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Which are the different ways of SEO

Different Types Of SEO Techniques

We will see different ways to do SEO. SEO can help in business growing & meeting business objectives. To make your visibility global, you have to come in the top rankings of google search. By optimizing a web site for search engines will give an advantage over non-optimized sites. There are so many areas that need improvement for good SEO. It is a continuous process. 

SEO can be done in two ways: On-site SEO and Off-site SEO. 

On-site SEO means changes made on the website to make it search engine friendly, while Off-set SEO means your website's marketing through a blog to rank better in search results. Every web page should be accessible to crawlers. Website is most important for SEO.

Website Structure:  A website's structure refers to how the website is set up, i.e. how the individual subpages are linked. It is important that crawlers can find all subpages quickly and easily when websites have a large number of subpages.

In the video, different types of website, the structure is shown. You can see the difference between them. Some are having a complex structure; other is navigating to a new page all the time. A good site structure means a great user experience. So design a website according to it.

Key Points for improving SEO:

  • You have to provide SEO friendly URLs.
  • Keep updating your content as SEO is a dynamic process and not static. 
  • Publish relevant content. 
  • Use alt tags for images so as the crawler can understand.
  • Do not use flash; it will create SEO difficulty. 
  • Put creative and unique title tag on each page. The title should be related to the topic and not to the domain name. 
  • Each page should consist of a Meta description. 
  • Do mark the most important content clearly & prominently. 
  • Provide easy navigation on-site to the user. 

Include a site map anywhere on your site. This helps the crawler to navigate easily. To perform better SEO, keep a site map on your website. Integrate webmaster tools with a website as it gives vital suggestions regarding the site. These small changes will help in improving SEO and achieving better index & rank in Search engine.


4 main types of SEO

  • White hat SEO.
  • Black hat SEO.
  • Gray hat SEO.
  • Negative SEO.

  • On-Page SEO.
  • Off-Page SEO.
  • Technical SEO.
  • Local SEO.

Take a look at these seven easy techniques to develop a solid SEO strategy:

  • Know what keywords to use. First and foremost.
  • Produce Exceptional Content (Naturally)
  • Use keywords in the URLs of your website pages.
  • Page titles should not be overlooked.
  • Check for additional keyword placement on each page.
  • Enhance the user experience.
  • Invest in a professional.

Short tail, longtail, short-term, long-term, product defining, customer defining, geo-targeting, and intent targeting are the nine types of keywords. When employed in diverse scenarios, each of these keywords has a unique potency that can double your SEO efforts.

SEO traffic is search engine traffic, or users who typed a term or query into Google, browsed the results, and then clicked over to your website.

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