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How to select Domain Name for Effective Digital Marketing

How To Select Domain Name In Digital Marketing?

You must wonder, what is a domain name? Domain name means the name by which the user reach you. If it is not proper, then the customer will find difficulty in reaching you. It would be difficult to change it after the business is started. So plan your domain name very well before starting your business. So let’s see which parameters should be considered while choosing a domain name.

  • It should be easy to type. 
  • If possible, keep it short because lengthy words can lead to mistyping & misspelling. 
  • A domain name should be memorable and catchy.
  • Use keywords and create a relevant name.
  • Target your area/region.
  • Avoid numbers and special characters.
  • Make sure it is not trademarked, copyrighted.
  • Use an appropriate domain name extension (suffix)
  • Protect it and build your brand
  • Act fast and reserve your domain name

To find a domain owner, as shown in the video, go to or To purchase a domain, you can go to Godaddy, Bigrocks or Hostgator.

In the video, practical is shown for how to see the owner of a domain in Godaddy. Just type name in the search box, and you will see all details about that site. Another example is explained for purchasing a new domain. First, you have to check if it not taken by someone. In Bigrock and Hostgator, you can search for domains and buy them.


Pick a domain name that's simple to type:

  • Keep it brief.
  • Make use of keywords.
  • Concentrate your efforts on a certain area.
  • Numbers and hyphens should be avoided.
  • Make a lasting impression.
  • Look into it.
  • Select a domain name extension that is appropriate for your needs.

There are many steps involved in selecting the right domain name for your website, including:

  • Choosing an appropriate keyword or phrase to represent your company;
  • Searching for available domains;
  • Checking availability and pricing;
  • Evaluating potential risks associated with selecting a particular domain name; and more!

  • One of the most important factors that influence the ranking of a website is its domain name. The more relevant and unique a domain name is, the better it is for SEO (search engine optimization).
  • Domain names should be able to pass on your brand’s identity, not just a keyword. For example, if you are an online shoe retailer and you want to rank in Google search engine for “shoes”, your domain name should be something like “”.

The domain name, for example, could point to the physical address 198.102. 434.8. and are two other domain name examples. Using a domain name rather than a numeric IP address to designate a location on the Internet makes it much easier to remember and enter web addresses.

SEO services, organisations, and providers are various terms used to describe digital marketing services. They are online marketing experts who use digital channels such as websites, SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media to promote businesses online.

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