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LearnVern Google My Business Course In Easy to Understand Language

Google My Business is quite a time-relevant course. Right from smaller to Fortune 500 companies employ this tool to boost online presence. This course gives a 100% boost to salary and helps you grow as an SEO specialist. The SEO sector is exploding due to high demand with more than 20,000 jobs offered almost every day. This competition can become easy to cut with the LearnVern Google My Business certification course that covers free tutorials and a lot more.

LearnVern teaches crucial actions of this feature such as how to add or register a business, create a post, research on best places, update contact details, etc. This course is provided in Hindi and helps you become crucial to clients’ success.

Major jobs related to Google My Business training course and average salary

Google My Business course at LearnVern is the best fit for the professionals working in the digital marketing space. This basic course is suitable for entrepreneurs too. The main objective of the certification course is to train candidates in using the feature for online promotion purposes. You can employ this skill while working as a freelancer and individual contributor as well. So, whether you are a fan of 9 to 5 jobs, or independent roles attract you, the course can help meet your professional objectives.

The course prepares you for the following job roles:

  • Business development executive: Avg. salary 15000-24000 per month depending on experience
  • Digital marketing executive: Avg. salary 20000-30000 per month 

Besides the job seekers, entrepreneurs can also do this course if they want to promote their business among online audience through local SEO techniques.

What you will learn in LearnVern free Google My Business tutorial

Google My Business training course at LearnVern provides step-by-step tutorial on using this feature to promote business online. You can start with how to set up business on Google My Business, ways to create posts, measure results with business analytics, etc. You also learn about citation audit, writing business descriptions, and how to make the website visible with this tool.

Important modules of the Google My Business training course are:

  • Google My Business Basics and Overview
  • Post and post-image creation
  • Info – How to Update Products, Business Descriptions, etc.
  • Insights – Measure with Business Analytics, Profile ranking keyword study
  • Dealing with reviews and negative reviews
  • Products, Product-Image, Images, Services
  • Google My Business Page creation and writing description
  • How to create a website on GMB
  • Citation Audit
  • How to run ads/local business ads
  • Ranking factors and checklist

Who should be taking Google My Business Tutorial in Hindi?

LearnVern Google My Business Course Certification in Hindi is provided online. This course teaches the basics of the GMB tool and trains on how to use it for enhancing online presence. The course helps SEO professionals provide better service to clients, and offers specialized skills to digital marketers on the job. The ideal candidates for this course are:

  • Graduates and undergraduates
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Marketing professional
  • SEO executives
  • Internet marketing interns

The course offers intensive training and provides a working knowledge of Google My Business feature. If you are trying to make a mark as an SEO specialist, you must learn this tool. With no cost to bear and recognized by Govt. of India, this course brightens your chances of getting high-paying jobs.

Why Google My Business Course at LearnVern is industry-relevant

Google launches several features to help businesses boost their online presence. Google My Business is one such tool that capitalizes on online local presence. This feature has become an important skill to gain to help businesses stay in the game. LearnVern online tutorial is industry-relevant because:

All products and services are searched on Google first, hence, businesses need to learn how to use Google for added visibility

  • The step-by-step tutorial helps in using this feature like a pro
  • SEO experts can enhance business’s traffic by using GMB
  • It makes learners eligible for jobs in MNCs and other high paying jobs

Google My Business is entirely a practical skill required at the workdesk. You may teach it to others on mastering this course if you plan to coach people on SEO activities. All modules are relevant both for learning and job roles.

Next steps to learning Google My Business Course at LearnVern

LearnVern Google My Business prepares learners for various SEO jobs. This course also forms the premise for doing other courses related to digital marketing. It allows learners to deliver more value to SEO clients. It helps you achieve a smooth transition from lower to higher levels of the digital marketing department. After completing this course, you can enroll on other courses, such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics

All these courses are also available for free at LearnVern. The Google My Business course is ideal for SEO starters who want to enrich their skill-set. Stay updated on SEO activities that you are required to do with this online tutorial. 

Why join LearnVern for Google My Business course in Hindi

LearnVern has broken the language barriers for students by offering a Google My Business certification course in Hindi. In this course, learners can get knowledge of listing optimization training, listing process training, free business profile creation guide, and etc. The course covers all processes involved in GMB business profile creation and boosting and explains it through a step-by-step tutorial.

This online course spreads all topics into video tutorials having 10+ hours of videos, assignments, a quiz and several downloadable contents. The course provides access to a discussion board where students can interact with each other. This board promotes community learning and can help the student find solutions to the problem whenever stuck.

The study material such as videos, articles, etc. is accessible for a lifetime. The students can take this course from anywhere at the time of their choice. Our video tutorial is both iOS and Android-friendly. There is a facility to cast the course on a bigger screen of the TVs too.

This course helps you stay updated on the latest Google trends SEO experts should know about. The training program can help you improve your business’s online presence. It is essential for improving local SEO knowledge. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an SEO executive, or a digital marketer, you can benefit from this certification.

LearnVern Google My Business course is recognized by National Skills Development Corporation and is a part of the Skill India initiative. This association makes LearnVern courses useful for getting jobs and starting an enterprise on your own.

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  • SEO Executive

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Google My Business certification course can be done easily. You require basic knowledge of the internet and computer only. You may be a student, an undergraduate or a graduate, or an entrepreneur to take this course. It does not require technical qualifications of any kind.

LearnVern offers the ubiquitous platform for learning Google My Business. This e-learning platform offers students lifetime access to video tutorials. Discussion boards and social media communities are provided for solving queries. The courses are recognized by the Govt. and are part of the Skill India Initiative; thus, these help a lot in improving chances of selection for jobs. LearnVern does not charge anything for courses.


LearnVern Google My Business certification in Hindi provides complete knowledge of this local SEO tool. The basics module provides knowledge of concepts like how to add my business to Google maps, etc. Other topics like how to create posts, update business information, or measure results through analytics, helps build an in-depth understanding of this feature.

Google My Business is a tool for using Google to promote business online. It leverages local SEO to help businesses reach a localized audience. The visitors can find the product or service of their choice by referring to the Google My Business listing. Keyword insertion, product image, captioning, and measuring with analytics are used for extracting benefits from this tool.

Simple activities available to learn in this Certification from LearnVern are:

  • How to add my business to Google Maps
  • How to add keywords in Google My Business
  • How to add a phone number, and several others.

All these training modules provide practical knowledge for using this feature for business promotion purposes. As a result of this training, the students can perform activities like adding multiple locations, verifying GMB profiles, and promoting a business on Google for free. Thus, this training program provides step-by-step support to create a GMB profile and enrich, update it for better visibility. LearnVern also has provided an assignment and a quiz to check mastery in these activities.

LearnVern has included all activities related to Google My Business. Performance analytics is one of them. The students learn about citation audit, how to deal with reviews, business page ranking, etc. These analytical features help assess business performance. The tool is local SEO-friendly. LearnVern offers all learning support in Hindi and through an experienced trainer that has benefitted 100+ businesses through GMB presence.

LearnVern Google My Business course can be done by anyone and everyone. By only using computer knowledge and the internet, even undergraduates can start working as SEO experts by learning this feature along with other digital marketing courses. Undergraduates can explore and enhance their SEO skills further and take independent contracts to provide promotional support to businesses. Site owners can learn all the related activities and use the popular search engine to uplift local SEO presence.

LearnVern Google My Business certification can be of great utility in learning advanced skills of SEO and online business promotion. In addition to this course, the learners can go for other studies like:

  • Google Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

LearnVern is an online education platform. This e-learning platform offers the flexibility of time and region to its students. They can access the course materials like video tutorials, etc. for a lifetime on registering. Also, the courses are accessible offline, through an app, and on all devices of preference. Hence, candidates need not spare time to attend a class physically. If required, they can email queries to coaches, or join discussion boards for knowledge exchange. All job holders can do this course along with their main occupation, in their free time.

Our course certificate is govt. recognized. It helps in getting jobs easily. The courses are provided in Hindi and other languages easier to understand. People with minimal educational qualifications or right from student level can join this course. It is suitable for entrepreneurs too. Most importantly, the course is absolutely free of cost. Thus, there is no excuse left for not developing your skill-set. Join LearnVern today.

Google My Business - Optimize Your Business Listings

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