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Assignment of Keywords Research

Assignment of Keyword Research

If we do not practice any learned skill of Digital Marketing by ourself, we cannot ace it properly. That's why we have Learnvern's Assignment for practical knowledge.

What we need to do to complete this assignment is as follows :
- Pick your topic
- Use google trend spot the search pattern
- Use google search to pick at least 3 keywords using LSI method
- Use google Adword and Ubersuggest to find search volume


When it comes to keyword research, you need to find the right keywords, the ones that your customers are actually typing into search engines. You can’t just go on instinct or guess what people will type in. The first thing you need to know is what your website is about and who your target audience is. This will give you an idea of what words they might use when searching for information on your website. Some of these keywords might be too broad and some too specific, but this will give you a starting point and a general idea of where to start looking for keywords.

Keywords research is the most essential part of a content strategy. It helps with developing a narrative, determining the best topics to write about, and mapping out a process for building a blog. It's about finding the right words to target your desired audience and bringing your idea to life.

Keyword research is a process of finding and targeting the most relevant keywords on the search engines for your site. It's a popular process that allows you to determine what people are most likely to search for, and then do your best to rank well for those terms. When you want to rank higher on SERPs, keyword research is an important factor in choosing keywords. For example, if your website is about dog food brands, then you would want to choose a lot of keywords related to "dog food" and "brands." You can also use tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool or WordTracker’s free Chrome extension tool.

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