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Complete Machine Learning Course in English

Almost all sectors are investing a lot in intelligence-driven solutions like AI, VR, etc. The companies using AI-led functionalities need Machine Learning experts to carry out process automation, reduce wastage and operate in a demand-based manner. With this course, you can achieve a 60% hike in salary and placement in more than 600 jobs.

The LearnVern Complete Machine Learning Tutorial teaches clustering, cross-validation, algorithms, and how to apply them to make machines automatic and intelligent. All these topics offer job-relevant training and help you become career-ready.

What are the major job roles related to Machine Learning courses and salary data?

Machine Learning is an in-demand course that trains candidates on using algorithms of various types to meet operational smoothness and intuitive working. This skill is needed to grab several job opportunities that come with a promise of growth and better salary packages. Some of the job roles and their annual salary data are as mentioned below:

  • Machine Learning Engineer: up to 8.5 lakhs
  • Data Scientist: up to 10 lakhs 
  • Software Engineer: up to 8 lakhs
  • Artificial Intelligence Expert: up to 9 lakhs

Detail of the free Machine Learning Course in English

LearnVern’s course covers all basic to advanced topics and easily explains them through a video-based tutorial. You can revisit this tutorial till you attain mastery in concepts such as:

  • Dimensionality Reduction, 
  • Cross-Validation, 
  • Hyperparameter Tuning, 
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Advanced trends in Machine Learning 
  • Evaluating Performance ModelData pre-processing, 
  • Classification algorithms, 
  • Regression algorithms, 
  • Clustering algorithms, Association rule mining, etc.

All these concepts can make you well-conversed with using machine learning applications professionally. The learnings from this tutorial can help crack interview questions and be the first choice of recruiters.

Who should be taking the Machine Learning Course?

The Machine Learning Course from LearnVern is designed to help programmers achieve a smooth transition to Data Science and AI jobs from simple coding jobs. Using their knowledge of Python, C++, and other coding languages, they can design algorithms and apply them at jobs. The best candidates to join this course are:

  • High school students with knowledge of mathematics
  • Students with basic knowledge of programming (Java/Python/C+) 
  • Bachelor of Mathematics or Statistics
  • Any working professional in the software development field
  • A job aspirant in data analytics or data science field

All these profiles can benefit from the free machine learning course from LearnVern where the job-oriented course is offered in a self-paced manner to make learning convenient.

Why is the Machine Learning Course at LearnVern more industry-relevant?

LearnVern simplifies the difficult topics to learn by explaining them through a video tutorial in English for easy understanding. It helps candidates become thorough in the concepts and learn how to use machine learning at work. The Machine Learning Tutorial from LearnVern teaches topics suitable for both learning and work. 

You can find here the topics suitable for learning purposes solely, such as:

  • Advanced trends in Machine Learning, 
  • Evaluating Performance Models

These modules are suitable for academic purposes. The topics relevant for industrial applications included in LearnVern’s machine learning course for beginners are Data pre-processing, classification algorithms, regression algorithms, clustering algorithms, association rule mining, dimensionality reduction, etc. The students are given two projects to do at the end of the tutorial that makes them comfortable with machine learning applications to be used professionally.

Next steps to learning Machine Learning Course in English at LearnVern

The objective of this course is to make learners career-ready in the field of Machine Learning. Right from the basics like ‘what is machine learning?’ to design and apply algorithms, students get to learn all concepts as required at work. This course prepares you to do the jobs as a data scientist, AI engineer, Python machine learning expert, etc. Also, you can do other courses as mentioned below, where you can apply the learnings of this course and enrich your skill-set. 

  • Supervised and unsupervised machine learning course
  • Natural language processing
  • Data structures & Algorithms
  • MS SQL
  • C++ and Python,
  • Data Science, etc. 

Why LearnVern for Machine Learning in English Course

LearnVern is the best resource for doing machine learning certification courses as it offers a complete infrastructure to have the best learning experience. Students can find the tutorial explained in simple English language. All concepts are explained through a video tutorial that covers basic concepts, how to use machine learning, etc. to advanced applications. Such a thorough structure of tutorials helps you become an expert.

There is no cost involved when you enroll in the LearnVern Machine Learning Training program. You learn for free and pay only for the certification.

LearnVern reaches the candidates through mobile applications and websites. Thus, the students can do the course at their convenience on their devices. This self-paced structure allows students to continue with their jobs or degree programs while adding new skills to their profiles.

Easy instruction method, complete knowledge, best experts, and also a chance to share knowledge through discussion board and community support make LearnVern the best choice for the Machine Learning Online Course.

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  • Machine Learning Engineers
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  • Data Analysts
  • Data Scientists

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The knowledge of mathematics, basic programming, and computers.

LearnVern has become the most talked-about destination for doing skill-development courses online. More than 1 lakh students have enrolled in various courses at this e-learning platform and benefitted from the features, such as:

  • Video-based tutorials providing practical demonstrations
  • Device-friendly courses for anywhere, anytime learning
  • Courses are career-oriented and help students build time-relevant skills.

Students get the National Skill Development Certificate that helps in the job search as it is recognised country-wide.


LearnVern teaches thoroughly the basic to advanced concepts in machine learning. The topics give a clear idea about machine learning in a comprehensive manner. Since all topics are explained in English and through video, you can easily grasp and apply the concepts by doing this course from LearnVern.

The students get a 40+ hour video content that walks them through all basic to advanced concepts. Experts who have years of experience in applying Machine Learning professionally - design the tutorials and provide a practical demonstration of concepts’ to use at work. A discussion board is available for students to clear doubts and share knowledge. The course is made device-friendly so that students can access it on their mobile devices or computers. 

Students can do this course at their chosen pace and revisit the tutorial till they attain perfection. A project and assignments are provided at the end of the tutorial to self-assess the learning.

Students with knowledge of C++ programming, Python, high school students, working professionals trying to get into data science, AI, and machine learning are suitable for doing this course at LearnVern.

LearnVern offers an in-classroom experience to the students, right on their mobile devices. The topics covered are trending among the recruiters; this helps prepare for interview questions and get selected for the top-of-the-tier jobs. The tutorial comprises practical demonstrations that help students know how to use machine learning professionally. The National Skill Development Certificate is provided to students on completing the course, which helps get a breakthrough in jobs and starting businesses.

LearnVern offers this course free of cost to all. It helps save money yet allows you to have the required skills needed for better jobs.

Automating machines’ functions is a skill that is in high demand these days. LearnVern teaches it in the way the concepts become easy to learn and apply in the jobs. The tutorial is full of practical demonstrations and it is available for revisiting till students gain expertise. A lot of study material for lifetime access such as articles and other downloadable materials, are provided to students. All these facilities make it easier for students to master Machine Learning applications.

Yes, you can! The course at LearnVern can be done on mobile devices and computers. It removes the hassle of going to classrooms and attending lectures at fixed timings. You can access the course at any point in time and from wherever desired. Hence, you can easily learn Machine Learning outside work hours.

The LearnVern course prepares you to leap from simple coding jobs to data science and AI jobs. You can use this skill to get jobs as a Machine learning expert, data scientist, AI engineer, etc.

Complete Machine Learning Course in English

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