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Python Django Online Course in English For Free By Experts

While Python continues to be the most used programming language, the additional skill of Django can add a lot to your skill-set. LearnVern offers you the best platform to learn Django from scratch. Using this skill, you will be able to build and deploy CMS-enabled websites.

Django developers need to be well-versed with the programming basics and application of the framework. Therefore, companies recruit professionals who are hands-on trained for this framework. 

At LearnVern, this course is designed in a self-paced manner. Learners can do this course on their mobile devices. Furthermore, it is offered free of cost. So, break all the financial and language barriers and be ready to give a great start to the career in website development.

What Are the Major Job Roles Related to the Python Django Course and Salary Data?

Python developers are in high demand these days. All top and upcoming ventures build robust and functionality-enriched websites and for that, they need hands-on experts. The Python Django Course prepares you for some of the best-paying jobs. The annual salary data and job roles you can take after completing this website development course are mentioned below:

  • Python Django Developer: up to 5 lakhs
  • Python Developer: up to 10 lakhs
  • Java Developer: up to 10 lakhs
  • Full Stack Developer: up to 5.5 lakhs

Detail of the Free Python Django Course in English

LearnVern provides complete training through video tutorials to students to enhance their website development skills. The course on Python Django covers modules such as:

  • Introduction
  • Creating Project and Application
  • Admin Panel
  • CRUD Application
  • Authentication.
  • Image Uploading
  • Javascript and Ajax
  • Project introduction, Implementation and Database Schema

Who Should Be Taking the Python Django Course?

Website development is an in-demand skill. LearnVern prepares you for a promising career by teaching you this framework’s basics that are utilised extensively in companies. If you have the basic knowledge of computers and programming, you can do this course at LearnVern online. The best candidates who can take up this course are:

  • Aspirants who want to learn how to develop secure and maintainable websites
  • Computer/IT graduates who want to develop additional skills as a website developer

Why Is the Python Django Course at Learnvern More Industry-Relevant?

Django online course at LearnVern is designed by industry experts. They know how this skill is employed at work. The tutorial designed by seasoned experts walks you through all aspects of website development in a step-by-step manner. By including all topics and explaining them in a job-oriented way, the experts provide hands-on training to the learners and prepare them for the best-paying job opportunities. Since the tutorial contains basic to advanced concepts and provides practical training, the course is more industry-relevant. 

Apart from working as a website development professional, you can also teach others the basics of Python Django and use the content to develop your career as a trainer.

Next Steps to Learning Python Django in English

Python is a programming language used for multiple purposes, including website development, security, mobile application, video games, etc. Django is a framework that speeds up the development process and helps achieve a well-secured and easily maintainable website. Hence, you can gain skills needed for other similar courses when you complete this online tutorial from LearnVern. A few such courses are:

  • Javascript
  • C language
  • PHP
  • React JS
  • Jquery, etc.

You may find all these courses explained by experts at LearnVern for free. You can get the best possible leap in your career and get placed in top companies by learning all these courses.

Why LearnVern for the Python Django Course

LearnVern is the ultimate destination for upgrading the skill-set. It offers courses on several subjects that are in high demand. This e-learning platform provides the National Skill Development Corporation Certificate on completing the courses. It is a part of the Skill India Initiative backed by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

LearnVern allows students to enjoy all advantages of e-learning and some more.

This app offers a truly flexible way of gaining complete knowledge by reaching students through mobile devices, computers, and TV screens.

Students from English Medium backgrounds can do the Python Django Course in the English language here. The topics are explained in detail through a video tutorial. Additional features include a discussion board to post questions and discuss problems with fellow learners. There are assignments and projects also provided at the tutorial's end to check the progress.

LearnVern does not charge you anything to join the courses. With so many features working in your favour, there is no reason for not learning new skills. So, be ready for the best jobs in various industries by filling all learning gaps with LearnVern’s online courses.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Python Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Flask Developer
  • Programmer
  • Software Engineer

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Top requirements to do the certificate course on Python Django include an aptitude for programming. Basic knowledge of computers and programming can help students easily grasp this course’s concepts. They also require a mobile device or a computer with a stable internet connection to access video tutorials.

More than 2 lakhs students have downloaded the LearnVern App and are benefitting from various courses available here for free. LearnVern offers complete support to students seeking support enriching their skill-set. This app offers:

  • Tutorials in simple language and video format for a confusion-free learning
  • Courses accessible through both the websites and mobile application
  • Free of cost courses possible to do in a self-paced manner

Join LearnVern for the best e-learning experience and have lots of industry-relevant skills included in your repertoire. Whether you are a job seeker or an entrepreneur, you can excel in your endeavours with courses from LearnVern.


Enrolling in LearnVern’s course is the same as registering with any web or mobile app. The students can access LearnVern as a website or a mobile application. They can enroll in this Certificate Course for free. All they require is an internet-enabled device. The basic knowledge of programming helps too.

Anyone interested in developing complex, secured and easily maintainable websites can join the Python Django online course at LearnVern. Students studying in Computer Engineering/IT branches, people with programming knowledge, and entrepreneurs trying to gain traction in the online space can benefit a lot from this course.

This online course from LearnVern covers all basic to advanced level topics. Job seekers can learn how to implement the concepts on a regular day at work. They can learn about the development and deployment of projects. Also, the tutorial provides answers to some of the most asked questions in interviews. At the end of the course, the candidates get the National Certificate Development Certificate that proves quite beneficial in the job search.

Students need to have an aptitude for programming to join LearnVern’s course online at LearnVern. They require a mobile device with iOS or Android functionalities or an internet-enabled computer system to access this course. Anyone interested in upgrading the skills required for website development can enroll in this course.

The Python Django Course from LearnVern is provided in simple English for English Medium students. It is not just a text-based course but comprises a video tutorial where all topics of the Django tutorial are explained practically. The students can control the pace and schedule the learning hours to fit their requirements. Because of the availability on Android and iOS devices, the students can do this course from anywhere.

Yes, you can! The students can access this course on their mobile phones and join the tutorial at the time of their preference. Thus, they can assign their free time or the time outside the working hours to do this course. Flexibility in timings and no restrictions of attending a classroom session offline make it easier for the job holders to do this course.

LearnVern offers the facility to learn Django for free to all the candidates. There are no hidden charges or registration fees. More than 5 lakh registrations have been done so far in this application. People not doing advanced courses due to financial reasons can find the best support for learning Django for free at LearnVern.

Python Django Course from LearnVern prepares you for various high-paying jobs and responsible positions in good companies. The students trained in Django using Python can work as Python Developer, Django Developer, Java Developer, and Full Stack Developer. The top companies like TCS, Microsoft, IBM, and others pay anywhere between 3 to 20 lakhs to Django-qualified professionals.

Python Django Course in English

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