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All design engineering works require experts well-versed in AutoCAD. Product development and design have become more sophisticated in present times. With the best skills in hand, career opportunities become easier to cash upon. LearnVern teaches AutoCAD Mechanical concepts from a practical use perspective.

The growing demand for skilled mechanical engineers is the best reason to do a free AutoCAD course. It can help you have jobs with higher salaries. You can also work as an independent contributor to jobs for design drawing experts. 

LearnVern’s AutoCAD online course is designed to help you prepare for interview questions and get selected for the best-paying jobs.

Train yourself with the best tutorial at LearnVern, which offers a free AutoCAD online course with certificate that adds a lot to your resume. 

Major Job Roles for AutoCAD Mechanical Courses and Salary Data

Consumer products, Manufacturing, Medical Device, Aerospace, Aviation, etc. are some of the sectors where the AutoCAD Mechanical course proves its relevance. This online certification course teaches principles of Computer-aided design and design drawings with ease and perfection. 

The average annual salary data of various job roles where AutoCAD Mechanical is applicable are:

  • Mechanical CAD Designer: Upto 6 lakhs
  • CADD Engineer: Upto 3.6 lakhs
  • Mechanical Design Engineer: Upto 4.5 lakhs
  • Mechanical Draftsman: Upto 6.8 lakhs approx

You can grab lucrative opportunities with the correct knowledge to make isometric drawings and tools needed for independent designing. This Free AutoCAD course is the gateway to all those job opportunities. 

What Will You Learn in the AutoCAD Mechanical Course at LearnVern?

The LearnVern AutoCAD Mechanical course gives practical training to use design and drafting tools. This course walks you through videos that explain how to use various tools of design and drafting such as AutoCAD Mechanical. The major modules included in the AutoCAD online course at LearnVern are:

  • 2D Drafting
  • Isometric Drawings
  • 3D Design
  • All Applications of AutoCAD

Learn how to use various tools of AutoCAD Mechanical and gain practical knowledge of drafting and designing. This course is free of cost for all and in simple English for easy understanding.

Who Should Take the AutoCAD Mechanical Course?

Anyone interested in learning automated ways of creating computer-aided designs should take AutoCAD Mechanical  course at LearnVern. A tutorial designed in simple English is easier to understand. Since industry experts have designed this course, they teach AutoCAD features as used practically in jobs.

The candidates ideal for taking the AutoCAD Mechanical course at LearnVern are:

  • Pursuant of a career in computer-aided design
  • AutoCAD beginners
  • Candidates preparing for interview questions on designing and drafting
  • Those who want to excel in design drawing to work as independent contributors

Next Steps to Learning AutoCAD Mechanical Course 

The free AutoCAD course from LearnVern helps improve your design and drafting skills. This course offers requisite skills needed for design thinking, making isometric drawings, etc. You can also do other courses that are similar to AutoCAD or utilize the learnings from this course, such as:

  • AutoDesk Inventor
  • Simulink
  • Machine Learning
  • Solidworks, etc.

LearnVern offers all these courses at no cost and in an easily understandable language. You get practical knowledge of how to use these skills at work and as an independent contributor.

Why LearnVern for free AutoCAD Mechanical Course 

LearnVern offers the best online AutoCAD certification course that trains design aspirants for jobs with better pay packages. The course walks you through all functionalities provided in AutoCAD and explains in detail their usage. Thus, the students gain ease with using AutoCAD for design and drafting purposes. 

LearnVern is a unique e-learning platform that meets the requirements of students already on the job or doing degree courses. They can access LearnVern’s courses on their mobile devices having iOS and Android environments. The courses are designed to enable learning in a self-paced manner. It suits the working hours of the people who want to add more to their skill-base without losing their jobs.

LearnVern’s AutoCAD course is in sync with the industry’s requirements. Industrial experts throw light on how the design and drafting with the help of AutoCAD is done in companies. Students can understand isometric drawing, 3D designing, etc., to make computer-aided designs.

By doing LearnVern’s AutoCAD free course, aspirants become eligible for National Skill Development Corporation Certificate. This certificate is government-approved and helps a lot in grabbing jobs with good pay packages. The course can be done anywhere, anytime, and does not require attending physical classroom sessions, which offer convenience at its best.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Mechanical CAD Designer
  • CADD Engineer
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Mechanical Draftsmen
  • Automation Design Engineer
  • Sheet Metal Design Engineer

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The LearnVern AutoCAD Mechanical course requires you to have basic knowledge of Engineering Drawing. To access the tutorial, you must have a stable internet connection too. CAD engineering experience is not required to do this course.

About Lakhs of students have benefited by joining LearnVern to upgrade their skills. LearnVern helps achieve all professional endeavours with the following supports:

  • Free of cost courses compatible with all devices
  • Tutorials designed in a self-paced manner for ease of adjusting learning hours
  • Practical training provided by tutorials makes the learners job-ready.

Enroll in the LearnVern AutoCAD free course in English and carve a dependable career in designing and drafting jobs for yourself.


The LearnVern AutoCAD course in English traverses the learners through all features of this designing tool. The working knowledge of how the features are used and their role in developing design drawings are explained through videos. The tutorial available in easy-to-understand language makes it easier for design learners to grasp the concepts effectively.

LearnVern has managed to create an in-classroom environment in the devices only. A discussion board is provided to connect with other students and discuss problems. You also get an assignment and a project to do at the end of the tutorial. 

The LearnVern AutoCAD course is available in English pattern for a clearer understanding. This course comes with the National Skill Development Corporation Certificate, which is recognised countrywide. You can take courses in a self-paced manner and revisit the tutorial until you attain perfection. 

With features like self-learning, device compatibility, relevance to industrial use, and free of cost, the LearnVern AutoCAD Mechanical course stands out among the rest.

LearnVern’s tutorial comprises isometric drawing and managing drawing modules. These modules are further divided into various topics that help you become a complete master of isometric drawings. These drawings are used far and wide in product designing, which is a highly sellable skill these days. 

Hence, right at the beginner phase, the learners can get practical training on the difficult topics about isometric drawing development.

All mechanical engineers and those taking other branches of Engineering learn Engineering Drawing in their first semester. This knowledge of Engineering Drawing is one of the requisites of the LearnVern AutoCAD certificate course.

LearnVern offers several courses that provide practical knowledge of using tools applicable in mechanical engineering. Some of the courses available are Machine Drawing, Simulink, AutoDesk Inventor, and Solidworks. These courses are also available in easy to understand language at LearnVern and are free of cost.

The LearnVern AutoCAD online free certificate course prepares you for making drawings independently. It teaches precautions to take, layering, and principles of 2D drafting. All these features make a learner job-ready for the roles that involve drafting and designing activities.

LearnVern’s AutoCAD certificate course suits the requirements of jobholders perfectly. It is available on devices with iOS and Android environments that help aspirants to access the course without going to a physical class. They have the facility to do the course at leisure and can revisit the tutorial as and when required. Hence, you can do this course without giving up your current source of income.

Subject experts offer unlimited study material along with the tutorial. You also get access to a discussion board where you can connect with other students for discussing the problems. Social community support allows you to know about the latest developments and acquaints you with other advancements in the field.

AutoCAD Mechanical in English

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