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Best Career In Sales Course Online

More than 1 lakh jobs in sales and marketing are rolled out every year. Sales and marketing department is the backbone of any business. All companies need trained sales professionals to acquire and expand their market bases. Hence, you can prepare yourself for all those lucrative job opportunities with a career in sales courses.

LearnVern brings you one of the best sales certification courses that can add a lot to your resume. This online course teaches in detail what is sales, sales funnel, about market and customers, sales funnels and processes, negotiation, pitching, objection handling, etc.

What are the major job roles related to the Career in Sales Course and salary data

The Career in Sales Course from LearnVern trains you on all aspects of the sales process. It can prepare you for an upward professional graph in sales and marketing. The sales training courses are in demand and help you gain the best-paying jobs in all companies. The job profiles and their annual salary data are as mentioned below:

  • Sales Executive: up to 3.5-5 lakhs
  • Sales Manager: up to 8 lakhs
  • Sales Representative: up to 4.5 lakhs

Any jobs in the sales field also become easier to acquire with the LearnVern Career in Sales Course. This course is also suitable for business owners and entrepreneurs who need to learn how to pitch the products and services and handle sales processes.

Detail of the free Career In Sales Course in Hindi

The Career in Sales and Marketing Course at LearnVern elaborately explains all the processes involved in the sales process. This course trains you end-to-end through modules, such as:

  • Setting targets and introduction to sales process
  • Consultative training
  • Market and customers
  • Sales funnel
  • Pitching
  • Sales process
  • Objection handling
  • Negotiation
  • Sales Closure
  • Follow Up
  • Customer Retention
  • Cross selling and upselling
  • Customer Services
  • Telephonic Sales
  • Leads vs Reference

All these modules help you become a seasoned sales professional that can help you grab best-paying jobs with lots of perks.

Who should be taking the Career In Sales Course?

Online sales courses are suitable for one and all. The one available at LearnVern complements the learning needs of the budding sales professionals. 12th pass students, Undergraduates, graduates, Marketing diploma holders and entrepreneurs who want to learn the actual sales process can upgrade their skills and be professionally ready for sales jobs.

Why is this Career in Sales Course at LearnVern more industry-relevant?

The sales and marketing courses are designed to help students be prepared for a normal day at work. These courses are certification programs that give a preview of how the sales process happens on the field. LearnVern’s course contains all characteristics of sales training courses. Through a video tutorial, it walks the candidates through pre-sales, sales and post-sales processes. Since the tutorial covers all processes that are performed usually by a sales professional, this course proves to be more industry-relevant.

Next steps to learning Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing courses online at LearnVern teach extensively how to acquire and retain customers, search for leads and how to convert them into loyal customers. In addition to learning the actual sales process, the marketing professionals need to have expertise in other MS office applications and communication skills. So, the other courses that one can do after the Career in Sales Course are:

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • Spoken English Course
  • Effective Communication in Sales

These courses can help acquire administrative and interpersonal skills needed in the sales and marketing field.

Why LearnVern for Career in Sales Course

LearnVern offers the best support to acquire sales and marketing skills with the help of its features-enriched Career in Sales and Marketing Course. This e-learning platform creates an in-classroom environment by providing a video tutorial where the subject expert explains the topic with examples and demonstrations. There is a discussion board available where the students can post queries and seek clarifications on doubts. Assignment and quiz provide the self-assessment tool needed to check proficiency in the subject.

LearnVern provides the course to all students free of cost. It helps break the finance barrier and students enjoy better peace of mind while learning new skills. Availability of the course in the Hindi Language provides better clarity and supports easier learning for the Hindi Medium students.

The LearnVern course is available through device-friendly tutorials that can be accessed on desktops, mobile devices as well as TV screens.

At the end of the course, students are awarded the National Skill Development Certificate which is recognized by the Government of India. It proves beneficial in the job search and independent businesses.

So, there is no reason why you should not learn more and make yourself more professionally ready than ever. Join the LearnVern Career in Sales Course and win lucrative job offers even with a vanilla graduation degree.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Sales Representative
  • Inside Sales
  • Client Services
  • Sales Support
  • Lead Generation
  • Business Development
  • Account Manager

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There is no technical or special requirement to do the LearnVern Career in Sales Course. Anyone interested in learning the sales process and having an iOS or Android mobile device or computer can do this course. It is available free of cost too!

LearnVern has helped more than 55k students increase their earning potential by upskilling and acquiring the time-relevant skills. The choice of subjects is such that it helps candidates from all fields have more job-relevant skills in their repertoire. LearnVern provides benefits such as:

  • Such courses explained by experts in simple language and through video tutorials.
  • Courses designed in the Hindi Language for easier grasping
  • Flexible learning offered by courses easy to access on the mobile devices and the time and place of convenience.

A Career in Sales Course is in high demand because it equips students with skills required for sales and marketing jobs. The students need to learn how to answer sales jobs’ interview questions, or to tackle customer and prospective leads to become job-ready. This course teaches all these skills and helps candidates have confidence needed for sales and marketing jobs.

Sales jobs are the best and the easiest way to bring home heftier salaries because meeting targets comes with lots of perks, bonuses and paid trips. So, if you think about why to choose sales as a career and learn sales skills for it, the answer lies in the chance of increasing earning power and living a comfortable life. Join LearnVern’s course to be a confident sales professional.

A Career in Sales Course helps understand why you should choose sales as a career option first of all. It tells about how companies depend on the sales processes for growth. It also tells how your knowledge of sales processes can help you pick lucrative jobs and rise higher in your career graph.

Yes, you can! LearnVern is an e-learning platform that can be accessed easily as a website or application on the mobile phone. It allows you to access the course even while on the move.

Yes, you can! LearnVern offers the Career in Sales Course on your mobile devices. It helps you pick the learning schedule as per your convenience. The students can fit in their study hours in their schedule and gain more skills along with the ongoing job or study courses.

No! The Career in Sales Course from LearnVern does not require you to have any specific degree. Anyone interested in the course or who wants to learn the sales process can join this course online at LearnVern.

No! LearnVern offers the course free of cost to all. It is a part of Skill India Initiative supported by the National Skill Development Corporation. The main aim is to make skills’ training more inclusive and readily available for one and all. Thus, it does not cost anything to join LearnVern’s courses

You can access this course on your mobile devices. The course is available in the form of a video tutorial that is free of cost for all. There are several learning-oriented features like discussion boards for solving queries provided to the students. They can also check their level of expertise in the subject learned with the help of assignments and quizzes. The Sales and Marketing courses from LearnVern come with the National Skill Development Certificate that adds to the credibility of the professionals. Most unique aspect is that the course is available in the Hindi Language, which offers easy learning.

Career In Sales

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