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How to set up content strategy for Linkedin?

How to set up Content Strategy on LinkedIn

Now in this video we are going to see that how LinkedIn is Content deprived platform & what is the correct Content set up strategy for LinkedIn.

On LinkedIn only 1% user posts regular content & therefore it is called Content deprived platform but where there is less Content regularity, there are more Opportunities. Here Content making is quite different than other platform because here we need to make content which are knowledgeable and helpful for others business growth.

Following are the types of LinkedIn Content :
- Text Post
- Images
- Carousels (PDF Doc)
- Video
- Podcast
- LinkedIn Poll
- LinkedIn Story
- LinkedIn Live

How to write a Perfect LinkedIn post & what are the things which we should keep in mind are as follows :
- A Hook
- Storytelling
- Deliver message
- CTA (Call to Action)
- No external link
- Should be mobile optimized

Example of Content's Hook which attracts user & they drive to read more :
Interesting conversation with Client (CEO)
Client : Do I have to post daily on LinkedIn?
Here is the logic of not posting daily.
...see more

While we are writing a LinkedIn content we should always add a Call to Action in the last which will hold the user to interact with us by commenting or sharing.

We can also run LinkedIn Poll which is the great option for people's reaction & also LinkedIn provides us different options for Polling & interacting with our Audience.

Following are some of the important Engagement Touch points which we should always focus on to grow on LinkedIn :
- Send Connection Request with note
- Add CTA in your post
- Ask question in the comment
- Create Engaging LinkedIn Stories
- Create LinkedIn Polls
- Engage with Active users
- Reply to other stories

We should always Engage with other and create virtual one to one bond which is very beneficial for both of yours profile. For powering Engagements of LinkedIn in we can also do the following things :
- Talk to people in their DMs
- Create LinkedIn Polls
- Create Engaging LinkedIn Stories
- Replying to Stories of other related profiles
- & Engage with others content

There are few core elements of LinkedIn platform like :
- Job search : People who are in search for a job or the business owners who are in need of skillful people, both gets benefited here.
- Branding
- Lead Generation


To create a content strategy for Linkedin, you can start by assessing your audience. What are their demographics? What are their interests? Are they your target audience or similar to it? This will help you understand what kind of content they might like and what topics would be relevant to them. Next, you need to determine the channels you’ll use for your social media efforts. You should select either LinkedIn or Twitter or both. You also need to decide on the frequency of publishing your content, which is usually about 2-3 times per week. And lastly, the frequency of engaging with other users on LinkedIn using comments and likes. It's best if this is done about 3-4 times per day.

A content strategy is vital for LinkedIn, because it helps them to create content that is relevant to their audience. Content marketing doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. With a solid strategy in place, it becomes straightforward to publish content on a regular basis. A good content strategy does more than just create new pieces of content - it also keeps your existing customers and prospects engaged and informed about your company. A content strategist’s job includes careful planning and consideration of the goals and objectives of clients before writing any copy. They need to know what they want their customers or prospects to do with any given piece of content before they can write it effectively.

A content strategy for Linkedin is important because it can help you grow your professional network, improve your search engine ranking and boost your company's visibility. The components of a content strategy for Linkedin are: - Domain name, subdomain or URL - - Content types - - Content format - - Target audience of the content

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