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Google Spreadsheet Course in Hindi

All those who have worked on MS Excel can find Google Spreadsheet quite familiar. This G-suite application is of great utility in all professional fields. Many companies hire off-shore and remote employees. With the help of G-Sheet, they are able to share data and get it edited online too as required. There is hardly any job where the G-sheet is not used. Therefore, this course is needed to be ready for various jobs.

Google Spreadsheet tutorial comprises a video-based walkthrough to all features. In this tutorial, the experts demonstrate step by step all the functions you can perform on the Google Sheets.

The learners of this course can master activities like how to create Google spreadsheets. They can also learn various tips and tricks that make working faster on this G-suite application. Since G-sheet is quite similar to Excel, various formulas used in the latter can be applied in this application too. The tutorial also covers the Google sheets vs. Excel comparison to explain key differences.

Job opportunities after Google Spreadsheet Course

The Google Sheets Course can help students acquire basic operational skills. Candidates can mention knowledge of Google Spreadsheet as a skill in their resumes to show the job-readiness. Various job roles like data entry operators require expertise in G-sheets. Entrepreneurs can use the knowledge of G-Sheet to manage daily affairs. Though this course is not a qualifying criteria, it certainly helps in adjusting to modern offices’ working style.

Detail of the free Google Spreadsheet Course in Hindi

The Google Spreadsheet is a vast topic. There are several functionalities included in the taskbar. You need a lot of practice to be able to use all of these as per the work’s needs. That is why, the tutorial to teach Google Sheets is designed in a self-paced manner and allows learners to revisit topics where they require more attention. The important functions taught in this course are:

  • How to create, merge, edit Google Sheets
  • All basic functions like cell modification, chart insertion, etc.
  • Inserting rows, columns, sheets, etc.
  • Formatting functions provided in sheet
  • Data alignment and reviewing
  • Sharing sheet with other permitted users, and a lot more.

The 3+ hour long tutorial covers all topics end-to-end to provide complete knowledge and trains thoroughly on using this G-suite application.

Who should be taking the Google Spreadsheet Course at LearnVern?

Anyone with the basic knowledge of computers can join this course at LearnVern. The entrepreneurs who want to learn using Google sheets shortcuts, tips and tricks and various formulas can join this course. The course helps understand how to use this application for data management, number-crunching and for other operational requirements. Students, aspiring data entry operators, freelancers and entrepreneurs can benefit a lot from this course.

Why the Google Spreadsheet Course at LearnVern is more industry-relevant

The Google Sheets Course is designed to provide knowledge of how to use this application professionally. This course comprises modules in which various operations possible to do on G-Sheets are explained through step by step tutorial. The learners can grasp all functionalities included in the sheet and practice using them for various purposes. Since the tutorial guides on how to create Google Sheets and use it for professional tasks, it proves to be an industry-relevant course.

Next steps to learning Google Spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheet skill can be used in various business operations and jobs where the companies use this application for their professional tasks. The learners can supplement the knowledge of this course by taking up other course, such as:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides
  • MS Excel
  • Data Entry, etc.

Why LearnVern for Google Spreadsheet Course

LearnVern offers a lot of learning-centric benefits. The Google Spreadsheet Course here is designed by the best trainers. They have used this skill at work and have vast experience in using its various features. Thus, the experts teach this course precisely the way you are going to use it at work. All tips and tricks are included in the course to provide operational fluency.

LearnVern has several unique features. The learners can revisit the tutorial to master all features. Course is designed to offer flexible learning ease. It can be accessed on iOS and Android devices. Setting a time schedule as per the individual needs is possible.

The learners can find assignments and quizzes at the end of the Google Sheets. They have access to a discussion board too. This feature allows sharing knowledge with fellow learners.

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Anyone with the zeal to learn time-relevant skills like using Google Sheets for work can join this course. It does not require coding skills or technical degree. Basic knowledge of computers can be helpful. You must have access to computers and mobile devices with iOS or Android functionality to join the tutorial.

  • Freedom to learn courses on iOS and Android devices and TV screens
  • Courses in Hindi, English and other vernacular languages to accommodate more students
  • All Industry-relevant topics available at one place, which helps attain career-readiness.

In LearnVern’s course, all features of the Google Sheet are covered. Through video-based explanations, students learn basics, tips and tricks, formulas and other details. The end-to-end coverage of the topic helps completely understand ‘what is Google Sheet’.

How to create Google Spreadsheet, edit, save and share it with others are some of the top learnings from Google Sheet Course. While basics include creating, saving and sharing part, the editing part is quite detailed as all formatting functions and formulas are taught as the tutorial moves to advanced teaching.

Students, freelancers, entrepreneurs and any person who is interested in learning Google Sheet can join this course. A basic knowledge of MS Excel may help but it is not a prerequisite. The course is offered for free to all. So, anyone with access to iOS and Android devices can enroll for this course and learn Google Sheets easily.

Google Spreadsheet course is available for learning in a self-paced manner at LearnVern. This course is accessible on mobile devices. You can learn it at your chosen pace and schedule in your free time at home. There is an option for revisiting modules which you need to practice more; hence, the overall outcome is complete learning.

Google Sheets is one the applications available in G-suite or Google Workspace. Learning this application can help you in all spheres of life. As a homemaker, you can record expenses and earnings and make suitable decisions. If you are a freelancer, you can use it to track the work and payments. This simple skill is of great use in all sorts of professions. You can even share this sheet with other stakeholders and discuss it through the comments window provided. Thus, Google Sheets has become an essential skill to learn for the users who want to be career-ready.

Yes, you can! This course is taught through a flexibly paced tutorial. The learners can join this course at their chosen time and pace. Since the course is to be done on mobile phones, you can join it outside the job timings.

LearnVern offers features that ensure complete learning. You can revisit tutorials multiple times to learn Google Sheets to perfection. The course is available for access on mobile devices, computers and TV screens too. The course is career-oriented in all aspects. A National Skill Development Certificate is provided as proof of your skills at the end of the course for a nominal fee.

Google Sheets is quite similar to Excel. So, it may help in learning this course quickly if you have prior knowledge of Excel. However, it is not mandatory.

Google Sheets Course

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