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Raspberry Pi is a small card-sized computer operated using cloud technology. This tool is used to make IoT automations possible. The skill is needed for weather forecasting, process optimization, home devices’ automation etc. Using the Raspberry Pi skills, the students can enhance their career opportunities and be eligible for stable and high-paying jobs.

LearnVern aims at helping students and job holders have the job-oriented skills in their repertoire. The course is designed by industry experts at LearnVern. The topics like Python, Robotics, GUI, Digital/Analog I/O, Camera Interfacing, etc. included in the course prepares students to be conversant with skills needed for IoT automation.

This skill is quite time-relevant and is in high demand. The course fills the learning gap and makes candidates career-ready. So, join the course in Hindi and uplift your career. The course comes free of cost to all!

What are the major job roles related to IoT Automation with Raspberry Pi and salary data?

IoT Automation with Raspberry Pi is an in-demand skill. The experts of this process can be placed in the top companies at posts with handsome packages. The annual salary data for these posts is as below:

  • Raspberry PI Programmer: up to 7 lakhs
  • Embedded Software Engineer: up to 20 lakhs
  • Python Developer: up to 10 lakhs
  • Embedded Development Engineer: up to 6 lakhs

Detail of the free IoT Automation with Raspberry Pi Course in Hindi

LearnVern offers a detailed tutorial that provides end-to-end knowledge. This tutorial is designed to ensure complete learning. That is why, all major to minor concepts are explained in a step-by-step manner through a video tutorial. Modules included in this course are:

  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi
  • Python Fundamentals
  • Digital I/O
  • Analog I/O
  • Servo Motor Interfacing
  • Serial Communication
  • Camera Interfacing
  • Mobile Robotics
  • Image Processing
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Who should be taking the IoT Automation with Raspberry Pi Course in Hindi at LearnVern?

All candidates with basic knowledge of programming can add more to their skills with the Raspberry Pi Course. The course requires you to have initial interest in programming. It is ideal for programming students, computer engineering students, programming beginners, IoT development aspirants, etc.

Why is the IoT Automation with Raspberry Pi Course at LearnVern more industry-relevant?

The course from LearnVern is explained by an IoT expert who has employed this skill at work. That is why the course contains all topics that are of high practical utility. The learners can prepare themselves for a day at work as an IoT developer and apply the skill to design home automation in IoT, agricultural forecasting, Robotic process automation and other similar solutions. Since all included topics have practical utility and are explained through video tutorials to impart working knowledge, this course at LearnVern is quite industry-relevant.

Next steps to learning IoT Automation with Raspberry Pi Course

On completing the industrial IoT Automation with Raspberry Pi Course, the students can take a big leap in their career as embedded development engineer. The course is in high demand and its benefits can be maximized by learning:

  • Python Programming
  • Arduino
  • Python Django
  • Industrial Automation with PLC, etc.

You can do all these courses for free at LearnVern where you can learn it in the Hindi Language.

Why LearnVern for IoT Automation with Raspberry Pi Course

LearnVern has incorporated all learner-centric features to ensure that students don’t find it difficult to acquire new skills. With changing times, the demand for new skills arises and this gap is fulfilled by LearnVern’s job-oriented courses. The best trainers who have used the skills for real prepare the tutorials here and explain all concepts through video training. It imparts working knowledge to students and they become job-ready with added confidence.

Around 18 sessions devoted to all topics included in the course provide complete learning to candidates. This course is available on mobile devices and computers because of which a flexible learning environment is made available to students at LearnVern.

The IoT based automation course can also be cast on the TV screen for better viewing and confusion-free learning. It is available free of cost for all students. They can revisit the tutorial as many times as required.

There is a discussion board provided to students for discussing the topic and related doubts, if any. Also, the assignment and quiz provided at the end of the tutorial offer ease of testing skills and find the learning gap, if any.

If you want to make a mark among recruiters as a promising IoT developer, Join IoT based industrial automation using Raspberry Pi course and add time-relevant skills to your resume.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • IoT Developer
  • IoT Creator
  • IoT Embedded System Designer
  • IoT Solutions Engineer

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The IoT Automation with Raspberry Pi Course requires you to have the basic knowledge of programming. You can do this course easily if you have a mobile device or a computer with iOS and Android functionalities.

LearnVern is an e-learning platform that can be accessed through mobile applications and websites. The popularity of this e-learning platform can be gauged from the fact that more than 1 lakh students have downloaded this application. Here, the students enjoy benefits, such as:

  • Free of cost courses that help build in-demand skills
  • All courses explained in the Hindi Language
  • Flexible learning promoted by courses possible to access anywhere, anytime.

Yes, LearnVern’s course offers end-to-end knowledge of IoT automation. The tutorial comprises several practical examples and demonstrations of how IoT home automation can be achieved with Raspberry Pi. A detailed explanation of embedding Raspberry Pi to systems and achieving automation can easily help understand how IoT home automation works.

IoT home automation using Raspberry Pi is not difficult to learn if you have joined LearnVern’s course. To ease the learning woes, LearnVern offers a Raspberry Pi course in the Hindi language. Also, the tutorial is accessible on repeat to ensure that no concept is missed. Thus, flexibility, and ease of accessing the tutorial till students attain perfection make learning IoT home automation easier.

IoT Automation using Raspberry Pi Course at LearnVern is suitable for all those candidates who have interest in basic programming. The users who have access to mobile devices or computers with Android or iOS functionalities can learn this new skill easily using LearnVern’s IoT based automation tutorial.

LearnVern offers about 18 sessions spread over about 10+ hours of video tutorial. This course is available to join from anywhere, anytime. The students can control the pace of learning and so there is no fixed duration. Such an element of flexibility breaks the barriers of time restrictions for students and job holders.

Since you can master automation in IOT using Raspberry Pi only by practicing it in a simulated environment, students may learn better by having certain software and hardware requirements fulfilled. You may know about these requirements at the start of the session. The tutorial walks the candidates through all software and hardware requirements before the sessions.

The LearnVern course comes with several benefits such as – no fee charged, course explained in Hindi, practical training provided through video tutorial. Also, the availability of assignment and project at the end of the tutorial allows self-checking the proficiency level. The students can interact with peers to discuss the topics using a discussion board. On completion, the National Skill Development Certificate is awarded to students; it helps add credibility to learners’ professional profile.

Yes, you can! The IoT Automation Course from LearnVern is available on mobile devices. The users can log on to the course at their preferred time. The video tutorial can be accessed as many times as required till the learners feel confident of their skills. Such flexibility-promoting features allow candidates to this course along with the job easily.

By doing the course from LearnVern, the students learn how to integrate Raspberry Pi practically with various systems. They learn the basics of embedded development, home automation procedures and other Raspberry Pi applications.

IOT with Raspberry Pi

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