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Best Soft Skills Course Online At No Cost

Soft skills training is an in-demand course that prepares candidates for various high-paying jobs in the corporate world. The knowledge of formal communication, telephone conversations, interpersonal skills and negotiation skills is additional quality recruiters expect in the candidates. The soft skills free training program from LearnVern prepares the candidates for jobs at various levels in top companies.

The LearnVern’s soft skills course in English trains the candidates on various personality development and client handling aspects. The modules cover the topics such as communication, leadership, attitude, time-management, etc. that help students know how to deal with peers and clients in corporate world settings.

Major job roles related to Soft Skills training

Soft Skills don’t impact the candidature directly. It is not a qualifying criterion but an additional skill that sets the candidates apart from the competition. The learners trained in soft skills can do well in jobs where direct meetings with the clients is a routine. 

The Soft Skills Course from LearnVern is helpful for the people who strive to make a career as business owners, receptionists, life coaches, teachers, trainers, sales and marketing professionals, customer service executives, etc. In a corporate environment too, the soft skills are accounted for while considering a candidate for leadership roles or promotions. Salary packages for a few job roles that require soft skills are:

  • Soft skills trainer: up to 5 lakhs
  • Communication coach: up to 9 lakhs
  • Soft skills lecturer: up to 4.8 lakhs
  • Corporate trainer: up to 8 lakhs 

What you will learn in the Soft Skills Course in English at LearnVern

The free online course on soft skills at LearnVern provides complete training on communication skills, body language, presentation skills, negotiation skills, etc. to make candidates job-ready. Fluency in soft skills is a must for certain jobs where you require handling teams, making presentations and client dealing. Keeping these requirements in mind, the modules of the LearnVern Soft Skills Course cover:

  • Elements of personal branding
  • Art of persuasion
  • How to handle stress
  • Leadership skills, etc.

LearnVern’s course offers practical training on the above topics as the experts provide real-life examples and show how these skills can be applied in work environments.

Who should be taking the Soft Skills Course in English from LearnVern?

LearnVern offers one of the best soft skills courses to suit the training needs of the people interested in making careers as:

  • Customer service executives
  • Corporate trainers
  • Life-coaches
  • Sales and Marketing professionals
  • Field sales executives, etc.

These skills help professionals a lot when they need to cut the competition to get promoted to higher positions in companies.

What is making this course complete for the user to succeed?

The objective of this course is to make learners understand what is a soft skill, where these skills are applicable, when and how to apply.

After completing this course, a learner will feel more confident at the workplace and may find these skills instrumental in enhancing performance professionally.

Since this course is designed keeping the situations at work in mind, all the topics are suitable for excelling at the workplace. Hence, it is a completely job-oriented course.

Next steps to learning Soft Skills in English Course

Soft Skills training from LearnVern prepares the candidates for the best-paying jobs by helping them prepare for mock presentations, interviews and client dealings. The course proves its worth when you apply for the job roles of:

  • Corporate trainers
  • Office managers
  • Personnel managers
  • Counselors
  • Personality development trainers
  • Sales executives
  • Team leaders, etc.

The course prepares you on all aspects of soft skills and helps you gain the confidence of the recruiters and seniors at work. 

Why Choose LearnVern for a Soft Skills Course in English Online?

LearnVern has hired the best trainers to impart complete soft skills training to the learners. The course is quite relevant for the job holders and those preparing for jobs in private companies and multinationals. It covers all the topics required to gain expertise in soft skills needed at work.

The best feature of the e-learning platform LearnVern is that it offers in-demand courses in English for English Medium students. This e-learning platform is device-friendly and is easily accessible on all Android and iOS devices.

LearnVern does not charge any fee. All courses come with no strings attached. Learners can complete the courses at the chosen pace and may revisit tutorials multiple times to attain perfection. There is an assignment, quiz and also, a discussion board provided to help students self-assess their progress and to discuss problems.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Corporate Trainer
  • Soft Skills Trainer
  • Communication Coach
  • Soft skills Lecturer
  • Editor
  • Sub editor
  • English Teacher

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Soft Skill Course from LearnVern does not require technical expertise. You may need a mobile device with an iOS or Android environment to access the course. Also, a stable internet connection may help in accessing the tutorial without interruptions.

LearnVern is the best resource for adding more skills suitable for doing various jobs because:

  • It teaches the courses in easy to understand languages
  • All courses are possible to learn in a self-paced manner, hence, flexible settings suit the people who are already on the jobs
  • The course is free of cost and suits the learners who want to upskill their talents but can’t do so because of financial constraints.

LearnVern’s training tutorial explains in detail everything included in soft skills. The tutorial offers end-to-end support for acquiring knowledge of soft skills and makes students fluent in communication and presentation. Trainers explain through practical examples the types and uses of soft skills. Hence, you acquire a complete understanding of soft skills by joining this course at LearnVern.

Soft skills are needed to improve your personality, communication, team management, negotiation and time management skills. These skills are imperative for handling day-to-day affairs at work with ease. Since the tutorial covers everything about soft skills, it also explains ‘why are soft skills important’.

Anyone interested in doing jobs in the corporate sector, or starting a venture of his own, or eyeing for promotion in the present job can benefit from the LearnVern Soft Skills Training Program. This course does not demand any technical knowledge and can be done by the housewives and students too.

LearnVern offers the right conditions and all-around support for learning soft skills. It is an e-learning platform with various unique features. LearnVern is a device-friendly application available on both Android and iOS devices. 

It has designed the course in English and helps students get the National Skill Development Certificate which will prove beneficial in making a reliable career. LearnVern offers the courses in a self-paced manner allowing the students to study the course as per their schedule and learning ability.

If you want to learn how to develop soft skills for free, LearnVern is the right choice to consider. The courses here are free of cost. So, you need not pay anything to register for the course or to access the tutorial.

No, LearnVern offers Soft Skill online training through a mobile and web app. Since it is accessible on devices, you can time your session according to your work schedule. You can access the tutorial anywhere, anytime without missing the earning opportunity in hand.

Employees need to manage time, people, and stress at work. They may be required to follow a code of conduct, and gain skills to negotiate terms with clients. The Soft Skills course is more like a behavioral training and personality development guide. Hence, you can understand the importance and also learn how to acquire and apply soft skills by doing the course from LearnVern.

LearnVern allows students to visit the tutorial as many times as needed to attain perfection in soft skills. This e-learning platform offers the National Skill Development Certificate which is approved by the Government of India. 

The courses at LearnVern are free of cost and can be accessed on both iOS and Android devices. LearnVern’s experts explain through real-life situations how and when to apply soft skills at work. Hence, the focus is on providing practical training. All these features make LearnVern’s Soft Skill course a unique program available online.

Soft Skills - Essentials to Start Career in English

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