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Recruitment Certification and Training Course in English

Recruitment certification and training courses are easy to do. It does not require any technical knowledge. All concepts are explained in simple terms. Any student, entrepreneur or even housewives and seniors can learn this course. LearnVern offers the best course to help you acquire HR recruiter skills.

By learning the recruiter skills, students can learn about staffing strategies, HR planning & forecasting, recruitment process, legal framework, employee selection methods, etc.

The medium of instruction is English. LearnVern is a device-friendly e-learning app. You can access the recruiter training tutorial on iOS and Android devices and learn it at your chosen pace.

Job opportunities after Recruiter Certification and Training Course in English and salary data

Recruiter Certification and Training Course in English serves you with the right learning material for shaping up a career in the HR field. The course helps you prepare for several job opportunities available in companies that pay well. Some of the job opportunities available on completing free recruitment training courses are:

  • HR manager: up to 8 lakhs per year
  • HR executive: up to 5 lakhs per year
  • Talent acquisition coordinator: up to 6.5 lakhs per year

You can also work as a freelance recruitment specialist and start a placement consultancy of your own by learning recruiter skills from this course.

Detail of the free Recruiter Certification and Training Course from LearnVern

LearnVern’s recruitment training comprises a video tutorial. There are assignments provided at the end of the tutorial to check the knowledge. In this tutorial, the following topics are covered:

  • Introduction
  • Strategic context of recruitment – all staffing strategies
  • Employee selection processes
  • Legal framework
  • Human Resource Planning and Forecasting
  • Recruitment Process
  • International Recruitment and deployment process
  • Contemporary issues in recruitment and selection

By learning all these modules, students can get complete knowledge of the recruitment process. They can learn about the process, the legalities involved and get training on how to solve any issues arising during the hiring process.

Who should be taking the Recruiter Certification and Training Course in English?

Recruitment career is open to all. Any student from any field can take up this course. The objective of the training is to teach the process of attracting, screening, selecting and hiring the employees. By learning various approaches for recruiting, the candidates can acquire skills needed for hiring. The course is best-suited for:

  • Students from any field
  • Entrepreneurs who want to plan and acquire the workforce
  • Management professionals who want to learn additional skills
  • Aspiring recruitment process outsourcing experts

Why is Recruiter Certification and Training at LearnVern more industry-relevant?

The digital recruitment course from LearnVern is quite industry-relevant due to several reasons. Firstly, the course helps acquire knowledge of how hiring needs are assessed, and what the various hiring processes are. Secondly, the course throws light on the legal framework surrounding the recruitment process. Thirdly, the learners can understand various issues common to the hiring process and know about how to solve those with ease. Since all modules are taught to provide professional competence and knowledge needed for fulfilling work requirements, the course makes the candidates industry-ready.

Next steps to learning Recruiter Certification and Training Course

Once you acquire the recruiter skills by joining LearnVern’s tutorial, you can easily get through best-paying jobs in the HR departments of companies. Training done at LearnVern prepares you for the higher posts in companies. You can also work as a freelance placement consultant or start a talent acquisition company of your own.

Some of the posts that you can apply for on completing the recruitment training are:

  • Human resource manager
  • HR executive
  • Talent acquisition specialist, etc.

So, couple the training with your networking abilities and start a promising recruitment career.

Other courses to do after the recruiter training are:

  • Soft skills
  • Business English

Why LearnVern for Recruiter Certification and Training Course in English

LearnVern offers the best recruiter certification course. Designed by industry experts and proven trainers, the course comprises everything needed to start training for a recruitment career.

You will get here 3+ hours of video tutorial, lots of articles and downloadable content with the advantage of free access for the lifetime. There is a discussion board given for discussions and query resolution with other fellow learners.

LearnVern allows students to learn the digital recruitment course at their chosen pace and schedule. The course is accessible on iOS and Android devices. Students can log on to the website and application to start recruitment training any time of the day. The tutorial can be revisited as many times as needed till you are confident of applying all concepts correctly.

On completing the course, the students can avail the National Skill Development Certificate. This certificate is approved by the Government of India and works as a reliable proof of your recruiter skills.

How to recruit employees? If you want to answer such questions and become a recruitment expert, LearnVern offers the best learning platform. Join it and add industry-relevant skills to your profile.

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  • Technical Recruiter
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Human Resources
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A deep interest in the recruitment process and knowledge of the internet and using applications are required to take up the recruitment training course from LearnVern. Since the course is accessible through devices, you need to have mobile devices or a computer. You can also cast the video tutorial on TV screens.

  • Flexibility to learn industry-relevant courses on mobile devices, computers and TV screens
  • Self-paced courses with facility to revisit tutorial till students learn the course completely
  • Courses provided with assignments, quizzes and projects as per the topic for assessing the skills learned.

The LearnVern Recruitment Online Training covers a complete explanation of how the recruitment process is carried out. This training provides explanation of basic to advanced topics comprising recruitment process, employee selection methods, legal framework, etc. By learning all these topics, you can get a full explanation of the question ‘what is recruitment?’

There is a full module dedicated to explaining how the recruitment process works. The process involves requirement analysis, recruitment budgeting, employee selection process, etc. Using a step-by-step tutorial, LearnVern’s experts teach the whole recruitment process lucidly.

LearnVern’s free recruitment training courses talk about how the recruitment process takes place. It explains staffing strategies, employee hiring methods, etc. It also throws light on the international placement scenario and teaches all legalities surrounding the recruitment process. All this information is quite useful for the learners who want to take up jobs in the HR department or get training for starting a placement consultancy.

Screening is the process of picking the most suited applicants from the whole lot of applications received. Availability for joining, work experience, salary expectations, etc. are some of the basic questions asked in the screening process. You can learn more about it in the LearnVern Recruiter Certification and Training Course.

The LearnVern Recruiter Training and Certification Course provides learning for free to all. There is no fee to join the course. However, if you want to avail the National Skill Development Certificate provided at the end of the course, you may need to pay a nominal fee for the same.

LearnVern’s Recruiter Certification and Training Course comprises a video tutorial, a discussion board for discussion. The trainers here provide assignments and quizzes at the end of the courses to check the knowledge. This course is explained in easy-to-understand English.

The students can join the course using their mobile phones, laptops and computers with iOS or Android functionality. You can simply download the LearnVern application on your device and log on to it to access the tutorial as per your convenience.

All topics are taught through a self-paced tutorial that comprises topics that cover recruitment selection and training process. The tutorial is provided in English as the medium of instruction. This course is free of cost for all.

On completing the course, the students can avail the National Skill Development Certificate. This certificate can be received by paying a nominal fee.

Recruiter Training Course in English

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