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Different ways of making Money as a Freelancer through Digital Marketing?

In this video we are going to learn everything about Freelancing Industry and get different ways of Money making ideas as a Freelancer through Digital Marketing. After Covid-19 pandemic, many people have shown interest in this Industry. You can basically work from your own Home and you have no boss to answer now.

Following are the points which we should always keep in mind before starting Freelancing journey :
- Identify your niche (SEO, Social Media, Google ad, lead generation)
- People fail as they end up doing everything
- Write a 200 words Bio that describe you and your skills
- Create your online presence - Website, Linkedin profile, Freelancing profile (Upwork, Guru)
- Be Active on Linkedin, share content, network with others and connect with your potential clients
- Bid the right project and offer small demo work, if you have previous work - share testimonials
- Cold emails, focus on what you can do rather than what you did for others
- Referrals

Now we will see an important Freelance platform ''.

We will first go to '' & then create one profile which will help us to engage with others. Also when ever we are new to any freelance website, we should create a portfolio of ourself, and mention all the skills which we have to get understanding about ourselves.

We can simply click on 'Add Project' option and we will be able to Add our portfolio project. After that we will enter a brief project title and related specialised profile. We need to set the completion date also.

After that we will go to profile settings and understand which things needs to be added. We need to select profile preference on the basis of long term projects or short term projects.

After that we need to give our self experience level ranking, based upon the work which we have done till now.

On the next step we will be asked to select category. Therefore we will select some categories and then move further.

At last we can also add and link our social media accounts with our portfolio.

Thus this are different ways to Make Money as a Freelancer through Digital Marketing.

Now after adding portfolio the website gets to know that what are our Interest & skills, and it will automatically find best matching job for us in the 'Best Matches' section.

While we are looking for new upwork job, we can see that there are many jobs available and number of clients are also there.

Therefore we can now understand that why Freelancing is growing and which are the different platforms to be a successful freelancer and make good money.

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