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LearnVern’s Adv. Android course offers a complete working knowledge of app development tools like Android Studio. The tutorial is designed to meet the learning requirements of budding app developers. A step-by-step guide provided through an easy tutorial in Hindi equips you with the working skills required for app development. This comprehensive course makes you job-ready and prepares you for a big leap in your professional career as an app developer. Join LearnVern’s Advanced Android course and upgrade your app development skills at no cost. It is free of cost for all.





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Course Curriculum

Assignment : Android Device Connectivity


Quiz : Android Device Connectivity


Quiz : Firebase Authentication and Storage with Demo



Top Advanced Android Course Online in Hindi by Experts

Advanced Android is a time-relevant course. It can help you fill the huge demand for app developers. The businesses increase their reach to the customers through applications. They need professionals to create apps that display their ideas in a brand-specific manner. The Advanced Android course is suitable for enhancing your app development skills.

 LearnVern’s Advanced Android Developer course is unique and user-friendly in all aspects. It is designed in Hindi to reach the masses and encourage them to acquire the best skills. The tutorial is a step-by-step guide that teaches JAVA, OOPS, UI development, Android Studio, etc. You can use this course to prepare for Android advanced interview questions and get breakthroughs in top companies.

What are the major job roles related to Advanced Android Course and salary data?

LearnVern’s Advanced Android course prepares you for the jobs that are in high demand these days. It makes you eligible for jobs like:

  • Android Developer
  • Mobile App Developer 

 You can also work as a freelance mobile and web app developer by acquiring skills from this course. It is designed by industry experts who know the relevant skills companies look for in their developers. The Android Advanced training tutorial prepared by experts explains in detail all app development tools currently in use. With skills acquired by this course, you can provide services as an independent contractor too. 

Important job roles and their salary data

  • Android Developer: up to 6 lakhs per annum
  • Mobile App Developer: up to 5.6 lakhs per annum

Join this course at LearnVern to learn Advanced Android development skills; it costs nothing and offers you amazing opportunities to work in top companies and develop your app services venture.

Details of the LearnVern Advanced Android App Development Course in Hindi

The LearnVern Advanced Android Developer Course in Hindi provides you with complete training on a mobile app and Android app development. It teaches you the most time-relevant skills required for Android app development. The course covers basic to advanced topics related to app development. You can find in the LearnVern Advanced Android Development tutorial a detailed explanation of concepts of JAVA, Android app development-related UI and widgets, activities, menu, storage, and a lot more. Major modules covered are:

  • Introduction to JAVA programming
  • Introduction to Android 
  • Activity and Intent
  • Android Menu
  • Android storage
  • Android Multimedia
  • Android SQLite
  • XML and JSON Parsing
  • Volley Fetch JSON
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Recycler View List
  • Android Google Maps
  • Intro Slider
  • Adding Advertisements, and a lot more.

This Android Advanced course for beginners in Hindi at LearnVern allows you to take the next big steps in your career and get jobs with the best salary packages.

Who should be taking the Advanced Android Course in Hindi at LearnVern?

LearnVern’s Advanced Android course is designed in Hindi for all Indian Youth having basic skills in Android programming. This course is ideal for:

  • Students who want to learn Android development
  • Mobile app development professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Computer/IT graduates
  • Those who want to build complex applications

Enroll in the LearnVern Advanced Android Course to get complete guidance on how to use Android and JAVA to build complex mobile applications. It can provide you with a breakthrough in mobile app development companies.

Why the Android Advanced Course at LearnVern is more industry-relevant

We all wake up to one or the other application on our mobile phones. Every service is at our fingertips through a mobile application. Top companies invest a lot in mobile applications. They hire in-house Android development teams too and pay them good salaries. By doing an advanced Android app development course, students can become eligible for high-paying jobs in the best companies.

This course is designed to impart practical skills for Android app development. The learners can employ all the skills to make complex applications independently. It enables them to start their venture as app development experts too. 

Next steps to learning Advanced Android Course at LearnVern

The Advanced Android Development course prepares you for job interviews, independent freelance work, and managerial posts in good companies. You can do this course to bag better career opportunities. It enables learners to create complex applications with ease and helps businesses convert their ideas into solutions.

Other courses possible to do after the LearnVern Advanced Android programming course are:

  • Python and Python (En)
  • DevOps
  • Web scraping Python
  • Web Scraping with Selenium
  • React, etc.

Give your career a sustainable boost with the Android Advanced training program. It can help you get better job opportunities with high salary packages. 

Why LearnVern for Advanced Android App Development

LearnVern has helped thousands of students from different backgrounds upgrade their working skills. The courses at LearnVern including the Advanced Android Developer course provide practical expertise that makes learners job-ready. The courses are designed to build skills with a gradual but firm pace. The students can revisit the tutorial and access a discussion board too to ensure complete learning. Best experts, more than 3 hours of video tutorial, and unlimited downloadable content offer an in-classroom experience to students. 

Learn Advanced Android Development at LearnVern where the best experts explain the whole tutorial in Hindi. Students can do this course using a self-paced approach. At the end of the course, you get a National Skill Development Certificate which proves beneficial in job search and helps establish your own business too.

LearnVern’s Advanced Android Course is free of cost for all. It is available on all devices with iOS and Android platforms. The learners can access the course anytime as per their requirements. It makes it possible to enhance your skills without losing the job at hand.

The LearnVern Advanced Android development course requires you to know the basics of Android programming. Students must have access to a mobile device with Android and iOS platforms. A stable internet connection is required too.

More than 65,000 students have benefitted by trusting LearnVern. This e-learning platform has broken all barriers to learning and provided a convenient way of upgrading skills to students. It helps the students with:

  • Easy to understand tutorials designed in Hindi
  • Anywhere, anytime access to courses on mobile devices
  • National Skill Development Certificate provided at the end of the course that helps a lot in boosting career


LearnVern’s Advanced Android course walks students through the complete process of app development. How to do UI programming, object-oriented programming, adding advertisement, Google Maps, and Android Studio use are some important modules included in the course. By studying all these features, the learners can have complete knowledge of the app development process. This course helps you become an accomplished Android developer or mobile app developer.

The LearnVern Android course helps understand how to install Android Studio, UI and Android Multimedia, etc. which are suitable for students who want to learn to make complex applications. This course helps students who want to learn Advanced Android programming. It also benefits the professionals who want to acquire a new skill to take up Android coding jobs or app development jobs. If you have basic Android knowledge, you can join this course and have the best benefits.

The LearnVern Course has a dedicated module for Android Studio. Students learn Android Studio basics, setting an environment, creating and importing projects, etc. This course covers every aspect of employing Android Studio to make mobile applications, etc., and helps the student have functional expertise in the subject.

LearnVern’s advanced Android course is available for free. Despite being free, it is extensively designed and is career-oriented. There is no compromise with quality. This e-learning platform offers ease of learning by providing this course in Hindi. It can be accessed on mobile devices and does not require students to leave their jobs and go for classroom coaching. The course comes with a National Skill Development Corporation Certificate that is recognized across the country.

The LearnVern Advanced Android course requires you to have basic knowledge of Android programming. You must have basic computer knowledge and a stable internet connection to access the tutorial without interruptions. You may also download the LearnVern app to extract its best benefits.

The LearnVern Advanced Android development beginner to advanced course covers all important topics through well-defined modules. It starts with Introduction to Android and takes you to advanced topics like UI, Activity and Intent, Menu, Storage, and other functionalities of app development tools.

After doing the LearnVern Advanced Android developer course, you qualify for the jobs of mobile app developer, Android developer, mobile app programmer, etc. You can also use this skill to work as an independent contributor.

Yes, you can do this course along with your current job. The LearnVern Android Advanced training tutorial can be accessed on your devices anywhere, anytime. So, it will never clash with your working hours as you can study it at your chosen time. Also, being device-friendly, it allows you to do the course without leaving your current location.

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