVern.

Those candidates interested in making a career as a project manager, software analyst, tester, or release manager should join this DevOps course for beginners

The course encompasses all basics and advanced concepts and walks through the GIT module required for learning software development and deployment methods. It can help in making a career as an independent open source contributor as well.

LearnVern is the only platform where tutorials are designed in Hindi and other vernacular languages. It is aimed at making the Indian working population more skilled than before and is a part of the Skill India Initiative. 

Most importantly, all courses are offered at no cost, allowing more people to join, learn and become eligible for a better earning. The LearnVern Introduction to DevOps course can also be watched on the TV screen for better viewing.

Yes, you can! This course is possible to do in a self-paced manner. The students can take advantage of the device-friendliness of the tutorials. It helps do the course without giving up the current occupation. Since the users can access tutorials on devices, it allows them to learn while on the move too.

LearnVern’s Introduction to DevOps course for free in Hindi prepares the students for all important positions that offer a handsome salary package. It can help you move up on your career ladder and train for positions such as project manager, tester, software developer, analyst, release manager, etc.

You must have the basic programming skills to get better advantages of the LearnVern Introduction to DevOps online course. This online course requires you to have access to Android devices or computers. Also, a stable internet connection is required to run the tutorial seamlessly.

DevOps - For Beginners

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