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SEO Course in English

This course is best-suited for digital marketing professionals and SEO enthusiasts. The course is made up of several video tutorials in which all basic and advanced techniques of SEO are explained. The demand for SEO experts has grown in recent times. These experts can do wonders to the businesses’ online presence and help them have additional traffic and more conversions. It is why SEO is seen as an in-demand skill and can help students grab the best jobs and a stable career as a digital marketer.

You can learn SEO in English Online for free at LearnVern where a step by step tutorial is provided for enhanced comprehension. The learners can take this course at their chosen pace and revisit tutorials for ample practice to gain perfection. With the help of the free of cost SEO learning tutorial in English, they can learn how to launch a PPC campaign, how to run Google Ads, perform Google analytics, etc.

What are the major job roles related to SEO Courses in English and salary data?

Only graduation does not help in getting jobs easily these days. The learners need to have in-demand skills to cut the competition. SEO is one such skill that can help even a 12th pass or a graduate have a promising and stable career as a digital marketer. Learning how search engine rankings work and how to promote the website in an SEO-oriented manner has become an in-demand skill because of its relevance to businesses. Some of the best job opportunities available after the SEO Course and the annual salary data are listed below:

  • Digital Marketing Executive: up to 5 lakhs
  • SEO Analyst: up to 4.8 lakhs
  • SEO Executive: up to 4.9 lakhs

Detail of the free SEO Course in English

A complete SEO tutorial is provided in the full course on search engine optimization available at LearnVern. This tutorial provides end-to-end learning and enhances comprehension of industry-relevant topics. The learners can get acquainted with topics, such as:

  • SEO white hat strategies
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • PPC campaign set-up
  • Measuring results
  • Performing on-page and off-page SEO activities
  • Content creation and updation
  • Site Audit and Optimization strategies, etc.

Google provides regular updates on content to provide the best internet experience to information seekers. The search engine optimization course can help have the best strategies in hand to deliver best results to the businesses.

Who should be taking the SEO Course in English at LearnVern?

Any aspirant who wants to develop a career in digital marketing, social media marketing, etc. can take the best step towards acquiring SEO skills. This course requires only the basic knowledge of computers and search engines. It can help in designing strategies to enhance visibility on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

The best search engine optimization course available at LearnVern is suitable for anyone who is pursuing graduation. Also, the student learning the Master’s Degree courses or professionals working in the marketing/sales department can join this course. It can help take a leap in career as a digital marketing professional and have the best opportunities for growth.

Why the SEO Course in English at LearnVern is more industry-relevant

The SEO Course in English at LearnVern covers all topics that are in high demand. The tutorial provides complete training on how to perform SEO and manage activities related to it like a professional. The training covers topics like how to run Google Ads and measure its results, or organize a PPC campaign, etc. The course provides comprehensive learning of all processes that SEO professionals need to do during a regular day at work. It is how the free of cost course proves its relevance to industrial demands.

Next steps to learning SEO Course in English

SEO is a vast field. A lot of skills are needed for performing SEO activities easily and professionally. These skills are mostly aimed at giving ease of working with strategies that are used to achieve search engine optimization objectives. As a next step to learning the search engine optimization course, the users can apply for the jobs and work as SEO consultants, executives, and specialists. The other courses suitable to do after SEO learning course are:

  • Google My Business
  • Google Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing, etc.

Why LearnVern for SEO Course in English

LearnVern’s search engine optimization course is the best as it covers all time-relevant topics. The tutorial is the most updated as the experts prepare it while keeping the trending topics in mind. It is full of practical examples and case studies that help extract the best benefits from SEO learning courses.

The SEO Course in English from LearnVern is government-approved. At the end of the course, the students are awarded the National Skill Development Certificate which places them as proven experts in the field.

The learning is made entirely flexible. LearnVern helps learn SEO for free at home. You can access the course on mobile devices and computers. The tutorial is available for repeat access. Students can revisit any topic multiple times to practice till mastery. With the help of assignments and quizzes, the students can check their learning.

Since LearnVern breaks all barriers of time, place and money to learning, you can add more skills to your professional profile by joining courses here. Enroll for the courses right away and start learning courses to become career-ready.

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The passion for learning how to make websites visible online at search engines, a little knowledge of working of search engines and no technical degree are required to learn SEO online at LearnVern. You may use your mobile device or computer for learning this course.

  • Flexibility to learn offered with self-paced tutorials
  • Industry-relevant courses taught in a practical manner for becoming job-ready
  • Courses in English and other vernacular languages that Indians can understand easily

The SEO Course at LearnVern covers all topics that recruiters search for. On learning these topics, they can become eligible for most of the SEO jobs. The course provides practical training on activities that form the KRAs of the search engine optimization professionals. All the training modules and topics like Google Ads, Google Analytics, etc. covered in this course make it an industry-relevant course.

LearnVern offers the SEO Course for free. There is no charge for learning any course at this e-learning application. You can access LearnVern as a website or a mobile app on iOS and Android devices. The learners can register here for free. Only for availing the National Skill Development Certificate, the learners need to pay a nominal fee.

All 12th pass, graduates and post-graduate degree students are eligible for joining the Online SEO Learning Course at LearnVern. If you have passion for mastering Google Analytics, and want to crack the enigma behind achieving success at search engines, this course provides all learning support. Aspiring digital marketers, SEO specialists, and entrepreneurs can also join this course to create and manage their online presence.

How to perform on-page and off-page SEO activities, various SEO techniques, content optimization, PPC campaign, Google Analytics metrics study, how to run Google Ads, etc. are the key learnings from this course at LearnVern.

LearnVern understands that people may have different learning paces. They may need more time to master certain topics than others. Hence, it offers a self-paced tutorial to students. They can visit SEO tutorials multiple times to attain mastery. With the help of the assignments, it is possible to check proficiency level too.

The knowledge of SEO can help you win more traffic for your client site. If you are an entrepreneur, you can learn how to appear on the top of the SERPs and gain traction among prospective users. With the help of learning of search engine optimization tools and techniques, you can apply for various jobs that offer good salaries. Also, it helps you gain online reputation for your independent business.

By joining LearnVern's online course, you can learn SEO using your mobile device. This e-learning app is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. Thus, you can access the course on computers and laptops, and cast the tutorial on the TV screen as well.

LearnVern is a part of the Skill India Initiative. It is a Government of India’s initiative and a dream project of the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. The aim of this application is to make Indian Youth skilled and job-ready. The idea is to help people learn and add skills which are in high demand among recruiters. To make learning possible for all, the courses are provided for FREE here. Hence, there are no charges for learning this course here.

SEO 2022 - Beginners to Advance in English

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