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Understanding the basic Reports of Google Analytics

Now to understand Google Analytics and its different types of reports we will use a demo account ''. It is an official Google Merchandise store where people buy their favourite items regarding Google.

So now we will go to demo account of Google Analytics for the Google Merchandise website which we mentioned & see different reports.

First one is audience report in which we are given complete overview about users which are coming daily, hourly, weekly, or monthly on our website. We also have an option of 'Date range' in which we can change it according to our requirement and see the statistics of Audience visiting our website. We can also see the analytics of users, new users, sessions, number of sessions per user, page views, bounce rate, Average session duration, and other demographics also. In Google Analytics, we can also see that which browsers are used by the the visitors visiting our website, in case of '' we have 76% visitors using Google Chrome browser, while 16.25% are using Apple's Safari browser. We can also get an idea of what operating system users are using whether Android, IOS, Linux, or Windows.

Now we can add another Segment in Audience Report which can help understand our traffic better and get complete fragmentation of our all datas. When we click on 'Add segment' we will be provided a list of segments name and from there we can select any segment which we want to apply and see its action. Different type of segments are bounced sessions, converters, direct traffic, mobile and tablet traffic, multi-session users, now users, all users, made a purchase etc... If we are adding Bounced sessions segment, we will be able to see bounced sessions reports and all users reports both together in our Google Analytics dashboard.

We can also manage & see different stats in Demographics section like what are the numbers of users of particular age visiting, their genders, and in which language. Also we can see reports of users from particular locations.

Similarly, we can get report of our users session by their web and mobile technologies. Which operating system they are using, in which screen resolution, on which device category, and in which version of browser, etc... all things can be tracked by Google Analytics Technology segment.

We can also get reports of last 7 days, or 14 days, or 28 days Active users which has visited our website. It can be seen with the 'Active Users' option available beneath Audience reports.

Other option which is available in Audience reports is 'Lifetime Value'. LTV can be used to count users captured by different platforms & let you understand how Important different users are to any business based on their overall lifetime performance. When we scroll down in this segment we can see that different acquisition channels with their number of users & total Revenue (also revenue per user).

Now we have another analysis which is named as 'Cohort Analysis' report. This analysis shows us and tells us that how an user is retaining on our website.

Also in the Geo section, we have Location option which shows us all about users records, their sessions, bounce rate, pages, average session duration, transactions, revenue etc... based on their particular location ie. countrywise. We can also segregate the provided ie. we can see all the analysis citywise for any particular city.

So like this by using all the the options available in Audience report we can track and get a perfect Analysis about what audience is responding to our website.

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