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How to set up Instagram Marketing Account?

In this video we are going to see that how we can set up Instagram marketing account and can work with it to succeed.

In any platform, Content is very important. Therefore there are certain things which we need to see regarding Instagram content.

Following are the list of Content ideas which we can make on Instagram & increase our following :
- IG Stories
- Giveaway
- Quotes
- Before After
- Promotional Posts
- Brand Story
- Interview
- Trend Jacking
- User generated content
- Videos
- Ask me Anything
- Tutorial

To grow on Instagram we need to use it's all features like Instagram stories, reels, IGTV etc...
- Post daily for multiple times
- Pictures and Videos goes Viral
- Stories stay for 24 hours
- Add them in Highlights

If we want to succeed in Instagram marketing then we should mainly focus on Marketing content and Optimising our content in such a way that it can hold the user and he/she is stick to our profile for long time.
- Algorithm optimizes for User experience and dwell time
- The more time user spends on Instagram, they generate more ad revenue
- Creating valuable content make users stuck on platform

Following are some algorithms which can work for us to grow in Instagram -
- Post Multiple times a day
- Utilise the features of Instagram like stories and reels
- Creating valuable content make users stick on platform

The below mentioned Instagram secrets can help us to grow our profile -
- Feed content + IG story + Highlights + IG Live + DMs + Comment Engagement
- Repost, Repurpose
- Like & comment on similar accounts
- Post regularly multiple times a day
- Collaborations

One of the important thing which we should focus on more is writing in our Instagram posts.
- Make relevant caption
- Show value sooner than later
- Tell your followers to engage
- Check most successful people/profiles in your niche

SEO for Instagram :
- Optimise profile for keywords
- Include primary keywords in your display name
- Use keyword in bio
- #tag as a keyword

Using the below mentioned Instagram growth hacks, we can grow our IG profile.
- Tagging people in post
- Commenting
- DMs
- Comment Replies
- Use of Emojis

If you have find similar profile which is matching to your niche then you can work with them as an Influencer.
- Work with your niche Influencers
- Check their engagement
- Focus on Posting Frequency
- Go live with that Influencer and engage with each others audience

Hence, this is how we can set up our Instagram marketing Account. All the Instagram growth hacks and things which we have seen in this video can help us grow our business at very huge amount because Instagram is one of the most engaging platform nowadays and has very vast Audience.

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