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LearnVern’s course can help you equip yourself with the skills needed for using Statistics in the Data Science domain. It enables you to understand the fundamentals of statistics and learn how to work with different types of data to make predictions. The course introduces you with the data properties and ways to use them to predict sales and other business figures. The Statistics for Data Science tutorial trains you to work as a data science specialist. Enroll in Statistics for Data Science course. It is made easy for all and comes free of cost!





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Statistics for Data Science Course in English

Companies are sincerely working towards bridging the gap in planning and outcomes. They want to avail strategies that work in favour of maximising revenues. Experts in Data Science prove to be an invaluable asset to them as they can help improve the bottom line and gain more sustainability.

Keeping the growing demand for statistical skills in mind, LearnVern brings a complete Statistics for Data Science tutorial to you. The objective of this course is to help students gain knowledge of drawing and evaluating Machine Learning patterns and provide the intelligence needed for making profitable business moves.

Job opportunities after Statistics for Data Science Course in English and Salary Data

Machine learning specialist jobs and several market research job opportunities await you at the other side of the LearnVern Statistics for Data Science free online course. A few job openings that demand this skill and the corresponding salary data are mentioned below.

  • Market Researcher: up to 3.6 lakhs
  • Financial Analyst: up to 7 lakhs
  • Data Analyst: up to 5 lakhs
  • Data Scientist: up to 10 lakhs
  • Business Intelligence Analyst: up to 6.9 lakhs
  • Data Analytics Consultant: up to 12.8 lakhs

What you will learn in the Statistics for Data Science Course in English

LearnVern’s Statistics Course for Data Science is designed to offer comprehensive learning. All concepts are taught to help learners crack the interviews and get through the top companies. The course can be learned to train thoroughly in applying the following concepts professionally:

  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Measures of Frequency
  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Measures of Variability
  • Measures of Position
  • Measures of Shape

Trainers explain all these concepts through real-life examples. It helps attain the working knowledge using data analysis concepts in sales predictions and other market research-based assignments.

Who should be taking the Statistics for Data Science Course in English?

The LearnVern tutorial proves effective in cracking statistics interview questions for data science. Recruiters shortlist those candidates rather readily who excel in the Data Science domain. It serves the learning needs of the following candidates:

  • Undergraduate and Graduate students, 
  • Data Analysts, 
  • Data Scientists, 
  • Statisticians.

The use of simple English in designing tutorials makes it easier to grasp. The candidates can solve assignments after the tutorial to get an idea of their proficiency level.

Why is Statistics for Data Science Course in English at LearnVern more industry-relevant?

LearnVern’s course comprises all trending topics of the Statistics for Data Science domain. The students can build and refine their number-crunching skills and get job-oriented training from proven professionals. The students can get requisite training for applying statistics principles and data evaluation methods professionally.

In addition to tutorials, the students get access to articles and downloadable content that covers sophisticated machine learning algorithms. How to use these algorithms for business predictions is one of the outcomes of this course. The relevance of topics to current industrial needs, use of practical demonstrations and complete learning advantage make the Statistics for Data Science Tutorial from LearnVern quite industry-relevant.

Next steps to Statistics for Data Science Course from LearnVern

You become fully prepared for high-paying jobs by completing the Statistics tutorial for Data Science. This course can be your assured ticket to a bright future. Thus, by cracking the interviews and getting through the recruitment process, you can start working as the next step to learning a Statistics Course for Data Science. If you are interested in studying further, you can take up the following courses:

  • Machine Learning
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning
  • Statistics for beginners, etc.

Why LearnVern for Statistics for Data Science Course

LearnVern provides a one-stop solution for developing industry-relevant skills like Statistics for Data Science. This ed-tech venture is a part of the Skill India Initiative. The objective of this drive is to impart among the Indian students, entrepreneurs, and job aspirants better levels of career readiness. 

LearnVern provides the basic statistics for data science tutorials in simple English. They are helpful for students who prefer English as the medium of instruction. Thus, better clarity and positive outcomes are some of the advantages you sign for when you join the LearnVern Complete Statistics for Data Science Course

The course at LearnVern comes free of cost to all. This helps aspirants to enrich their skill-set without bothering about financial constraints. Thus, affordability is one of the several reasons that make LearnVern the best resource for learning the Statistics and Data Science Course.

You get the freedom to access courses on mobile devices and can plan the learning schedule at your convenience. Thus, all barriers of language, time and finance won’t bother you when you choose to Learn Statistics for Data Science from LearnVern.

The National Skill Development Certificate you get after finishing the course offers you recognition of the skills you have developed through LearnVern’s courses.

Basic math skills to learn and apply Statistical concepts and functions are the main prerequisite for the course. A computer or mobile device with an iOS or Android environment is also needed to join the LearnVern Statistics and Data Science Course.

  • All courses are in simple language and video-based
  • Real-life examples and use cases included in courses for professional training
  • Industry-relevant topics included in the course to impart career-readiness


Statistics is the study of data and evaluation methods that help extract the relevant information. Data Science is the domain that extensively applies statistical procedures to bring research models to function. All these skills are taught for professional use in the LearnVern Statistics Course For Data Science Course.

Visit LearnVern’s website and mobile application where you will find courses designed to support self-paced learning. The users can fulfill their learning requirements without giving up their current jobs or degree courses. They can also revisit the tutorial repeatedly till they attain complete knowledge and be confident of applying all skills.

In the Statistics Tutorial for Data Science Course in English at LearnVern, the modules of professional utility are included. There are modules that help build conceptual knowledge, such as introduction to Statistics and descriptive statistics. The students can understand completely, ‘what is statistics in Data Science?’ by learning these modules. The other topics for professional use include data frequency, central tendency (mean, mode, median), measures of shape, etc.

LearnVern’s environment is completely conducive to full learning. In this app, the courses can be learned with self-paced tutorials that ensure excellent fluency in applying concepts at work. The course is translated in English to simplify the learning for Medium English students. Whenever stuck, the learners can join the discussion board and get doubts cleared by discussing with co-learners. The assignment and quiz offer ample practice material and make candidates quite confident of applying the Statistics for Data Science concepts professionally.

LearnVern offers the Statistics and Data Science Course free of cost for all. Those having access to mobile devices with iOS and Android functionality can join the LearnVern app that charges nothing for learning. Should you avail the National Skill Development Certificate at the end of the course, you may need to pay a nominal fee for the same.

If you have an interest in math and number-crunching and have the basic knowledge of Statistics, this course is just right for you. The students may be Undergraduate and graduates, aspirants of data analysts and scientists’ jobs, and statisticians who wish to pursue a career in Data Science. This course can benefit entrepreneurs, too, who can learn to predict sales and plan resources accordingly.

Jobs such as data analyst, data analytics consultants, business intelligence analysts, market researchers, etc. are some opportunities one can avail on completing the Statistics for Data Science Course. You can earn anywhere in the range of 2-20 lakhs per year on getting selected for these posts.

Yes. The course is accessible on mobile devices. Students can log on to the course from anywhere, anytime. This arrangement allows them to use their leisure hours to build new skills needed for better-paying jobs. Thus, candidates can continue with their jobs and join courses on advanced statistical methods in Data Science as well.

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