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LearnVern’s Soft Skills Online Course is the right choice for a promising career

Knowing technical skills is important, but knowing only these may not help. Companies require you to work in groups, lead teams and also be a problem-solver. They look up to you as inspirational people with strong work ethics and always in control of a situation. Hence, personality tests through interviews, group discussions, etc. is a common thing to expect during the selection process. LearnVern Soft Skills tutorial touches upon all the aspects of communication, teamwork, negotiation skill, etc. and much more. 

It is a training program supportive of your chances of coming into the radar of recruiters. In addition to technical skills, you can gather knowledge of people management, situation control, creating a cohesive environment for all, and so on. Thus, your chances of staying in a competitive work environment increase and you become confident to carry out your roles of responsibilities

Target job roles of the Soft Skills online course

Soft skills online course is not a qualifying criteria but does equip candidates with the desirable attributes. This course is suitable for any graduate or working professional. However, it is a must-have for the candidates who are keen on working as life coaches, or personality development coaches, corporate trainers, public speaking coaches etc.

Average annual salary for various roles that you can take up after completing this online program from LearnVern are mentioned here:

  • Corporate trainer: 4-8 lakhs 
  • Soft skills trainer: 3-5 lakhs
  • Communication coach: 5-9 lakhs
  • Soft skills lecturer: 2.4 lakhs- 4.8 lakhs

What to expect in the LearnVern Soft Skills Online Training

LearnVern Soft Skills online training program is a perfect tool that can bring 360 degree makeover to your personality. Right from the basic training such as making the first impression to having a suitable attitude while negotiating terms with clients, you can learn it all during this program. Though some people are born to lead, a few others require an extra push to bring out their leadership traits. This course helps you build an outgoing, pleasant personality and allows you to learn job-appropriate behavior.

Various modules of this free online Soft Skills training program are dedicated to imparting knowledge on the following:

  • Understanding communication and its types
  • Build yourself as a brand – personal branding
  • Interview training and creating impressions
  • Office etiquette
  • Adopting a constructive approach towards feedbacks
  • Team-leading
  • Problem-solving
  • Negotiation skills
  • Time and performance management
  • Stress management and multi-tasking, etc.

Who should you take this soft skills training program from LearnVern?

Hindi Soft skills training program from LearnVern is designed to make candidates confident, responsible and better in their approach towards work and life. This program can be signed up by graduates, entrepreneurs and students. It is essential to break the mold and take responsibilities in a result-oriented manner that is learnt through this program. 

That is why this training is catching up with the masses. The course assures people of having a better approach towards subordinates, peers, clients and also the work. Whether you are a housewife trying to set up a business, or a student preparing for the interview or a job holder trying to move on to promoted levels, this course can help you cut the competition.

Soft skills have become important parts of personality judgment, and these are needed to make better and everlasting impressions. You can earn a lot of clientele through positive testimonials from people you deal with. Thus, the people looking for ways to develop personal branding can opt for this course and give a scaffold to their career.

Soft skills training topics for learning and for job roles

Soft skills are one of the areas where you can become a teacher or even enter the corporate world. That is why, the modules in our training program are designed keeping both the job as well as learning needs in mind. 

If you want to enroll for this program purely for the purpose of learning soft skills, and want to establish a personality development training brand of yourself, you can select the relevant modules. Job seekers also can benefit from the suitable topics included in the program tutorial.

Soft skills training topics for learning

  • Effective Communication
  • Campus to corporate
  • Managing interviews
  • Managing impressions
  • Managing feedback
  • Office etiquette
  • Stress management
  • Negotiation skills
  • Time management
  • Creative thinking
  • Art of persuasion

Soft skills topics for job roles

In addition to the topics for learning, job seekers can hone their interpersonal skills and client management skills further by mastering modules such as:

  • Skills for new managers
  • Negotiation skills
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Art of multitasking
  • Leadership

Next steps to Soft skills online training program

Soft skills online training in Hindi from LearnVern prepares you for life after campus. It is a preparation support that you need when you want to project yourself as a sellable and reliable entity in the employment world. The course can prepare you for the roles of

  • Corporate trainers
  • Personnel managers
  • Human resource executives and interns
  • Office managers
  • Client servicing executives
  • Customer relationship developers and managers
  • Communication coaches
  • Personality development experts

Why LearnVern for Soft Skills Training program?

LearnVern soft skills training program comes free of cost. It is a government initiative that aims at making Indian youth skilled and self-dependent. All courses are designed in a self-paced manner so that job holders, housewives, independent consultants, freelancer, and business owners, too, can take advantage of these courses. The tutorial is available in multiple languages apart from English. Thus, people from all regions of India can have the requisite set of skills on their resume even if they find English a hindrance in their way of gaining skills.

LearnVern Soft Skills training experts are the best in the industry and have managed a prolific career. They put their expertise and knowledge of current trends in offering the best soft skills teaching. There is a lot of emphasis on practical knowledge and you will find a complete resource pool of tutorials, mock interviews, role plays, public speaking assignments, etc. as a part of the curriculum. 

You can avail facilities such as self-paced learning tutorials, assignments, activities, practical training, discussion forums and lots of downloadable materials. The overall emphasis is on one-on-one tutoring and personalized individual attention provided through lectures on-demand and other facilities.

LearnVern is available in the form of an app as well. You can learn from anywhere, anytime and have all the study material stored on your device. 

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  • Corporate Trainer
  • Soft Skills Trainer
  • Communication Coach
  • Soft skills Lecturer
  • English Teacher

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Soft Skills course by LearnVern requires basic knowledge of computers and the internet. There is no technical expertise required. Students from all streams can take this course as an additional skill to learn. Access to a mobile phone can help you join this course from anywhere, anytime.

LearnVern offers the best support for mastering soft skills. It offers courses in Hindi and other vernacular languages; hence, you can break language barriers. Also, the program is available in a self-paced manner allowing you to do the course with the main vocation. The certification is Govt. approved, which makes it easier to get recognized as a certified soft skills programmer. Most importantly, it is free of cost!

Yes, LearnVern offers a complete knowledge of soft skills through detailed modules. There are soft skills for learning and also for taking up job roles. These skills encompass communication, dressing for corporate, team leadership, time management, stress management, negotiation skills, and lot more. All these skills are meticulously and extensively covered in the LearnVern course. You can enroll for this program free of cost, in the language of your choice and continue it in a self-paced manner.

Students, undergraduates, graduates, trainer job aspirants, even housewives and self-employed individuals can enroll for thiss training program at LearnVern. This training program does not require you to be qualified in any specific stream and can serve your needs of learning how to be a leader at work and manage teams and clients.

Soft skills tutorial in Hindi is designed for both learners and entrepreneurs and company executives. There are modules on communication, etiquette, interview preparation, etc. which help the students. If you are eying at job roles with better responsibilities, you may find suitable learning materials in modules like time management, stress management, team management, negotiation skills, multitasking, problem-solving, attitude towards feedback, etc.

Yes, you can take up this course along with your current job. This course is self-paced and does not require you to skip jobs and attend classes. Tutorials are accessible from anywhere, anytime through the app. There are discussion forums and regular emails provided to students to keep them updated on the classes and the lectures completed. You can also take practice tests at suitable time to assess the progress of learning.

The USP of LearnVern Soft Skills Course is that it is designed in Hindi and other vernacular languages. The program is an initiative of the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and National Skills Development Corporation. It is a well-known fact that not all people in India are comfortable with English and leave several courses because of incompatibility with language. LearnVern is designed to reach more and more people of India and bring to them more learning opportunities and become skilled. It is a step toward making Indian Youth self-sufficient and eligible for all types of jobs and responsible posts. Thus, designing in Hindi is aimed at making education more inclusive.

Soft Skills - Essentials to Start Career

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